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Stark Drive



FORT LEE, NJ 07024
Phone: 1-888-HI-STARK
You are one of the fortunate members of a growing community
team of users whom have taken the leap to own the most affordable
feature packed electric bike .
Stark Drive Launched in 2017 and has been delivered worldwide from
Iceland to Australia, Chile to the Cook Islands. Your purchase helps
us to continue to innovate and develop new products as electric bike
technology advances.
Please take a moment to read this entire manual paying special
attention to the safety warnings.

We would personally like to thank you for supporting us and helping

us to grow.
Oscar Stark, CEO, Stark Drive LLC

Frame Number

Make note of your frame number and record this information

somewhere safe so that in the event that your bicycle is lost or
stolen you can provide valuable information to your local police and

The location of the frame number has been pointed out in the image
above with a red arrow.

Table of Contents
Please Pay Attention To Safety .......................................... 1
What To Do When You Receive Stark Drive ..................... 4
Features of Stark Drive......................................................... 6
Assembling Stark Drive out of the Box ............................. 8
Stark Drive Specifications ................................................. 18
Stark Drive Specifications (continued) ........................... 19
Stark Drive Powerpack (Battery) Information ............... 20
Battery Charging and Maintenance ................................. 23
Stark Drive Powerpack Performance Optimization ..... 24
Optimizing Stark Drive Before Your First Ride .............. 25
Suspension Adjustment ..................................................... 27
Stark Drive Brake Adjustment .......................................... 28
Stark Drive Gearing System Adjustments ...................... 30
Stark Drive Checklist .......................................................... 31
Stark Drive Limited Warranty............................................ 32

Please Pay Attention To
The Stark Drive electric bike
is a high performance,
1 Valuable
powerful piece of equipment,
it’s important that it is
! Take Note
assembled properly by a
: Digital trained professional and also
Information that it is properly tuned prior
Available to first use.
• Review

T o ensure that stark drive functions properly it should be

maintained on a regular basis. Crucially the brakes must be
tuned to ensure that the calipers that stop the bike are
properly aligned so as not to rub against the disc brakes when

• Please ensure that you follow the safety guidelines in this section of the manual
to ensure optimal performance of Stark Drive to ensure that its durability I
maintained as well as providing you with the optimal experience while riding

• Correct assembly is critical to the function of Stark Drive. While Stark Drive
comes nearly fully assembled, the front tire must be installed properly by
ensuring that it is centered on the front fork and that the quick release spit that
holds the front tire in place is properly torqued to ensure that the front tire is
held fast onto the frame.

• All assembly steps must be performed correctly when you receive your boxed
bike to ensure longevity of the components and prevention of premature ware
and tare.


• The pedals must be fastened to the bike properly taking care to ensure that they
are threaded correctly through the mounting hole because if incorrectly threaded
they will over time damage the internal threading and risk thread damage which
can lead to the pedals falling off the bike.

• The folding latch that allows Stark Drive to be folded in half must be secured
tightly and have no play or movement when in the closed position.

• All bolts on Stark Drive should be checked to ensure they are properly torqued
and not lose on any part of the bike. During transport vibration can cause these
to loosen depending on conditions of transport.

• If you are new to biking, it is useful to take a class on bike riding and etiquette
to ensure that common road rules are properly followed.

• The brakes on Stark Drive should be tested before every ride noting that during
adverse weather conditions the stopping power of the brakes and hence Stark
Drive will be reduced.

• Be sure to properly inflate your tires and check the tire inflation with a pressure
gauge prior to every ride. The proper pressure for the tires is printed on the side
wall of the tires. Note that if your tire pressure is too low, it can cause damage
to the inner tube and even the rims of the bicycle.

• A helmet should always be warn when riding stark drive.

• Note that city ordonnances and regulations vary greatly around the world.
Contact your local authorities to ensure that you are in compliance with your
local regulations informing them before receiving guidance that you are using a
high powered, and fast moving electric bike.

• Never use alcohol or drugs before or during your usage of Stark Drive.

• Take note of the weather conditions as icy roads, rain, windy conditions or other
adverse weather will have an effect on Stark Drive.

• Always turn on the front light that is included with every Stark Drive no matter
the lighting conditions as this will assist in visibility to other commuters and
pedestrians while riding.

• If you decide to loan Stark Drive to anyone they should be given a copy of this
guide and ensure they are familiar with the entire manual before they start riding.


• Stark Drive is not a toy, we recommend that you are at least 16 years of age or

• Only one rider should be using the bike at any given time. The total load capacity
on Stark Drive is 150kg (330lbs).

