If only they had never gone… If the Argo’s hull had never winged out through the blue

grey jaws of rock – then neither would my mistress Medea have set sail for the walled town of Iolcus, mad in love for Jason. Nor would she have come with Jason and her children to live here in Corinth, where, coming as an exile, she has earned the citizens welcome. But now, her world has turned to enmity and wounds her where her affection is deepest. Jason has betrayed his sons and my mistress for a royal bed, for alliance with king of Corinth. He has married Glauce, Creon’s daughter. Poor Medea – scorned and shamed. She raves invoking every low and solemn pledge that Jason made her. She wails aloud for her head father and her own land and home which she betrayed and left to come here with this man – who now spurns and insults her. Now she learns through pain and blessings those enjoy who are not uprooted form their native land. She hates her sons, to look on them is no pleasure to her. I am afraid some cruel purpose is forming in her mind. Worse still, I have heard talk in town – where the old men play at dice, near the holy fountain of Peirene – that Creon, King of Corinth, means to send the boys away from here and to banish their mother too. Old love is ousted by new love. Jason is no friend to this house. I must do my nest to keep the boys by themselves. As long as media is in the cruel mood they must not go to her. I’ve watched her watching them, her eye like a wild bull’s. There is something she means to do and I know this – She’ll not relax her rage until it has found its victim. God Grant she strike her enemies and not her friends.

Oh! The pity of it! The poor children what have they to do with their father’s wickedness? Why hate them? I have learnt to live on a common level is better. No Grand life for me… To be rich and powerful brings no blessing, only more utterly is the prosperous house destroyed when the Gods are angry.
Chorus: …This Passion of hers is an irresistible flood.

I will. I fear I shall not persuade her. Still I am glad to do my best.

. I HAVE OTHER TO SEND HOME… . Medea: YOUR NEWS IS WHAT IT IS. without knowing it. Medea: BEFORE THEN. mistress. THE GODS AND MY EVIL-HEARTED PLOTS HAVE LEAD TO THIS Take heart.. HOW CRUEL! That’s out of tune with the news I brought… Medea: HOW CRUEL LIFE IS! Have I. told you something dreadful then? I thought my news was good. Bless my soul! Is that not good news? Why do you stand there thunderstruck? Medea: HOW CRUEL. you must not bear grief so hard. We are all mortal.OH GODS! You’re not the only mother parted from her sons. I AM NOT BLAMING YOU. OLD FRIEND. The princess took your gift from their own hand and was delighted. you have no enemies in the palace. Well. . Then. why stand staring at the ground? Medea: STRONG REASON FORCES ME TO WEEP. in time your sons will bring you home.Mistress! Your sons are reprieved from banishment.

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