Chapter 1: No One Left To Love

HEYYY!!! So, I read over my Chapter 1/Prologue and was absolutely horrified. Most of it doesn t even make sense... That s the folly when you re writing at eleven o clock at night and constantly coming up with new ideas. Haha. Well, this is the edited version, and hopefully it s better! I gripped Artemis tightly, the familiar feel of the wooden rod a comfort to my shaking insides. Vampires with gleaming teeth and glowing crimson eyes were gathered around me, closing me in. Even in my human state, I could smell the heavy stench of blood. The smell of my parents blood. The walls of my family s small cottage reeked of it. I let anger and sorrow wash over my mind in waves as my human blood began to diminish in dominance. My own eyes slide from their natural turquoise color into a bright scarlet as I let that vampire s blood become dominant. My body is such a mystery, I thought amusedly. Artemis vibrated in my hands, lengthening into her vampire form, a long scythe with a wickedly sharp blade. She seemed to want to strike at my enemies. She wanted to fight. I wasn t about to say no, and so I jumped into battle. So many vampires turned into dust before my eyes as I slashed them through with Artemis. But more and more kept coming. From the changes in scent and appearance, I could tell that the new arrivals of vampires were no longer just half-crazed Class E s; there were Class D vampires and even a few Class C s surrounding me as well. Why was I fighting them again? Oh, right. They drained and annihilated my parents. They would do the same to my brother and me, just for my blood. My blood. They wanted my blood.My daemonblood that could and would sear through most of them if a drop of it touched their skin. My stupid source of life that just had to smell so bloody (no pun intended) freaking good to be the best vampire magnet in the whole damn world. I paused for a moment, panting and clutching a stitch in my side. One vampire emerged from the cluster around me. From his scent I could tell he was a Class C. Why are you fighting when you know you ll just die anyways? Come one, give it up already I promise it won t hurt. I snarled. Damn noble. Maybe he was actually trying to get me to surrender, but he had the opposite effect. He fired me up. Not good. I could already feel the daemon blood taking the dominant hold, and my eyes slid from

he or she would die. No one would ever know what it felt like because I m the only one who has the blood of a human vampire hunter. On my back. I felt like a hurricane was taking place within the frail and delicate shell of my small body. The right wing was a white. Artemis was shaking so hard in my hands. I felt powerful. The situation just went from bad to awful. and I thought absentmindedly about how many years it had been since I had let my daemon form take over. I could feel the three different True Blood lineages colliding inside my body. black wing like those of bats. precisely how your entire species was killed! I screamed with rage. a vampire. I didn t have time to think about my newly grown wings. I landed and pivoted. I could feel my shirt and coat burning. and dodged in the nick of time. but I didn t care. Every single damn one of these vampires was going to pay for what they did to my family and me. How dare he insult my father s legacy?My fury boiled over. and they grew hotter and hotter. She was changing into something I had never seen before. feathered wing of an angel. and I leaped at him. I didn t know it. which would have consequently left me without a weapon and completely defenseless. So this is what a daemon is! I ll be glad to kill you. and the left was a leathery. and I started to panic. but the noble s wound triggered a spastic change in me. but I looked terrifying.scarlet to gold. and I laughed with the dust of dying vampires swirling around me. that something did. Be it friend or foe. and a daemon all mixed together. and his claw-like nails ripped a gash on my back that ran from my shoulder blade to my waist. and with a flash of white-hot pain. . Artemis slicing through the air. but it looked like and turned out to be a slender sword crackling with blue lightning. I felt like something was ripping through my back. Unbeknownst to me. I knew I didn t care whom I killed. I almost dropped her. The noble was fast. I was on fire. I danced. though. He took advantage of my unsure footing. my eyes shifted once more to black. slipping slightly in the dust of now dead vampires. I was enraged by the fact that a vampire had defiled my daemon body. But there was something wrong with them. That and the fact that I wasn t used to using Artemis in this form gave the noble the upper hand. I felt like I could shatter and explode into a million pieces in any second. The noble laughed gleefully. It was a pair of wings. I licked my lips. At this point. The feeling that I was slowly losing my sanity was taking over my mind. I slashed. Two pinpricks of heat formed on my back as well. Artemis morphed into a chained lance. as long as I took down everything in my way.

but I didn t care.I was completely. trying to clear my sight of the black smoke. I shook my head. beloved brother. which come in gasps and pants. I had struck the death blow to my own. I ripped my arms from the person s grip and drove Artemis through his chest. . The black smoke around him moved slower. Takarawas my name. and I froze in my tracks. * I lay in bed. I didn t recognize him. disintegrated. It looked like black. The scent closest to me smelled familiar. staring at the ceiling of my room while cold sweat trickles down my forehead. he whispered back. Someone entered my field of vision. I thought it sounded like my name. My chest heaves with each of my breaths. All I could hear was the blood pounding in my ears. and my fury boiled over. I m terrified. The thing that made it so difficult was the fact which I was fully aware of that I had done it. My eyes slowly lost their jet-black color and returned to their usual soft blue-green. The realization hit me. when they died. utterly insane. only now becoming aware of my surroundings. I think I descended into madness. It sounded vaguely like Takara come back Who was Takara? I was confused. My gut is clenched tight. In place of people and trees and anything living. Aniki I whispered in terror. He took my limp hand in his own and feebly squeezed it once before the last spark disappeared from his forest emerald eyes. I was still puzzled. Takara sounded so familiar. all I could was their life force. Someone was screaming something. All I could feel was rage. smoke-like tendrils that. and I realized that my arms were being pinned down. The smell of blood hit me smack in the face. And that scent A feeling of dread overwhelmed me. I was standing ankle deep in a sea of dust. And the blood mingled with that all too familiar scent I smelled with growing horror that blood could only be from Looking down to see my brother s gouged body was the hardest act I had ever done in my life. In my state. D-don t cry It s not your I m so glad you re back h-here takeRengoku* fault I love you stay safe He choked and coughed on his blood. I realize that I m scared. I felt that someone apply pressure to my arms. I cared only that I couldn t move because this black silhouette wouldn t let me. I paused to smell the air. Actually. raging in my entire body. in my brain. I bared my teeth in a grin of triumph.

then? I was horrified that these nightly dreams were a premonition. I might lose my sanity. I would run into a room jam-packed with purebloods screaming.I m not scared about fighting vampires. Heck.Because night after night. and just for the sake of bringing me back. someone I truly loved would die instead of me. . that that day might come again. Thank God everyone whom I love is dead. Iwake up screaming. So what was it. EAT ME!!! Nah. I definitely wasn t scared of vampires.

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