Spelled even baked bread

Something Basics for baking bread - Spelled spelled white flour and whole-wheat flour in relation to each other can be changed. - Vollkon flour teige need is a little more yeast. - Schrot previously Soak or can be directly attached. - Whole grains are first boiled and soft bread dough added. Who bakes much has the advantage with the possession of a grain mill. Thus, shortly before the processing of grains spelled wholemeal flour and Schrot even ground. The high value of the food product remains fully preserved. Patience is an important prerequisite if one wants to bake bread. Because often, but the time is short, most bread recipes without Before dough described. For those who waited a particularly want bread, it is but the flour to seven and a Before dough to make.

Here are some tips for baking bread
1. Before dough described: - Flour dough in the bowl to a wreath form - Spices on the wreath give flour - Yeast with ½ teaspoon full of sugar cane and 1 dl lukewarm liquid (depending on the milk or water) mix, in the mid give Kranz - Together with something a Before dough described knead flour, in the heat covered about 20 minutes walk. - Bread dough according to recipe prepare 2. To Bake: - Oven-to at least 220 ° C, insert bread, then oven at the prescribed temperature - The Back-times are only indicative times. No oven is the same as the other - In addition to a beautiful appearance, a hollow sound when the bread taps on the ground, whether the bread is baked enough. 3. After baking: - Bread immediately from the forms and take on the cake cool grid. - The first cold bread in bread paper, and then into a pure linen cloth wrap, so it stays fresh longer. -Bread recipes spelled with allergies to wheat allergy

Spelled - Toast bread 500 g spelled 10 g of salt white flour in a large bowl, in the middle of a deepening. to the flour circle scatter

15 g yeast 1 coffee spoon full of sugar cane in a cup stir until everything is fluid 30 g butter 300 ml of milk at 37 ° C. Liquid Yeast Dough Milk with butter in the flour circle give everything to a smooth

Cover dough in a warm place to let go twice Then the dough in a buttered Grease box form fill, go again. Bake: at 200 ° C, 35-40 minutes Tip: Small bun shape, with egg yolk mixture. Baking time 15-20 minutes

Spelled - wholemeal bread 1.5 kg spelled wholemeal flour dough in a large bowl, formed a circle flour 60 g yeast 100 ml of lukewarm milk, 1 teaspoon honey mix in the flour Kranz a Before dough described produce 15 minutes to go

1 tablespoon fennel seeds 1 tablespoon coriander 900 ml of water (37 ° C) and black, mix 20 g of salt and black, 2 tablespoons sunflower 3 tablespoons wine vinegar strenuously knead dough, then covered by the go twice.

Bold dough in a box shape, at 50 ° C 15 minutes to go Baking: 210 ° C, 20 minutes. Then at 190 ° C finished baking. (Total baking time 50 minutes) Tip: When baking a fireproof container with cold water in the oven.

Spelled bread with sunflower seeds 50 g Dinkelschrot 200 g spelled white flour 250 g spelled wholemeal flour in a bowl 50 g sunflower roast light yellow, and black, flour wreath form 10 g of salt to give 20 g yeast 1 coffee spoon full of sugar cane dissolve in the deepening give 320 ml of milk (37 ° C) and black All the ingredients into a soft dough, covered in a warm place to rise twice. Through dough into a Grease box form fill, let go again with milk mixture of water with sunflower seeds strewn Baking time: 200 ° C about 50 minutes Tip: bread dough to form at 200 ° C 15 minutes

Spelled bread flakes 400 g spelled flakes 600 g spelled wholemeal 40 g yeast crumble merge, 200 ml of milk,
Before dough

flour in the dough bowl mix flour and a wreath form dissolve into the circle and a warm Before dough described make

described covered 15 - 20 minutes to make a warm place lukewarm juice and add at least 15 minutes of vigorous kneading

½ litres of water, 2 tablespoons lemon 1 tablespoon sunflower oil

Pasta with hot water mixture, covered to let go twice, then 2-3 minutes Knead About 2 bread dough formed into a Grease Cake tin cart Dough surface with sharp knives 5 mm deep gash, again almost twice proceed carefully and in the oven. Baking: 200 ° C 15 minutes, then 30 minutes at 190 ° C

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