When Is a Door Not a Door?

Now that we've settled that, let's move on to the audience participation section of today's post: It isn't every day that you have the time to take a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood: a stroll without purpose or destination, a chance to stretch your legs, let the mind wander, and get reaquainted with some old familiar sights. On your way, perhaps you'd stop in at a cozy coffee shop, explore the paths of a favorite park, or take the opportunity to do some windowshopping. Then there are those days when it's enough just to let your feet decide your course... Picture yourself on a stroll through town. The day is beautiful and you're halflost in a daydream. You turn onto a street that you've never been down before, and as you walk you pass a beautiful house set somewhat back from the street. Pausing a moment to admire the lovely home, you notice the door is half-open. Why is the door ajar? 1. The house is being burgarlized. 2. The owner forgot to close it. 3. The owner is inside, sweeping out the entranceway. Key to When Is a Door Not a Door? Doors have a twofold significance: they may be passageways, but they can also be barriers as well. In particular, the front door of a house represents its first line of defense, all that stands between its inhabitants and the uncertainties of the world outside. By imagining as open a door that should normally be closed, you envision a scenario or vulnerability and exposure. On a subconscious level, the reason you imagined teh door being open is linked to the ways that you leave yourself open and expose your own weaknesses to others. 1. The house is being burgarlized. You instantly assume the worst in any situation, and this trait is nowhere more evident than when things actually do go wrong. You never get flustered in a crisis, but only because you're much too busy panicking. So the next time disaster strikes, it's important to keep a clear head and remember to take a few deep breaths first and count to ten. Then you can faint.

2. The owner forgot to close it. You aren't the type to get carried away in crisis situations. On the contrary, you're so relaxed that you may not notice a crisis is occuring at all. The mistakes you make are caused more by oversight than bad intentions, but the end results for you (and for people around you) are the same. 3. The owner is inside, sweeping out the entranceway. You may appear to be a laid-back sort, but you never let your guard down. Achieving that constant state of relaxed alertness is what has made you into the mature individual you are. Of course, you still have your human weaknesses; you just don't put them on display for all the world to see.

A Desert Journey
Note: As much as possible, I don’t want to copy the exact words from the book. I want to make it shorter, but still, understandable. Scenario 1: You are at work… You still have lots of pending jobs to do. Overtime. Everybody is already going home. You are unsure if you can finish the work you are doing. Scenario 2: It’s time for the most boring subject you have in your class. There’s still 2 1/2 hours left. And now… let’s imagine ourselves in a desert… 1. You are riding a camel in a desert. You really feel tired and exhausted. What will you say to the camel who has been with you all throughout your journey in the desert? 2. You are really thirsty. Luckily, you saw an oasis. But you are surprised to see that someone has arrived before you. WHo is he/she? (A person you know). 3. Finally, your destination is already in sight. How do you feel now? 4. You have to leave the camel now since you already reached your destination. Another person will now ride to the camel. Who is he/she? Key to A Desert Journey:

The desert and camel theme symbolizes the journey toward personal independence. Specifically, this scenario reveals your feelings about parting with a lover. Your answers show how you might react when the time comes to go your separate ways. Meaning of your anwer to item #1: The words you spoke to the camel reveal what you might say to yourself when you realize love has been lost. Meaning of your anwer to item #2: The person you encountered here could be someone who has helped or comforted you in the past or one you might turn to in times of need. Meaning of your anwer to item #3: Your feelings upon reaching the town are your true feelings about finally getting over a lost love. Meaning of your anwer to item #4: The new rider is a person toward whom you feel a secret rivalry, jealousy, or resentment.

A Flash of Red
From red as a rose to red as a beet, when we see red it affects us emotionally. Scientific experiments have shown that people asked to remain in a room with red walls become more passionate, aggressive, and easily aroused than people in rooms with muted backgrounds. Research has even shown that exposure to red can make the body temperature rise. Red may be at the low end of the spectrum of light, but it has power to move us like no other color.

Imagine three women, each of whom is fond of the color red and uses it to accent her appearance. The first of these women has her nails painted red, the second wears red lipstick, and the third has her hair colored the same shade. Now imagine their personalities and describe each in detail. Key to A Flash of Red Although in some ways we all react similarly to the color red, there are also significant differences in our psychological responses. This is not simply a matter of taste or acculturation but seems to have roots that sink deeper into

In nature as in fashion.the mind. pipe cleaners. it's not the color itself. napkin holder. to decorate it. it's what you do with it. anything. Male respondents. A plain white coffee mug of your own design sits ready for the kiln and is staring at you in blank anticipation.. I bite and I'm poisonous. depending on whether the respondent is male or female. red is the universal sign of danger. This results in different interpretations. while the red-lipped woman is the type you can imagine yourself falling wildly in love with. The images you had of the three red-accented women reveal the kinds of women you view as friend and foe. if only you could decide on the pattern. you feel a strange and compelling attraction to the woman with red lips. The red-nailed woman is the kind of person you fear will use or make a fool of you. On the other hand. In the natural world. and papier-mache to bend to their will. it can signal that the mating season has begun. or the obligatory ashtray--only to be confronted by and empty expanse demanding that you do something. modeling clay. no matter how physically beautiful she may be. The woman with red hair is an image of the type of woman that you hope you will never become. You have chosen to use blue glaze. "Careful. The woman with red nails is seen as a threat and represents the type of woman you can't imagine yourself ever getting along with. Female respondents. And few of us can claim to have managed to avoid the experience of creating an object--be it ceramic mask.. now. a grueling test of the human spirit in which young initiates strive to force rubber cement.." But this same shade is also powerfully seductive. The redheaded woman represents the type you can't see yourself being attracted to. a way for one animal to let potential foes and competitors know. . and for animals attuned to the same sexual frequency. A Glazed Expression Arts and craft class is almost a right of passage in our society.

