ITIL Mock Test 2 – Duration 1 hour. 1. Objectives of Security Management are a. to implement security as per SLA b.

to provide basic level of security Is the above definition correct and complete? (y/n)

2. How does Availability Management contribute to SLM?
a. ensure that the availability does not differ from the SLA b. provide availability details of the services 3. A user calls service desk and complains that his PC is very slow and wants to replace it with a faster one as his neighbour has done. This is a: a. Incident b. Problem c. RFC d. Service Request

4. Which of these is the responsibility of the Incident Management?
a. b. c. d. Interact with customers to know their needs. Tkeep the customer in loop while making any changes Finding the cause of an incident Approve changes to implement workarounds

5. How is Configuration Management involved with Change Management?
a. Provides infrastructure details required for approval of RFC b. Helps in determining the financial impact of the change c. Helps to set priority of change

6. What determines the urgency of an incident?
a. Impact of the incident b. Urgency and impact of the problem c. Estimated effort in resolving the incident 7. Configuration Management does the verification and audit of CIs. When will CMDB undergo the initial audit? a. When CMDB is filled b. When a change is recorded in CMDB 8. A problem is found. The cause of the problem is analysed that brand X needs to be replaced with brand Y. Problem management will a. Inform Change Management of the change b. Release Management will be informed of making changes to DSL 9. An IT organization wants to implement Configuration Management. What in particular needs to be taken care of? a. A DSL needs to be setup to store all authorised software b. Relationship between CIs need to be established 10. Post implementation review needs to be done a. Always b. Only if the event reoccurs c. Randomly 11. ITIL describes a. A set of operational and tactical process to be followed by IT services b. A set of standards too be followed by IT Services

but for problem it is known b. Configuration Management 16. Some items that were ordered have reached the shipping dock. Who is responsible for updating the status of these items from ‘ordered’ to ‘shipped’? a. Release Management b. c. How to implement technological advancements b. What is ITIL? a. Capacity Management b. It is an operational and tactical approach to IT Service Management b. Configuration and Release Change and Release Problem and Availability Incident and Availability 18. A known error is root cause is known. Will Continuity Management help keep the live system up during a test? a. How does Problem Management use the CMDB? a. what does availability management do? a. Transfers 14. Availability Management c. Yes b. Change Management . No 21. Record each problem as a CI b. When Capacity Management is implemented completely. Problem Management decided to submit RFC. Difference between problem and known error a. Does change management take into consideration the security aspects while implementing a change? a. A known error is root cause in unknown. Yes b. what information will be available? a. No 13. No 20. a. d. Define level of CI 19. It is a process of IT Service Management c. Yes b.12. While implementing ITIL in your organization you need to make sure that everyone understands why you need ITIL and also you need to ensure that it is fully implemented. b. Technological testing c. It is a certification for ITSM 15. Capacity Management d. Relate all problems to CIs c. Which two process areas are proactive? a. but for problem it is unknown 22. To which process to submit the RFC? a. Discuss the availability requirements with the users and derive the availability requirements 17. Tell the service desk about the availability of services b.

Change Management b. User has some repeated problem with Word processing. Release Management c. To provide basic level of security 24. Service Level Management 31. Problem Management raised RFC. Security clause is included in a. XYZ Company wants to install a workstation in efficient way by giving zero incidents or very less number of incidents. Description c. When this user calls Service Desk to report this issue. Capacity Management c. Problem b. There are 10 RFCs. To meet security requirement of SLA b. Unknown Error 26. Change Management b. Unknown Error 25. Known Error d. Two objectives of Security Management are (Y/N) a. Provide actionable plan to SLM to ensure that Service Levels are met 28. which includes… a. What is ITIL? . which category should it be registered in? a. Configuration Management 23. Which process determines the order in which the change has to be implemented? a. User has some problem multiple times with the application he uses. Incident Management d. Which of following is part of service delivery set? a. What category this call will be registered in? a. Problem b. Known Error d. Which process enables this? a. Incident c. Release Management d. Service desk informs that it will be rectified when he reboots the PC. Configuration Management d. Both 29. and the cause for it is the LAN connection. Configuration Management 27. Operational Level Agreement b.c. Change Management b. it is throwing some error message. Release Management d. Distribution lists 32. Service Level Management 30. Service Level Agreement c. Provide resource level band width for services b. Priority b. How does Availability Management help Service Level Management? a. Incident c. Capacity Management c.

Asset Management is a superset of Configuration Management. What information CMDB provides to the Management? a. Availability management b.a. Which one is a function of Problem Management? a. No 35. incident b. In an company. Do impact analysis b. A scheme for certifying Service Management maturity 33. problem c. Which role is appropriate to overcome from this situation? a. Service desk co-ordinator d. Record known error for incident management c. Service level management c. Management decided to appoint a role. incidents are not tracked etc. Capacity management 37. Service level manager c. Growth of IT Infrastructure b. Change manager 36. Which one of the following will change status of CI a. Risk analysis 39. RFCs raised towards a CI 34. Provide first line support d. Capacity monitoring d. IT continuity management d. change d. Standards for implementing Service Management b. Raise service requests 40. Application sizing b. In capacity management which of the following helps in modelling? a. Error control c. Yes b. Problem manager b. Which of the following is not a function of Incident Management? a. Provide first level contact for users b. Service desk is in a mess. Books on the management and provision of operational IT Servoces c. In an Insurance company. The availability can be calculated using (Actual ServiceTime/Agreed service time) * 100 (Y/N) a. release . Registering user incidents d. Help in problem management 38. Calls are not recorded correctly. as it restoring the service as per SLA c. No of incidents related to IT infrastructure c. Which of the following ITIL process should be involved for this? a. management decides to have a mechanism to recover from disaster.

ANSWERS: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 N a a b A C A A B A A B A A D B C B A B B B Y B B B B C A A B B C A C C D C B C .

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