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Technews EVERY MONDAY• 4 April 2011 D5

he life of a computer

T Building relationships
By Jaye C. Bautista
enthusiast is not com-
plete without engag-
ing in social media.

How do techies chill? Or geeks

With over 20 million
Filipinos going online
through social media
every day, sharing and learning is
just wanna have fun (Part 2) never ending via Twitter, Facebook,
StumbleUpon, and more. Whatever
he lights are on, “There’s no place like home.” our reasons are for signing up to

but no one's home." From the outside, the world of these different channels, we need to
(Light Crew) bits and bytes might seem very remember that building relationship
"If force doesn't dry indeed. But if you have spent is the cornerstone of social media.
work, you're not us- any time in a digital office or We’ve invested time, money, and
ing enough" {Mark even better, just like the guys at effort going online to connect to dif-
Leslie} Dreamlords Digital, a full service ferent people and find interesting
"Done is best" {Eric Weston} software development and gaming things that will enrich our knowl-
"An actor without techies is a company that released the Philip- edge. But how do we exactly distin-
naked person standing in the dark pines' 1st true 3-D Filipino iPhone guish ourselves from the vast ma-
trying to emote. A techie without game, “Zombie Fields as their jority of online users who think that
actors is a person with marketable initial public offering, you would social networking is “just for fun”
skills." {Mark Leslie} know that it’s fertile ground for (though of course it’s fun too)? Allow
"And on the first day the lord jokes. me to list down some of my learning
said. . . . . .LX1, GO! and there was Computer errors and mishaps throughout the years.
light." {Dan Mills} are the banana peels of the geek Know your purpose. In a typi-
"It's kind of fun to do the world. Geeks so to speak, find cal situation, there are two schools
impossible."{Walter Elias Disney} ways to poke fun at machines too of thought regarding accepting re-
If you are a hardcore computer and the slip-ups they cause in our quests: (1) build a limited, small but you take the initiative to get to know mal, include them in your list too, as
nerd staring at this file through lives. In fact, having a developed strong community of colleagues, people, to use important websites long as you have an idea of who they
your favorite text editor, you are sense of humor is a prime requi- friends, and relatives or (2) accept and apps or to join events in order to are. Besides, the purpose of social
probably hunting for something. site for surviving the stresses of a everyone who puts effort in add- widen your horizon. networking is to reconnect with the
Let me guess, are you trying to digital workplace. Fortunately, if ing you up to create a fan base and Update regularly. Aside from often-invisible people, right?
find build instructions? Yes! Well you look around there’s lot to poke a huge network for sharing. Which completing your profile, set a few Participate and contribute. The
it's not here. Why not? fun and laugh at. Remember, even one is your intention? Complete your minutes of every day (or every other Internet is made to build communi-
Because all the build instruc- a company like Google laughs at profile. You’d be surprised at how day) to update your accounts and ties and relationships. Participate in
tions are now in Apache's cool itself. many profiles today have never been blogs. People won’t get interested if forums, discussions, and tweetups.
web-site. Here is where you'll Techies love surfing, tweaking completed. People want to know you they don’t see any updates from you Read interesting articles and share
find everything related to Xerces and enjoy a good laugh. They go to inasmuch as you want to connect at all. Signing up is not the end of it them to the people connected to you.
builds. sites like Real and get to know other people. It’s not – just like working – you don’t stop Share more than just what you’re life is funny and this site mirrors enough to just tick all the boxes (I’m after being hired. But please, do not doing or where you are going. Con-
es-c/build.html it. It’s a collection of humorous a Sagittarius, in a relationship, etc.), over update, because people might tributing to the community is a great
Just remember, don't jump anecdotes and first-person ac- because the more important meat get irritated at you. Everything in ex- way to spread the knowledge and to
into the builds without reading the counts of support personnel when of the profile is the ‘About Me’ sec- cess is bad. earn followers too. You’d be amazed
build instructions COMPLETELY. non-geeks bring their computers tion. Put some effort and thought on Add everyone you know. Most at how fast word-of-mouth can do,
It will save you lot of sleepless in. As they say, the guy whom you interesting facts you would like other sites these days have the capability especially online.
nights. dial for help hears all the crazy users to remember you. of scanning through your address Social networking has a reputa-
So now, get out of your editor, stories and we can all have a laugh Don’t just sit on there. At times book and processing your current tion as a time waster, and I believe
use your browser and get going. as a result. This site is a must we feel so much relaxed or lazy; we friends to get possible connections. most of us will agree. However, when
These are famous jargon from, visit for any guy who fancies a tend to just wait for people to add us It’s not important whether the site we put a purpose and we give an ef-
notable “geeks” or techies. We’re laugh, period. It just so happens up, for bloggers to leave comments is suggesting a friend from elemen- fort to maximize the potentials of so-
picking up from our last ditty that they have an entire section or for strangers to message us. Op- tary or a long distant colleague – add cial media, there’s a huge possibility
which delved on what techies do devoted to ribbing the guy who’s portunities and relationships won’t them up no matter how distant their that it can help us realize what it can
to chill or have fun. Well, it seems high on hi-tech. pour over you without you putting relationships are with you. Even if do for us in exchange. (Glenn Rich-
like techies are always tinker- Being a geek and loving video any effort in the first place. I suggest the degree of closeness is just mini- mond Ong)
ing with computers but hey, they games seem synonymous too,
actually manage to mix work and however, some geeks use video
play! First of all, geeks or techies games as a way to replace a non-
do have a sense of humor and existent social life. They get their
truly enjoy a good laugh. Take "human contact" fix by chatting 2011 GE digital camera
a load of this; “There’s no place with their guild mates in Ever-
like″.Didn’t get it? That’s quest, or those lame n00bs on line bolstered with launch
geek humor. Just so that you Xbox Live, and don't feel the need
know, it’s a play on the familiar, to go out and meet real people. of new DV1 1080p Full HD
Video Camera with
A possible solution to music piracy Built-in USB
eneral Imaging (GIC),