but in no way does that make you average or ordinary. The white surface of your coffee mug provides a blank slate and give s your mind free rein to express itself in the most comfortable. Stripes: You favor a direct and clear-cut approach. touching the lives of those around you in subtle ways. It's only natural that people perceive you as a leader and pillar of strength in difficult times. the pattern you selected reflects the structure and strengths of your mind in its approach to creativity and problem solving. Ask the people who know and love you--the world is a better place for your being in it. 2. and compassion to share with those in need. In this sense. Checks. And all that goodwill has a ripple effect. Polka Dots. but you make a real contribution to the world as a creator with a unique vision. Wavy lines: You gift is in generating an atmosphere in which it's easy and comfortable to feel and express love. but people just naturally feel good about taking care of and supporting you. Stripes. Polka dots: Your strength lies in the adaptive. And the result of your efforts is that you always seem to have the time. wealth. making you a keen decision maker able to resolve problems and put plans into action instantly. 1. 4. It's not that you crave attention or affection. . artistic nature of your mind. 4. from imagination to intuition to intellect. 2. Few people are able to organize their lives with such quiet efficiency. Checks: You excel at mastering the demans of the everyday. 3.Which of the following patterns do you paint in blue on the mug? 1. 3. Key to A Glazed Expression Blue is the color most deeply associated with the inner workings of the mind. natural way. perhaps even eccentric to some. Wavy lines. This may make you appear to be a little offbeat.

You see yourself has having the same awareness and skill in locating and playing upon your partners' most sensitive points. If you could join the orchestra. and driving them onward to pleasure they never imagined the could experience. Violin The violin demands sensitive fingerwork and a delicate touch with the bow to draw forth music from the taut strings. 1. Flute Key to A Night at the Symphony Musical instruments are symbolic of members of the opposite sex. Imagine being able to take a place on that stage among the other musicians. taking complete control.a sense of expectation and pure pleasure. Violin 2. String Bass 3. what instrument do you see yourself playing? 1. You never ask permission. 2. but that dominating character is what makes you so irresistible.A Night at the Symphony There's something magical about a night at the symphony . In love. The instrument you chose gives insight into what you think of as your strongest lovemaking technique. . your skill rests in the ability to bend your partners to your will. There's a sense of adventure in the way your hands can create such beautiful music by running over the same familiar notes. String Bass There's a feeling of power gotten from taking position behind an enormous bass and making it call out in a tremendous moan. The pairing of you and your instrument shows how you perceive yourself in making the music of love. a once-in-a-lifetime chance to perform at your very best. Trumpet 4.

if only for a short while. This is the secret to being able to appreciate the value of even our everyday lives. How do we bring thrills into our lives? Watching movies. a world where thrills mingle with fantasies. determination. there come times when the everyday seems just a little boring and. well. traveling. too much predictability can leave you uninspired. Although it's certainly nice to be able to know that tomorrow will be a good day.your mouth is the strongest weapon in your arsenal. and a roller coaster looms before you with a line of people waiting their turn. Let's take a trip back to that realm of childhood excitement and fun. Your turn finally comes and now you're racing and plunging around the course. You enter the park gate. and playing sports and games of chance. Flute The flute demand incredible patience from those who want to master it. Whether it's whispering love talk in your partner's ear or exploring them with your lips. You will need a pencil and paper for this quiz. You show that same patience in the way you wear down your partners with persistence. Your lovers are often taken off guard when what they thought would be a brief recital quickly develops into a full concerto in six movements. At The Park Even for people with normally happy lives. 4. 1. Trumpet There's no getting around it . Or maybe a trip to an amusement park. you have all the characteristics of the oral personality. everyday. The answer lies in seeking out stimulation and the occasional thrill. What kind of feelings does the speed bring out in you? 3. How long do you have to wait in line before getting to ride? 2. At the most exciting point in the course. But we know a way to escape that daily routine.3. and stamina. the roller coaster dives into a pool .

Key to At The Park Did you have a good time at the park? In psychological terms. "I can't believe this. giddyap!" Yikes! . 4. for some reason the horse you're riding breaks down and stops moving. Your words at the moment the roller coaster splashed into the pool show what you might say at the moment of sexual climax. don't worry about it. on foreplay. water represents the source of life. What do you say to the horse? 5. Next you decide to try the merry-go-round. rhytmical upand-down motions represent sexual excitement. or did you just jump aboard without waiting? 2. but it wit will revasn't all that it could have been. Let's hopw you didn't say anything you'll end up regretting in the morning. I want my money back!" You said it. "This is the best ride I've ever been on!" or was your reaction closer to. It's only a ride. Did you have to stand in line for hours before the main event. The time you spent waiting in line reveals how much time you spend. what would the course look like? Draw a detailed picture of the course. So your responses to the five questions actually show your attitudes toward sex. But during your ride. "It's all right. "Get me off this thing! I think I'm gonna throw up!" 3. in psychological terms. is a symbol of masculine principle. Did you think. If you were going to design the perfect roller coaster." You have a truly gentle and forgiving nature. "Come on you stupid animal. In Jungian symbolism. What do you shout or scream at this instant? 4. 1. The horse. Your ride on the roller coaster was exciting. or would like your partner to spend. Your words to your broken-down steed reflect what you might say to yourself or your partner in situations where the man failed to rise to the occasion. Your feelings during the roller-coaster ride reveal how you feel while making love.of water and you're drenched by the spray. not me.

