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5/19/09 7:54 PM

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10 creative monogram logo designs
Here I feature 10 creative monograms for your enjoyment. If you like another that isn’t listed, please mention it by leaving a comment. Canadian National Railway Designed by Allan Fleming, in 1960.

conEdison Designed by Arnell Group, in 2000. conEdison is a US-based electricity supplier.

Frost & Reed Designed by Atelier Works, in 2006. Frost & Reed is a UK-based fine art dealer.

National Theatre Designed by FHK Henrion, in 1971.

Newspaper Marketing Agency Designed by SomeOne, in 2000.
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Rabih Hage Designed by Hat-Trick. why not subscribe for free? 42 excellent comments. in 1989. Victoria & Albert Museum Designed by Alan Fletcher. telling me I was in breach of FOA (Formula One Administration) copyright. in 2001. here’s the Google image search results for Formula One logo. in 2002. Logo removed after I was contacted by NetResult. http://www. London Symphony Orchestra Designed by The Partners. click here to add one 1.logodesignlove. in 2005.com/10-creative-monogram-logo-designs Page 2 of 9 . Rabih Hage is a UK-based interior designer. Tammy Lenski Very cool new site. Which is your favourite? If you liked this post. David! I enjoyed wandering around and will be back. Formula 1 Designed by Carter Wong Tomlin. in 1994. To view the Formula 1 logo again.10 creative monogram logo designs | Logo Design Love 5/19/09 7:54 PM University College for the Creative Arts Designed by Blast.

com/10-creative-monogram-logo-designs Page 3 of 9 . Brian Hi David. 2008 7. Jan 25th. David Airey Tammy.Backing Up Wordpress Jan 25th.Do you need meaningful results instead of links. 2008 5. Dan. http://www. The Fedex logo is a great example. Simon’s last blog post. I’d like to see a revised version based on the current.The conflict resolution articles vault.. I’ve always loved the F1 racing logo. I like those logos that make good use of negative space. David Airey Simon. Glad you like the blog. Tammy Tammy Lenski’s last blog post. monogram design. 2008 4.. Zaigham’s last blog post.. Zaigham Nice site David…. I’ve been thinking about this blog launch for some time now. Another one of my favorites has got to the FedEx Logo…I am sad to say that I only discovered the arrow about 3 years ago. even though it doesn’t have much to it. Jan 25th. but a great example nonetheless. Great new site by the way David.5 Websites to Save You Money Jan 25th. and I’ve finally pulled the finger out. It’s probably the smartest monogram design out there. Just simple yet perfectly done. regards. Thanks for the well-wishes. I agree that it’d be nice to see an updated F1 version.sorry) in that list is probably the USA network logo. Dan Cole Nice. Thanks for sharing such a nice post. Although it is starting to look a bit dated. Thanks for reading. 2008 3. as above. 2008 6.. and that’s a decent example.logodesignlove. nice new blog! My favorite (”favourite” for you Brits! . january 2008 Jan 25th. Not a monogram. It just might be my favorite logo of all time.10 creative monogram logo designs | Logo Design Love 5/19/09 7:54 PM Best for the new venture. 2008 2. very clever. Dan Cole’s last blog post. visit MetaGlossary Jan 27th. Looking forward to enjoying many of your posts on the new blog! Cheers. Simon I’ll second the shout for the F1 logo. Something for you to have a crack at perhaps? Brian.

Beth Ellen. Feb 6th. 2008 11. Beth Ellen Way to go on the new site David. Grouse The Victoria and Albert logo has to be the best! I’ve been seeing it around alot lately and I just think it’s perfect.logodesignlove. You have good taste. it screams “fast” I also think the LSO logo is awesome . That’s great you’ll subscribe. Without knowing that its a monogram. 2008 12. Feb 3rd. 2008 8. 2008 9. Glad you like. but thanks for leaving your take on it. it could easily be conceived as a drawing of some kind (sperm came to mind). I really like the NMA logo. David Airey Thanks Knaknak. You’re very welcome. I don’t really get the LSO logo choice. David Airey Erick. Lloyd the rh and the FR seemed forced. 2008 14. Erick Great Collection. David Airey Grouse. Feb 11th. 2008 15. knaknak Cool Blog! I’ve always been a fan of the F1 logo. So simple yet unique! Which is your favourite David? Feb 11th. http://www. Jan 30th. Jan 28th.very fluidic and symphony IMO.com/10-creative-monogram-logo-designs Page 4 of 9 . 2008 10. Jan 31st. I didn’t quite see the sperm in the London Symphony Orchestra logo. Another excellent one to add to my reader! Jan 31st. However. 2008 13. My favourite’s also the V&A logo.10 creative monogram logo designs | Logo Design Love 5/19/09 7:54 PM Zaigham. Glad to have you as a reader.