Music piracy has been an is- through both OPM and foreign the exclusive world-
sue for so long and has been the songs, and enable us to pur- wide licensee of GE
source of frustration for most chase them using our very own Digital Cameras, is
performing artists. It’s as simple Peso currency. I’m not saying it expanding its offerings
as few clicks, a few minutes of should be iTunes or Zune, right, with the all new GE
download and before you know but as long as there’s no other DV1, the first GE-branded handheld,
it, you’ve got a copyrighted mu- company that can be at par to HD digital video camera. The color-
sic file on your computer… abso- both of these stabilized brands, ful, pocket-sized and waterproof GE
lutely free. then better show us why it is DV1 features a convenient, built-in
Millions of people around the worth using. Again, the point is flip out USB plug for instantly con-
globe are into piracy, and they to have a useful application for necting and uploading HD videos
have several reasons for doing it. purchasing of songs locally. and photos to share. With full HD
For instance, why do you need to In connection to this, local 1080p movie recording capabilities latest, convenient features they’ve cessories or cords.
purchase an entire CD when you artists should also be ready to combined with a highly durable come to expect from GE digital HD recording and viewing – The
only want a single song out of it? support the move of having per- exterior, the DV1 is not only water- cameras .” DV1 records in high-definition 1080p
Why is there a need to pay hun- song or per-album purchases proof to 16 feet, but shockproof and Rugged and durable design – quality video with the touch of a but-
dreds of pesos when the whole online. If there’s an application, dustproof which makes this video The DV1 is part of GE’s active se- ton. The built-in HDMI jack offers
album is already available on- there should also be content camera perfect for consumers to ries with a camera body designed full HD output and easy connection
line? And why do you even have ready; else, it will be useless. take anywhere. for simple one-hand operation. Its to HD-compatible TVs.
to leave the comfort of your home I can just imagine how our lo- Paul Meyhoefer, vice president waterproof up to 16 feet, shockproof Advanced camera features – Op-
to purchase a collection, when cal music industry would shine of marketing and product planning, up to five feet, and also dust proof, tical Image Stabilization compen-
you can get it with an internet again if this becomes a reality. GIC, said: “With the rapid growth another added benefit for those on sates for unwanted camera move-
connection (which you actually You see, downloading music of social media, we understand the the go. ment when capturing video, while
often use anyway)? Whether it’s illegally prevents the artist who importance of documenting and USB connection – A built-in USB Face Detection technology optimiz-
downloading from whatever site created the music from making sharing life’s moments in video on- arm flips out, making it simple to es and provides the best possible
or ripping it off from a friend’s a profit from their work. By pi- line and at home with friends and upload and share photos and 1080p shots of those in the videos and pho-
purchased CD, it is still piracy. racy, we are stealing music that family. The DV1 helps accomplish videos on any computer instantly, tos. Other video and photo modes
We do all these because we betrays the songwriters who that, while giving consumers all the without complicated software, ac- give you the perfect shots.
find it inconvenient and costly have put in long hours of com-
to go out in order to buy an en- mitment and dedication to cre-
tire CD collection, even if the lo- ate a masterpiece.
cal music store is one tumbling
away from our house. Hello, all
we want to listen to is Justin Bie-
For composers and singers
who consider music as their
bread and butter, let us help
Q&A: Avoiding Glare on the Go
ber’s “Baby” and nothing else. them live right by not making My eyes ache badly if an appointment with your eye doc- In addition to giving a bright,

Why care to purchase the whole piracy our career. Instead, let’s I read for more than tor for an examination, as well as for glossy screen a more subdued
“My World 2.0” album? push to shift to the alternatives a moment in sunlight, professional ergonomic advice on matte finish, screen film also cuts
At present, there is no vi- to music piracy, which are (1) and or under fluores- how to deal with eye fatigue when down on smudges, fingerprints, and
able way to get legal music in purchase actual albums from cent lights and flat using electronic displays. other smears on the device’s sur-
the Philippines online. By that, local stores or (2) purchase on- computer screens. Most smartphones and tablet face. When shopping for antiglare
I mean digital copy of the song line, even just the foreign songs Because of this, I use incandescent computers these days use thin, flat film, however, make sure you get
and not the whole CD that needs (while we wait for a localized ap- bulbs and cathode-ray tube moni- LCD touchscreens. It is possible to one designed for use with a touch-
to be shipped at home. Yes there plication). tors, but I now want to buy a smart- find antiglare film to stick over the screen device because you still need
is an existing iTunes Philippines If there will be a way to pur- phone and a tablet computer. Will screen to help cut down on some of to be able to operate the gadget by
and Zune Marketplace Center, chase songs digitally or online, these screens also make my eyes to the glare, but your results may vary. touch. Before you invest in expen-
but do they offer music and vid- would you still support piracy? hurt? The antiglare screen film, which sive hardware, you may first want
eos with a localized content and I hope not anymore. I want to A.Staring at any type of computer usually sells for $10 to $25, can be to buy a piece of antiglare film and
price for us Filipinos? No. hear from you. Tweet me @ screen for a certain amount of time found in office supply stores. It ad- test it out on the store model of your
We lack and need an applica- GlennOng. (Glenn Richmond can cause eyestrain for many people. heres to the device either by static prospective phone or tablet to make
tion that will allow us to browse Ong) First, just to get your medical bases cling or with a mild adhesive, de- sure it suits the needs of your eyes.
covered, you may want to schedule pending on the product. (NYT)

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