two dots and a wavy line. to grade school art class when a house could be drawn using four squares and a triangle or a face created with a circle. you finally manage to run him down and make the arrest. which is why the police can never afford to be off duty. . Using a single circle and any number of triangles and squares. those words may dredge up painful memories of high school geometry class. draw a design on the paper. Was it a long. For some. In the game of cops and robbers. If you were a cop.5. But they can also take us back to a time when the world was simple. slow ascent followed by a terrifying plunge? A series of acrobatic loop-the-loops and 360-degree rolls? Or maybe you drew a course where you spend the whole ride turned upsidedown and backwards? Don't worry. Busted They say that police develop a sixth sense about criminal mind. Busted! What does the suspect say to you as he stares down the barrel of your gun? Key to Busted! What did the cornered crook have to say for himself? Although you were imagining yourself as the police officer. And if you’re like most people. Square Every shape and design may be reduced to the same basic building blocks: points and lines. how do you think you’d handle the pressures of the beat? You’re in hot pursuit of a suspect fleeing a crime scene. Your plan for the ideal roller-coaster course shows your vision of the perfect sex life. Circle. And each of us has a little bit of that criminal mind inside. You’re standing over him with your pistol in his face. After a long chase. your own hidden tendencies came out in the criminals words. The ups and downs of the roller-coaster ride are an exact metaphor for the thrills and lulls of lovemaking. The way you imagined him responding gives an idea of how you reacted when your parents caught you doing something bad. Triangle. your secret is safe with us. it’s the robbers who have to come up with excuses as the cops haul them off to jail. it’s how you continue to behave today. You’ll need a pen and paper for this game.

Square How did your artwork turn out? The real meaning of the design you drew can be found in your use of the three basic shapes.Key to Circle. If the shapes in your design connect. getting back to nature lets us feel truly alive. you see yourself as insignificant or dwarfed by the world around you. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by all those triangles and squares! they’re made of the same points and lines as you are! The number and size of triangles you used represents your work or school responsibilities. That can be a good thing when it leads to positive self-regard. you possess an equally great sense of self. After all we are all nature’s children. Your next journey will take you back to that green world. If all the shapes occupy separate spaces. it indicates you’re under pressure to conform of fit in. it shows you tend to feel lost in the crowd or burdened by too many rules. Triangle. Medical science may make advances. overlap and share borders. but for some people it signifies a distorted notion of their place in the world — in other words. If you drew a very small circle. born into her world and fed on her bounty. Deep in the Mountains The mountains and the sea—nature has a power that draws us to her. it’s likely you’ll see signs of isolation and lack of connection in your life as well. Be careful if you have too many triangles. it may mean you need to cut down on your workload before it wears you out. No matter what marvels technology may develop. it means you’re enjoying a degree of integration and harmony between those aspects of your life. The squares stand for how you feel about society and other people. If you put many squares in your design. If you used very large squares. and what better . Large triangles denote your sense of the importance of your work and the fulfillment you find in it. at its center. but the best medicine will always be nature’s own healing power. while a large number of triangles means you’re working on several projects at once. If you drew a very large circle.

What is your impression of the mountain as you stand at its foot? 2. There are probably more than a few late . spreading their efforts over a long period of time. People who say they’d keep searching for the stone no matter what tend to show the same persistence and determination in their own lives. or a father figure in your life. You have finally discovered the stone you were seeking. You have set off to climb a mountain. After a hard search. and value. Now it is time to come down from the mountain and return home. never giving up even when efforts seem fruitless. Those who said they’d call it quits for the day but come back again to continue the search are the type who pace themselves. What parting words do you have for the mountain. you still haven’t found the stone. and what is its reply? Ready for what your answers reveal about you? Read on. Was it difficult and unforgiving? Gentle and easily conquered? Or did you have an idealized image of a magnificent peak that somehow seemed to welcome you and encourage you in your quest? 2. Key to Deep in the Mountains The mountain that looms before you represents your father. weight. it is a manifestation of the archetype of the “wise old man. Your impression of the mountain show the image you have of your father. In psychological terms. and now the sun has fallen. 1. The stone you are searching for represents your as yet undiscovered talent or strength.” The stone you seek symbolizes abilities and strengths you must discover within yourself on your own journey to adult independence.setting for you to rediscover your natural self? 1. What will you do next? 3. 4.. Your response to this question shows whether you will ever realize that untapped potential. What kind of stone is it? Describe its size.. in search of a fabulously rare stone.

4. to say to your father. about twenty dollars or so. that’s not much of an appraisal. Your parting words to the mountain reveal what you have always wanted. but never been able. 3. Mountain: You can say that again! Maybe it’s time you and your father sat down for a talk. let’s not get carried away with ourselves. it looks like I’m finally through with you. How big and heavy was it. is it? “It turned out to be a huge diamond worth millions!” Hold on now. Dwellers of the Deep .” Hmmm. The way you described the stone shows your feeling of self-worth. Did you have that kind of ideal exchange? Or did it go more like this: You: Well. and what did you think of its value? “Oh. Do you recognize any of these patters? You: Thanks for everything. People who gave up looking for the stone altogether are in danger of never fulfilling their true potential.bloomers in this group. Mountain: You take care of yourself.