• The Normal Tire Stark Drive is meant for city riding and light trail riding, extra
caution should be used when taking it off road.

• The Fat tire version of Stark Drive is more suitable to be taken off road however
care should still be taken to ensure that you are using the bike in safe riding

• You should take extra care when using Stark Drive alongside vehicular traffic.
Most Drivers are not aware of the speed of electric bikes and how this impacts
their vehicle management.

• This manual is a guideline and makes no claims or representations to the safe

use of Stark Drive for every possible biking condition. Just as with any form of
transport, there are inherent risks that must be understood and taken into
account before starting your journey. Ultimately it’s the rider that make exercise
caution and take care to prevent any unwanted use or dangerous riding

• NOTE: the battery pack with Stark Drive is extremely powerful and should not
be taken apart under any circumstances. When its time to replace the battery
you should do so in compliance with your local regulations in a safe manner to
ensure safe disposal and recycling.

• Never take apart or modify any components on Stark Drive and consult us or a
local bike shop professional before replacement of any equipment on the bike.
We are always available to consult with any questions on our website chat (24/7),
our toll free 800 number or by email.


USA / Canada

Under federal regulations electric bikes are no longer considered classified as a motor
vehicle. Electric Bike regulations vary greatly by jurisdiction. Before using Stark Drive
you should consult your authorities for the rules and regulations governing Electric
Bikes. In some areas one needs a drivers license and in others there are minimum age
requirements that govern the use of Electric Bikes.


The EU imposes strict limits on the power and speed of electric bikes when use on
public roadways. This includes (but is not limited to):

• a maximum power output of your motor limited to 250W.

• pedal assist only for the rider

• no use of any throttle function

• only providing the rider assistance up to a speed of 25km/h and disengaging any
assist after that point.

• Stark Drive is classed as a ‘powered cycle’ pursuant to the Machinery Directive

2006/42 EC but it is important to note that this can also vary from not only
country to country but even your local municipality. Stark Drive can vary in
definition from a bicycle, electric bike, moped, pedelec, motorbike or others
depending on your local regulations depending on what features you have
configured when ordering Stark Drive.

• In some cases, depending on the configurating of your Stark Drive, you may be
limited to off road private property use.

It is the sole responsibility of the rider to ensure that your Stark Drive is in
compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in your area.

If you are unsure about any of the information above or have any other questions
please contact us at or consult our FAQ’s at

What To Do When You Receive Stark Drive

Stark Drive is QC checked several times before
shipping however we depend on our delivery
partners for last mile transport and its very
important to check the condition of the packaging
when you receive Stark Drive and make note before
signing for delivery any visible damage on the packaging.

Furthermore, if on opening the packaging you notice damage to

Stark Drive contact the delivery agent immediately to inform them
of this and make note of any case or reference number so that we


can coordinate the replacement and repair of your bike as per our
Terms and Conditions.

Inside the box you will find:

• Stark Drive Frame with preassembled rear tire

• Front Tire packed separately

• 2 Pedals

• Stark Drive Powerpack with 2 unique keys (we do not have any copies of these
keys so ensure that one is kept in a safe location in the event of loss of the other,
these keys can be copied at your local key copiers if you need additional copies)

• Stark Drive Seat

• Stark Drive Charger (worldwide universal voltage however you may need to get
a plug adapter depending on your location)

• Multifunction bicycle tool

• Front Tire quick release

Please contact us if any of these components are missing or damaged from your bike.


Features of Stark Drive

Stark Drive comes with several useful and advanced
features that work together to give you the
ultimate ride. Even our default Stark Drive comes
with a horn, front light and USB port by default with
options to configure such useful features such as
throttle, cruise control. Below you can get to know
Stark Drive and how all these features work.

1. Front Light
2. Front Horn
3. USB Charging Port
4. Computer Controls ( Power, + Increase Assist, - Decrease assist, settings)
5. Cruise Control
6. Throttle
7. Power Level Meter
8. Rear derailleur
9. Bike Computer
10. Front derailleur

11. Rear Light
12. Rear Rack
13. Stark Drive Hub Motor
14. Seat
15. Folding Latch / Battery Compartment Access
16. Front Fender
17. Front Shocks
18. Rear Shocks
19. Foot for propping up Stark Drive when folded
20. Kickstand

21. Battery Pack Pull Tab

22. Stark Drive Powersystem Key Location (turn bike on off and remove peg that secures bike in the frame)
23. Battery Pack

24. Charging Port (For charging outside the bike
25. Key Location (Battery should be powered on when charging)

Depending on the version of Stark Drive you configured, you may

not have some features as illustrated above such as the throttle,
or rear shocks. Many electrically integrated components can be
added to Stark Drive if you have not configured them when you
originally placed your order including:

a. Throttle
b. Bike Computer
c. USB Port
d. Rear light
e. Fenders
f. Rear Rack

Assembling Stark Drive out of the Box

When you receive Stark Drive, it will come nearly fully assembled.