I’m new at blogging.. Mar 24th. Thanks for commenting. you know that my last post was just in response to Brian’s Business Cards of Bloggers request. 2008 23. Those three you mention would probably be my three top choices too. and Victoria & Albert Museum. And I found Jacob thru this site while participating in your recent Logo Design Love Awards. 2008 22. 2008 20. Toby I’ve seen the LSO logo loads of times and only recently realised that it looks like a conductor! Love it! Apr 29th. And while I’m REALLY trying to tell myself to update more. not something you would expect to see in a theatre logo.Shameless Self Promotion May 7th. eh? :-) rob russo’s last blog post. Newspaper Marketing Agency. David Airey Hi Rob. Thanks again for all you do. Keep up the great work! rob russos last blog post.. but still think it is interesting that I found Brian’s post from a link on Jacob Cass’ site. though not as well known.Shameless Self Promotion May 5th. Mar 24th. 2008 17.logodesignlove. Is it purely coincidence that your last blog post is about ’shameless self promotion’? . 2008 19.10 creative monogram logo designs | Logo Design Love 5/19/09 7:54 PM Feb 14th. rob russo Absolutely coincidental! . May 2nd. I was just honored to be included in the running. The ‘NT’ in National Theatre is too militaryish to me. my current post may be there for a bit. David Airey It’s good eh Toby? Thanks for dropping in. I love how LSO looks like a conductor’s wand in action… Of course. 2008 16. Roberta Seldon My favorites… conEdison. Roberta Seldon Thanks David. Mar 24th. David Airey Hi Roberta.) May 7th. you could include my personal mark here. rob russo Of these I like Newspaper Marketing Agency (NMA) and London Symphony Orchestra (LSO).com/10-creative-monogram-logo-designs Page 5 of 9 . 2008 21. 2008 http://www. 2008 18.) Actually.

May 16th.com which is basically for web and graphic designers. 2008 http://www. It’s an elegant one. Yep.com/10-creative-monogram-logo-designs Page 6 of 9 . is it ok? my website is http://www. 2008 31. Oct 17th.jpg Dec 11th.10 creative monogram logo designs | Logo Design Love 5/19/09 7:54 PM 24. Jane The LSO conductor is genius. I feel the same way about University College for the Creative Arts logo.com/files/scty27.http://zka11. David Airey Scott. I’ve also thought fondly of Roger’s monogram. I think it`s worth a look too .templatesden. Ram. 2008 26. On the flip side I just dont get the London Symphony logo. Rob. The Frost and Reed logo reminded me of it. Great to include you as a reader. 2008 28. David Airey Frank. Fletcher’s V&A Oct 3rd. Oct 14th. thanks ram Sep 14th. 2008 25. David Airey You’re very welcome. pat taylor The best of the group would be Mr. I will also add some of your post and link back to this website. Jordan Great collection. there’ll always be a level of subjectiveness about design. Sep 14th. May 30th.logodesignlove. ram David Really I am impressed seeing your new website. 2008 27. I love it. classic and timeless. thanks very much. 2008 30. 2008 32. I guess opinions are subjective though Jul 18th. its really useful. Frank White On the plus side I absolutely love the Victoria & Albert Museum logo…simple. thanks!! I recently found this one. No need to ask. and thanks for stopping by to leave your thoughts. 2008 29. scott mcclelland I am a big fan of the Roger Federer logo.

Keep informed of followup comments via email Forums for logo design feedback » Popular logo articles The best of Logo Design Love. 2008 Ócio Underlinks [2] « Underlinks . 81 of the best logo design resources When logos look alike 10 successful logo redesigns 33 logos in 33 minutes 5 websites for free vector logo files 10 handwritten logo designs Logo Design Love Awards results 15 wonderfully simple logo designs Forums for logo design feedback All about Paul Rand 10 creative monogram logo designs Latest logo articles Most recent logo design love on offer. 7. 2008 6 months of Logo Design Love | David Airey » Graphic and Logo Designer . felipe. http://www. 2009 80+ Logo Designers Huge Essential Toolbox | tripwire magazine .Feb 15th. Galerias y Tutoriales | Artifacts: el blog . 2009 34. providing you entered the web address. 10个 富创意的字母组合Logo设计 | 帕兰映像 . 2009 Recursos para diseño de logos: Ejemplos de procesos de diseño.Logo is brilliant! It’s the LSO.Apr 29th.com/10-creative-monogram-logo-designs Page 7 of 9 .10 creative monogram logo designs | Logo Design Love 5/19/09 7:54 PM 33. Name (required) Email (required but never shared) Website Leaving this box checked will show your last blog post headline after your comment. 2009 35. 2009 1. eddy Check out the logo for the Swedish Radio: http://www.Nov 19th.Aug 7th.Feb 27th. Peter The London Symphony Orchestra . 2008 不倒猫 » 九大字母组合Logo . 2008 DesignEgg » Blog Archive . 5.se/ Jan 3rd. 2.lv I can’t believe the stupid reaction of NetResult/FOA… some people just can’t understand “the internets” Jan 8th.logodesignlove. 3. 4. 6.sr. a conductor and some people even say it resembles the river thames :-D Jan 5th. 2009 Reply to “10 creative monogram logo designs” All comments are subject to the Logo Design Love comment policy.Jan 27th.Mar 2nd.

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