Your artwork sheds some light on the level and nature of stress in your life. and inspiring poets. observed that the octopus. feed. and tentacles that stretch in all directions. and die. while a number of smaller octopuses swarming everywhere is a sign that you feel overwhelmed by minor stresses and annoyances on all sides. which have only just begun to discover each other. Within the box below (print it out!) is a picture of a coral branch. alien appearance.some familiar. friendly- . A single huge octopus indicates a preoccupation with a single great concern. challenging science. one of the founders of psychoanalysis. some fantastically strange -. luring adventurers. The simplest explanation for this allure is that there is more to the ocean than meets the eye. If you drew a small.The undersea world holds mysteries we can barely conceive. breed. Its seemingly endless waters remain the last great frontier on earth. It is almost as if our planet contained two separate worlds. slippery invertebrate form. artists.live. is a commonly encountered symbol of stress and anxiety. Key to Dwellers of the Deep Carl Jung. This exercise requires you to draw an octopus (or more than one) anywhere within the box. The size and number of octopuses you drew reflect the importance and number of worries in your life. with its sinister. Hidden beneath its featureless surface. and the romantic at heart. millions upon millions of creatures -.

Self-portrait b. The position of the octopus in relation to the coral is also significant. Kokology Quiz 1 1. They're hungry and looking for food b. Erase yourself b.) "How do you like this painting?" c. however great it may be.) If you have a magical eraser that can erase anything: a.) You are in 5 stars hotel room with a blue sky view. dark abyss. If you drew a free-floating octopus. amazed and fascinated. What kind of picture is that? a. it means you believe that your stress. Abstract d. you think?" b. the same one as before. do you know what time is it now?" d.looking creature bobbing happily beneath the waves. Parody version of something c.) "You know. You stop and stare at this picture for a long time. you are in the art gallery. Midday sun shines above the marine blue sea .) You are walking in the art gallery. a guy standing next to you is about to say something. Just because they are ugly monsters with high temper d. Erase the third party 4.) Imagine there're horribly threatening monsters angrily rampaging the city. What do you expect to see outside the window once you wake up? a. But if you drew the octopus clinging tightly to the coral. You fell asleep and take a nap for a couple hours.) Again. They're angry with this desperate world 2. why the monsters are so furious? a. I'm the one who painted this picture" 5. is resolvable. While you are looking at that picture.) "Excuse me. what do you think is the cause of them anger.) "What a beautiful painting. you are relaxed and stop at one picture. Erase your lover c. What is that might be? a. good for you! No one said that life has to be a cold. They're looking for their lost love c. it shows you feel as if you're locked in a stranglehold of entanglements. Painting of nature 3.

You are pessimistic person 2. You believe the importance of honesty between lovers c. You are looking for a perfect love.) The question stands for your attractiveness If you choose a. Dark blue sea reflexes stars on the sky c. You respect love and see it as a beautiful thing c.) The question stands for what do you want from love If you choose a. You want your lover to be your best friend d.) The question stands for the dark side of yourself and cause of pressure in your life If you choose a. You want a high-voltage love b.b. Love is the main cause of the pressure in your life c. You are friendly and love to get to know and have new friends b. You are on a diet and feel a bit suffer from it b. You are creative person d. You are gentle and well-manner 3. You are talkative and have a sense of humor c. Ideal and romantic . You always run away from the problem in your love life b. You are independent and see no importance of getting to know new friends d. You always get excited to know someone and try to make them impressed in you 5. You don't like to let the problem goes on and effect with your life. You feel unsatisfied with your own appearance d. The sun is setting at the end of the line where sky and sea has met --------------------------------------------------------------Now. it's time to check your answer: 1.) The question stands for how you handle the problem in your love life If you choose a. You are self-confidence b.) The question stands for the way you act when you met someone for the first time If you choose a. You love to solve it right away 4. Cold blue sea barely see in the mist d. You will consider carefully before get to know someone c.

Abstract picture. The Chocolate part e.) You are a superstar about to release a new album. this guy must be a technician. The uneatable decoration part c. Cut it in one curve line 4. Air-conditioner technician d.) If you have to commit suicide. An electrician b. Shoot yourself b. it's time to check your answer: 1.) The question stands for the problem in your family that you try to ignore If you choose a. Cut it in zigzag line d. Picture of yourself 3. Jump off the building 5. Overdose yourself c. Cartoonish picture c. Cut it in straight b. Cut it in wavy line c. Beautiful landscape b. The sugary-decoration part d. According to the way he dresses. How do you like to cut it? a. Hang yourself d. The strawberry part b. Through the cat's eye you see a stranger. What kind of technician is that? a.) Which part of the cake you are eager to eat? a.) You are reading stuff in the living room while someone is knocking on your door. A plumber c. The decorating wafer part ---------------------------------------------------------Now.) Your boss told you to cut a piece of paper into half. What do you want for the album cover a. Television or stereo technician 2.Kokology Quiz 2 1. which way you will prefer? a. The warm atmosphere that everyone and talk to each other about anything . some artistic stuff d.

