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Naan Pizza recipe

1. about 4 cups of
all-purpose flour
2. a pinch of salt
3. tsp. baking powder
4. 2 tsp. baking soda
5. enough water to make
a dough
6. tsp. oil
7. any marinara sauce
8. vegetables of choice
9. any pizza cheese

1. Throw your flour into a large bowl or plate and make a small indent.
2. Add in your salt, baking soda and baking powder.
3. Add in the oil.
4. Pour in some water, and work the flour into it. Gradually add more, but
not too much at a time.
5. Work the dough until it isn’t too sticky, and then add an adequate
amount of flour to avoid it sticking to the bowl.
6. Cover the bowl for a minimum of half an hour.
7. During this time, you can sautee your vegetables in oil, salt and pepper.
8. Take small amounts of the lowkey risen dough and roll them into balls.
9. Flour a flat, clean surface. Put a ball of dough onto the surface and roll it
out until it’s about ½ a centimeter thicc.
10. Put a pan onto the gas and put it on medium high heat. Let it heat up,
and then add a teaspoon of oil to it. Throw your rolled dough (gently) onto
the pan and listen to it sizzle. Have a large plate ready on the side.
11. Take the half-cooked naan and put it cooked side up on the plate. Put
the sauce, vegetables and cheese on it, just how you like it.
12. Carefully lift the decorated naan and put it back on the pan and let the
other side cook. The cheese will melt and it’ll also give the sauce a
chance to assimilate with the veggies.
13. Your pizza is done! You can garnish it with chilli flakes or oregano, I
hate both and refuse to do so, but that’s an unpopular opinion so go
ahead. Have fun with it.

This recipe makes about 12-13 pizzas, depending on how big you make
‘em. I made very small ones, so I ended up with 13, but if you roll them
larger, you’ll end up with perhaps 6.

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