The only items that need to be done to complete assembly of Stark

Drive are:

1. Rotate the handlebars while making sure that the front

shocks remain front facing

First after removing Stark Drive from the box, lay out all the components and do a quick check to ensure that all the items listed above
are included. Second you need to loosen the two bolts in the upper circle in the photo above in order to spin the handlebar so that it is
facing outwards not inwards. Note that you should ensure that you do not spin the front shock so that the item marked in the lover
circle above is facing inwards on the bike. After spinning the handlebars to the correct position tighten the bolts that you have
loosened in order to spin the handlebar starting from the upper bolt till its hand tight and then proceeding to the lower bolt until hand
tight and then repeat one more time. There should be no play or movement in these bolts.

2. Attached the front tire with the quick release spit included
in the box

When attaching the front tire you have to ensure that the disc brake inserts into the ceramic disc brake attached to the frame. Remove
any protective material that may have shipped inserted into this location before inserting the metal disc. Centering the tire on the front
fork must be done properly in order to ensure that the disc does not rub against the ceramic pads on the bike in order to ensure a
freely moving wheel and preventing any premature wearing on the brake pads. This is accomplished by using the quick release spit.
The first time you attach the wheel and secure the bike with the quick release spit you should spin the wheel to see if it is moving

freely, if not adjust the number of revolutions on the nut opposite the quick release spit and tighten (collapse) the spit against the tire
again and do the same test. Repeat this procedure until the wheel is moving freely without rubbing against the ceramic brake pads on
the bike. All Stark Drive bikes are fully assembled, tuned and tested at the factory before our factory removes the front wheel for
packaging. The tightness on the quick release should be firm with moderate force required to push it up against the wheel, it should
not be so lose as to not have any tension when pushing the quick release against the bike, and not so tight that it is not possible to push
it against the bike using your hand.

3. Attach the front fender and front light/horn assembly

Next you need to attach the front light and front fender together with the bolt that already exists in the frame in the location marked in
the circle above. You will need to position the light behind the fender and screw them together using the tools included in
the box until there is no play or movement on the light with moderate force from your hand.

4. Secure the rear rack with the screws that are found on the
frame (if ordered)

When attaching the rear rack note that it will come preassembled on your bike if you have ordered it however the two lower screws
(lower circle in the photo, one on either side) will need to be unscrewed from the frame and threaded through the rack to secure them
to the bike. It is easier to do this if you loosen the bolts securing the upper attachment location on the bike (upper circle in the photo
above). Be careful when doing this as the rack is very stiff and if you are not careful you can scratch the paint on the bike if
this component slips while trying to attach it, we recommend you leave the protective coverings on the bike while doing
this step until the rack is properly attached.

5. Attach both pedals

When attaching the pedals note that there is a right and left pedal, they are marked with stickers on the pedals themselves, this refers to
the side of the bike when you are looking at the bike from a seated position. The pedals should be screwed on counterclockwise
to attach them to the crankshaft, be very careful when doing this to ensure that you properly thread the pedal to the bike
otherwise over time the threads on the pedal shaft can prematurely ware or be damaged causing the pedals to fall off. The
pedal should turn smoothly into the crankshaft and should not require any force when assembling. If you experience this, remove it
and try again until this occurs.

6. Insert the seat and tighten ensuring the height is
appropriate for your riding comfort.

When attaching the seat, you should ensure that the seat height is at a comfortable level for you when riding and you should tighten
the quick release lever to a point where it is hand tight when closing it against the frame so that there is no play or movement in the
seat. Ensure that you do not raise the seat post above the minimum line that is indicated on the rear of the seat post. This
can cause it to be damaged during normal use.

7. Adjusting the Folding Frame Latch

The folding latch mechanism that secures Stark Drive when not in the folded position comes pre adjusted at the factory to be tight
ensuring that the latch remains closed when not in the folded position. The tightness of the latch can be adjusted by using an allen key
in the circular area pictured above if yours has become loose over time or if you prefer to tighten or loosen this latch to your desired
tension. If you are unfamiliar with how to perform this adjustment it should only be done by a qualified bike shop
mechanic to ensure the adjustments are safety made. It’s of critical importance that this latch is firm and remains closed
when riding.