The factor from outside that effects to your family d. What do you expect to see? a.) The question stands for your attitude If you choose a. The way you end the relationship is harsh and aggressive d. No regret b. You care other people's feeling and love to be in the crowd d. You strict with the way you spend the money and good at saving money d. You are a businessman and know how to earn a money from anything you want c. Nothing.) The question stands for what you see as the most charming attitude in yourself and would like to express it for everyone to see If you choose a. The understanding feeling within the family c. You have a high self-confidence and love to be leader 3. You can end it right away. romantic and always dream of happy wedding Kokology Quiz 3 1. You are skillful. You are fashionable and always fascinated people around you c. very talented and very creative d. You love social life and always entertain people surrounding you c. You love to be in control e.b.) The question stands for the method you will choose to end your relationship with someone If you choose a.) The question stands for how you manage your money If you choose a. c. You will end your relationship gently 4. Your life is based on morality. You will not do anything against righteousness b.) You walk down the street and unintentionally kick the garbage bin fall in a mess. You don't know how to spend money and always use it all once you have it in your hand 5. You are sensitive. You see yourself as a gentle and well-mannered person b. The fun in the family 2. You are a so-called stingy but never have a proper savings b. the bin is empty b. Just a garbage spread all over the street . You are reasonable and a natural born leader. You cannot end it completely at the moment.

Run away b. A bit shocked but not that scared. Find something to fill it yourself to make it even more delicious 5. A bit shocked but not that scared. What kind of egg is that? a. Same height with the real one c. However. you have no idea what to do in this situation c. Throw it away frustratingly and buy something else d. Shorter than the real one 4. You are in control and rarely tell other people about how you feel 2.) The question stands for your perspective towards relationship with your .) There is an egg in front of you.) You are driving by the seaside.) The question stands for what you want to hide from others If you choose a. it's time to check your answer: 1. You are very open and sincere to others b. you cannot help but pulling off the car to draw this breathtaking view as part of your memory. Dinosaur egg d. what you are going to do? a. All the garbage has already put neatly in a bag 2.) You bought chocolate-filled donut from the most famous bakery in town. How do you like to draw the palm tree at the right side of the paper? a. happily bite a piece. What will you do? a. so you are immediately thinking of getting it out of the place 3.c.) You are watching TV in the living room and decide it's time to go to bed. You are paranoid and don't like anyone to know your personal life d. Snake egg b. you realize the one you've bought has nothing inside. Entering the bedroom you see a snake on your comfy bed. You try to act open-minded but the truth is you have something in your mind c. Mostly food d. Chicken egg ---------------------------------------------------------Now. Talk to yourself "It happens" then finish the donut c. Seeing a beautiful landscape. Unfortunately. Taller than he real one b. Go back to the bakery and try to change it with a new one b. You have nothing to hide. Turtle egg c.

You are not afraid to have a relationship with someone you like c. You just want your child to be safe and happy So. You always come up with ideas. A potted plant you've been trying to keep on your balcony falls over the . Wealth and intelligence b. It's true that they ask for little . to solve things up 5. and if you want to met someone.) The question stands for the expectation towards your own child If you choose a.just some water and sunlight .) The question stands for how you act once you face the unexpected problem If you choose a. that person must have some point similar to your ex c. You afraid to begin a relationship with someone b.lover If you choose a. You've already forgotten about your ex and ready to move on to someone else b. You don't want to have a relationship with anyone. Healthy and live long c. and if you also try to kill a snake. You are reliable and ready for anything to come b. houseplants enjoy a popularity that seems out of proportion to any decorative function they might perform. it means you've found someone or you've found someone that has already married 3. You cannot forget about your ex 4. You will solve the problem out as soon as possible d.but in a material sense they give even less in return. gratitude. which everyone accept and trust.) The question stands for your background about your ex-lover If you choose a. Uniqueness and outstanding d. Nonetheless. Somehow you still have feeling with your ex. You don't let the problem disturbed you for long c. Perhaps we keep them because they fill a very human need: the need to be needed. how do you like it? Hope you enjoy! Look Out Below Keeping plants offers us the chance to give without any promise of reciprocation. or reward.

note: this is not a sex one. but the reality is you just hate to show your emotions. 3. The plant landed on the ground upright and intact You appear to be strong and confident and are always eager to demonstrate your coolness under fire. You run outside to survey the damage. The pot and plant are both smashed beyond recovery You seem to be soft-spoken and self-effacing. You are only waiting for an opportunity to break out of the self-imposed mold that confines you. The pot broke.ledge it was sitting on. there is no sign of either plant or pot . responses in the comments. What do you see? 1. but that "natural listener" is crying out for a chance to shine center stage. The pot and plant are both smashed beyond recovery 4. 2. guarded side of your character and the ways you try to keep the world from penetrating your social mask. Key to Look Out Below The sheltered life of a potted plant corresponds to a hidden. but the plant seems to have survived the fall 3. 1. Those pent-up feelings within you just keep growing and growing. The plant landed on the ground upright and intact 2. But beneath that tough facade is a person more concerned with keeping up an image than actually living it. but the plants seems to have survived the fall You seem calm and unflappable to others. and no pot can hold them in forever. For some strange reason. For some strange reason. there is no sign of either plant or pot Once again. 4. The pot broke.

On the surface. you're greeted by a most unusual surprise--a pair of animal messangers has come to deliver news of your life in the future! But when you open their messages. Postmarked: The Future Lounging around the house one Saturday afternoon. On your Birthday Your Birthday is the one day a year when you're justified in expecting things to be just a little nicer than usual. feelings you might not even be aware of yourself. The person who unexpectedly sent you a cards is actually someone you would like to care more about you or give you more attention. you might associate thebiggest package you received with good feelings about the sender. presents and cards.) RESULT: The responses you gave signify your true feelings about people in your life. Be careful not to get overconfident. What feels like security to you may look like plain selfishness to others. When you open the door. you see . but you definately feel confident of their feelings for you. But from a psychological perspective. But that glib exterior hides a seriousness and even a shy side that you choose not to show the rest of the world. the person you named as the sender s someone whose affections you take for granted. Of that group. This doesn't nessarily signify a lack of respect. In short. It's your birthday today. and when you check your mailbox you see you've gotten a card from someone you would have never expected. the person you named as the sender is someone you'be been hesitant to approach. who sent you the biggest package? (Give the names of people in your life when answering the quiz.You excel at generating excitement and making others laugh and people see you as the life of the party (even when there's no party in town). Well wishes and congratulations. you are startled out of your reverie by the doorbell. or just a friend you haven't heard from in a while? Maybe it's time you made the first move toward bridging that gap. maybe even a party or romantic dinner for two. who is the sender? You have also received a number of gifts from family & Friends.

glad tidings: Unquestioning loyalty and absolute devotion are the things you seek most in your mate.they contain very different predictions of what lies in store for you. 1. 5. The animal messengers in this scenario actually correspond to your own perceptions of the kinds of people likely to bring you joy and grie. Tortoise. with a range of positive and negative attributes and associations. posessed of an indomitable will to rule. the other prophesies only disaster and despair. 4. Tiger. 2. 2. while the doomsayer animal is the type you fear would drag you down into the depths. Tiger. Sheep. the future is greatly influenced by their selection of a mate or life partner. Animals are rich and complex in psychological significance. glad tidings: You see the key to contentment in a warmhearted nuturing spouse. the animal you chose as the bearer of the message of happinesss represents the type of person you perceive as an ideal spouse. tyrannical partner who struts around like a lord of the jungle and growls at any mention of sharing housework. One of the animals has brought a letter foretelling a life of happiness and contentment. Which of the animals below brought glad tidings and which an omen of doom? (Pick a different animal for each. gloom and doom: You are utterly incompatible with those who try to please everyone and fret over what others might be thinking.) 1. . 3. Dog. In this scenario. Key to Postmarked: The Future For most people. Dog. gloom and doom: You dread the prospect of a vain. Sheep. 3. Parrot. glad tidings: You see yourself happiest with an ambitious and powerful mate.

making them nearly impossible to read. Parrot. dependable. And then there are those who simply don't read at all if they can avoid it. slow-witted partner is your worst nightmare. fun-loving partner who knows how to make you laugh. But for those who do read. devouring volume after volume without pattern or preference. and sure to be there in your hour of need. Sometimes it's almost as if the book has chosen you. glad tidings: Nothing would suit you better than a talkative. gloom and doom: The prospect of a lifetime spent with a frustratingly slowmoving. gloom and doom: No one could suit you worse than a chattering layabout with a severe allergy to work. 5. not just out of necessity. Others read indiscriminately. How was the . refusing to read anything outside of a particular genre or subject matter. 1. finding a good book is almost like making a new friend. Reading You Like a Book Some are very fussy about their books. 4. You read further and come to a section where the pages have been damaged. There's a sense of simultaneous familiarity and discovery. It's as if a window has opened into a previously unimagined world. Many read only on occasion or when work or study demands it. What part of the story is it? 4. You have just closed the cover after finishing the book. A book lies open in front of you. but for the sheer pleasure and relaxation it affords.gloom and doom: You fear winding stuck with a boring homebody content to spend each day grazing the same old patch of grass. but one you sensed was waiting for you all along. What kind of role do you play? 3. What type of story does it contain? 2. Tortoise. You begin to read and soon find that you yourself are a character in the story. glad tidings: You match made in heaven is serious.

Did you answer something like "And they rode off into the sunset to live . The ending of the story is an expression of your feelings of closure (or a lack thereof) regarding your days spent at school. we all share a common experience in which books and reading were an inevitable part of life: our school years. a mystery. Does your answer suggest you lived through a comedy. or a romance? Then again. 1. A Shakespearean tragedy? The fact that you survived all five acts has added nobility to your character. it's more than likely you'll find some buried painful memory associated with the scene. and even seemingly minor traumas can take a lifetime to heal. 4. if you think back to your past. who among us didn't? Or perhaps it was an erotic novel? Either you were a very precocious child or you had an overactive imagination. In our culture. and the answers you gave in response to this scenario likewise echo your own experiences during school. The role you saw yourself in is the image you have of yourself in your time as a student. Broken hearts can hurt as much as an act of violence. The type of story you imagined reflects your general impression of your school years. books and school are inextricably linked. 2. Were you the star of the tale? A sidekick? Comic relief? Or no more than a bit player with only a single line of dialogue on page 283? It may just be that your character was being developed for the sequel. The scene described in the damaged pages mirrors a situation in which you were hurt during your youth. Although at first there might not seem to be any immediate connection to your life.ending? The Key to Reading You Like a Book While reading habits and preferences may vary widely from person to person. 3.

"? In a way. But they can also take us back to a time when the world was simple. . Using a single circle and any number of triangles and squares. Square Every shape and design may be reduced to the same basic building blocks: points and lines. Triangle. perhaps. while a large number of triangles means you’re working on several projects at once. draw a design on the paper.happily ever after"? A little clichéd. you see yourself as insignificant or dwarfed by the world around you. If you drew a very large circle. For some. Or was the ending a cliff-hanging "To be continued . Triangle. that's the most accurate response you could give. If you drew a very small circle. two dots and a wavy line. Key to Circle. That can be a good thing when it leads to positive self-regard. those words may dredge up painful memories of high school geometry class. at its center. but for some people it signifies a distorted notion of their place in the world — in other words. Be careful if you have too many triangles. . Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by all those triangles and squares! they’re made of the same points and lines as you are! The number and size of triangles you used represents your work or school responsibilities. but you can't argue with success. You’ll need a pen and paper for this game. you possess an equally great sense of self. it may mean you need to cut down on your workload before . to grade school art class when a house could be drawn using four squares and a triangle or a face created with a circle. Perhaps you envisioned a story in which your character dies in the end? It's likely you greeted your graduation as a chance to be reborn into a new life. You'll just have to wait and see how the next episode turns out Circle. Large triangles denote your sense of the importance of your work and the fulfillment you find in it. Square How did your artwork turn out? The real meaning of the design you drew can be found in your use of the three basic shapes.

"It's in the nature of these things to blow up. "Maybe this is nature's way of warning us to stop destroying the earth. If you put many squares in your design. coach. teacher." Kay to The Big Blowup The thoughts you had about the volcano are linked to the way you react to explosive power. If all the shapes occupy separate spaces. and it's easy to understand how ancient civilizations could have regarded volcanoes as signs of the anger of the gods.what a sight! I'm impressed!" 4. or parent who throws the occasional tantrum . Even today volcanoes seem to be sending us a not so subtle message about our place in the grand scheme of things. it indicates you’re under pressure to conform of fit in. it’s likely you’ll see signs of isolation and lack of connection in your life as well. Which of the following best describes your thoughts at watching the spectacle? 1. it shows you tend to feel lost in the crowd or burdened by too many rules. Big deal. The squares stand for how you feel about society and other people. specifically the anger of a superior.it wears you out." 3. The destruction it brings overwhelms everything in its path. If you used very large squares. belching forth hot lava and poisonous smoke that can reduce the surrounding landscape to grey ash. If the shapes in your design connect. it means you’re enjoying a degree of integration and harmony between those aspects of your life.this scenario shows how you deal with those blowups. . overlap and share borders. We've all run into a boss. "I guess the pressure just got too high inside there." 2. The Big Blowup An erupting volcano is one of the most awesome displays of nature's fury. " Wow . You are standing within view of an erupting volcano.

The Blue Bird One day. and on the fourth day. but that's not to say you take them lightly. but you're running the risk of never learning from your own mistakes. It turns back to it’s original blue. probably because you don't listen to them. " Wow . That same sensitivity and adult attitude lets you clear up any problems you might have caused. that's a low-stress way to get through a chewing-out. You got attracted to this bird that’s why you kept it. 4. it became black." You recognize when you're responsible for other people's anger and are willing to accept the blame. after they've forgotten whatever it was they were yelling for. if you thought you were doing something wrong.1. It stays black. Big deal. After all.what a sight! I'm impressed!" You accept criticism and even outbursts in a positive way. 2." You place the blame of any problems squarely on someone else's shoulders. you were surprised to see that th ebird turned into color yellow. a blue bird suddenly flew to the window of your room and was trapped. 4." Strong words. "I guess the pressure just got too high inside there. 3. What color is the bird when you wake up on the fifth day? 1. On the third day. tirades. "Maybe this is nature's way of warning us to stop destroying the earth. it became red. you wouldn't have done it in the first place. "It's in the nature of these things to blow up. right? 3. it might be signifying something after all. I turns golden colored. and harsh critiques leave you unimpressed. It turns white. . The next day. That sunny outlook is sure to make a favorable impression on superiors in the long run. Maybe you should start paying a little more attention to all that sound and fury. Sure. 2.

1. making you worry that happiness would not last. Always trust . Even a blue image in the mind can slow the pulse and make you take a deep breath.Key to The Blue Bird: The bird that flew into your room seemed like a symbol of good fortune. 3. A green mountain 4. Just thinking about it should give your spirits a little lift. The scene you pictured contrasted against that clear blue sky reveals a hidden talent that resides in the depths of your untroubled mind. a blue seascape 3. Under a Clear Blue Sky Imagine a clear blue sky without a cloud in sight. 4. You have what it takes to be a clear-sighted decision maker and even something of a visionary. 2. A white snowy plain You are blessed with a special sensitivity that allows you to comprehend situations at a glance and decipher complex problems without needing any proof or explanation. Now turn your minds eye down to survey the landscape. golden can be described as fearless. white are cool and decisive under pressure. but suddenly it changed color. Those Those Those Those who who who who said said said said the the the the bird bird bird bird stays turns turns turns black have a pessimistic outlook. a white snowy plain 2. A field of yellow flowers.-) RESULTS: The color blue has power to soothe the soul. Which of these scenes feels most calm and relaxing to you? 1. Other colors have significance too. Your reaction to this situation shows how you respond to difficulties and uncertainties in real life. Tell me what you picked and I will tell you what the book says it means. blue again are practical optimists. 1. .

. A cool mist rolling in over the waters. Keep attuned to the feeling of others and never stop working on building your dreams. You always seem to be able to find the words to express the way you feel. 4. none can stir the imagination and calm the soul like the unbroken line where the sky meets the sea. When you say "Nice job. You are staying at a resort hotel with ocean view. and peole soon realize it's exactly how they were feeling too. bursting with ideas and almost infinite potential. Lying on your bed. 3. 3. They say that joy shared is multiplied while shared grief is divided. and gentle country landscapes dotted with fields and farms. A bright midday sun burning over the sea. A blue seascape. and there is nothing you cannot achieve. Where the Sky meets the Sea There are breathtaking mountain vistas. Which of the following view greets you when you awake? 1. you drift off to sleep. and lulled by the scene. So it means much more to them. keep up the good work" people know you mean it. . You are a storehouse of knowledge and creativity. they will guide you well. A field of yellow flowers. You have a natural talent for interpersonal relations. That blue horizon is a vast space inviting the mind to relax and unwind. making you an invaluable member of any project or team. The sun just beginning to sink beneath the horizon at dusk. The dark ocean sleeping beneath a starry night sky. Your gift is for expressive communications. you gaze out a huge bay window across the cool blue waters.. A green mountain. People repect your ability to communicate with others and the way you help bring diverse groups together. 2. 2. to soar above and dive within. but of all the scenic views in the world. you help others work more smoothly and efficiently.your first intuititions. sweeping metropolitan skylines. 4. to dream. Just by being around. rugged tracts of forest that scretch as far as the eye can see. You always seem to help others find the right side of the equation.

love isn't true love if it doesn't burn like fire. share laughter and tears with. either. and just relax and be yourself around. and you see no reason to settle for less than the very best. it always proves worth the risks in the end. Who's Got the Button? How do you make your choices when shopping for clothes? Are you lured by certain colors or patterns? Do some brands have the power to make you reach for your credit card? Or are you an inveterate bargain hunter who can't resist the chance to save 40 percent. even if it's something you don't really want or need? Think of the clothes that are already in your closet. A bright midday sun burning over the sea Passionate excitement and intensity are essential to your ideal romance. to the house with the white picket fence. forever holding each other in a loving enbrace. 4. For you. but you place the greatest emphasis on things like commitment and faithful devotion in a relationship. And when other loves have clouded over or burst into flames. A cool mist rolling in over the waters The line between friendship and love is blurred for you. 2. You seek a storybook romance that inspires the worldwith its picturepostcard perfection. you will still be enjoying those nights of untroubled sleep-. The way you envisaged the scene out your hotel room window is your vision of the ideal relationship between two loving partners and shows the things you seek most from love. from the meeting. The sun just beginning to sink beneath the horizon at dusk. to the first kiss. 1. to the place settings at the wedding. You refuse to believe that your lover can't also be your best friend. Your love affairs may not set the sky ablaze. Your perfect relationship is with someone you can tell your secrets to. True love is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 3. The dark ocean sleeping beneath a starry night sky Others may think you're a little hokey or old-fashioned. but they will never cause you any sleepless nights.together.RESULT: In myths and ancient religions from around the world. and if that means added danger. You may . Everything has to be just right. the two inevitably flow into each other. the sea and the sky are pictured as an eternal couple.

You are one of those rare people in control of. You aren't afraid to spend on the things you want. and somehow manage to put something away as well. There are two or three buttons on the front. There are no buttons on the shirt. think of your favorite blouse or shirt. and I button them all. their money. There are many things in life that are uncontrollable. but you don't like to throw money away frivolously. never splurging or spending recklessly. either.) 1. It has more than five buttons down the front. and flower print begin to emerge. How many buttons are there. 1. and I button them all. Buttoning is one. Now visualize the number of buttons on the front. Regardless of your income. But as in most matters of taste. 3. but you're on the straight-and-narrow path to financial security. Deciding how we spend our money is another. Some might call you tight. Both behaviors are ways of expressing one's sense of freedom or control. 4. but there are also some in which we have the power of final say. and not controlled by. There is a row of buttons on the shirt. 2. and how do you keep them buttoned when you have the shirt on? (Choose the nearest answer from the choice below. and your buttoning habits actually reflect the way you handle your finances. and I leave one or two at the top unbuttoned. and I button them all. You are very conscientious with your money. You take a middle-of-the-road approach in managing your personal finances. . follow it. the subconscious plays an important role. and I button them all.see patterns other than paisley. There are two or three buttons on the front. you set a budget. Specifically. It has more than five buttons down the front. 2. Key to Who's Got the Button? Few people consciously make button count a deciding factor when choosing their wardrobes. tartan.

There is a row of buttons on the shirt. There are no buttons on the shirt. You have specific goals and invest every spare penny in them. 4.3. That single-minded sense of purpose makes you a prime candidate for conversion one day to the buttoned-down look adopted by people who are used to getting what they want from the world. you're a moderate spender in areas not directly related to realizing your dreams. If you keep up the pace. Your fiscal motto is "A penny saved is a penny wasted. On the other hand. Get used to the jeans and T-shirt look. . and don't look back to survey the damage. and I leave one or two at the top unbuttoned. that might be all you're able to afford." You charge like a wounded bull.