8. Stark Drive Bike Computer

The bike computer displays important information such as your speed of travel, total distance travelled, battery level, as well as the
level of assist you are currently using and the amount of current being drawn while riding.

To Turn the bike on you press the power button on the control pad next to the bike computer , you should press the switch for
approximately 1 second to turn the bike on and if you then if you want to turn the bike off again you can press this same key for
approximately 5 seconds until the computer display turns off. If you press the on button quickly while the computer is already on, it
will activate the LED backlight on the display which is useful in low light conditions.

To adjust the level of assist use the + and – keys next to the power on icon. The assist ranges from 0 or no assist to 5 or full assist,
note that the maximum speed you can reach while being assisted varies depending on the level of assist. Press the wrench icon to
adjust the display on the lower right section of the computer from total distance travelled to current distance travelled.

All Stark Drive units sold worldwide come speed limited to 25kph/15mph. This is set with the bike computer to ensure that we
comply with legal requirements in your area. This speed limit can be adjusted by the user however you adjust this speed at your own
risk and it should only be adjusted if you are travelling on private roads. In order to get the code to make this adjustment you should
contact our support team.

9. Cruise Control / Throttle

Those whom have opted for the cruise control / throttle upgrade will have these preinstalled from the factory. The throttle is a twist
throttle which works by twisting the throttle upwards in the direction of the arrow in the photo above. Note that you should be very
careful as the rear wheel will begin to spin immediately when you twist the throttle and this should only be done when in a seated
position on the bike. The Red button to the left of the throttle is the cruise control. This is activated by first getting Stark Drive
moving at the desired speed using either the throttle or pedaling and then pressing the red button. The cruise control will remain
active until the button is pressed again or you begin to pedal. You should not pedal while using cruise control. Above the cruise
control button is a very rough estimation of your remaining battery power, this gives you a general estimate of your battery power
remaining noting that this is not a reading of your power remaining but rather instantaneous battery voltage. When your bike is
assisting you it is drawing current from the battery and this will cause a voltage drop in the pack.

10. Stark Drive Battery Pack

Stark Drive’s battery comes in three sizes, 9Ah, 13Ah and 17Ah. The larger the battery pack, the longer your range while travelling
with the throttle or pedal assist (PAS).

In order for the PAS to start working, you must have the bike computer set to 1 or higher and pedal at least 2 full revolutions.

The battery size has no effect on the maximum speed you can attain. Stark Drive’s battery when fully charged should read 40-41V.
You can use a multimeter to measure the battery voltage (we have these available as an accessory on our website and we highly
recommend you have one on hand). The Battery Management System (BMS) cuts off bike power at 27V in order to ensure the
batteries are not overly discharged. You should charge Stark Drive when you receive it for a minimum of 4 hours before its first use to
ensure that the battery is fully charged. The battery can be charged while installed in the frame on the charging port located on the
bike. When you remove Stark Drive’s battery from the frame for charging you need to ensure that the key is in the ON position on
the battery (the peg that holds the battery when in the frame will be extended). You should only use Stark Drive batteries to ensure
full compatibility and to ensure peak performance. The battery is rated for 500 charge/discharge cycles. After 500 cycles, the battery
will attenuate approximately 10% meaning that you will get 90% of the performance or full charge from when the battery was new.
This attenuation increases by 10% every 100 charges after 500 charge cycles.

The battery should never be taken apart or come into contact with water. Use only a Stark Drive charger to charge the battery pack.
To turn on the bike, you need to insert the key and rotate it to the on position, with the peg extended from the battery pack into the
frame. The key must remain in the bike when you are using it in a powered on position. When you remove the key, turn the bike off
with one rotate and pull the key out, the peg will still remain extended from the battery into the frame. To remove the battery from the
bike you need to push upwards and rotate the key one more time to retract the peg from the frame into the battery pack at which
point you will be able to remove the battery when the bike is in the folded position.

IMPORTANT: The battery must be removed from the bike and charged at least 1 time per
month when not in use for extended periods of time as the battery does discharge over
time even when not in use and even when it is installed in the bike and turned off albeit at
a much lower rate.

The key has three positions:

1. Battery Power OFF / Peg Retracted (UNLOCK)

2. Battery Power OFF / Peg Extended (OFF)

3. Battery Power ON / Peg Extended (ON)

IMPORTANT: The battery has a security mechanism so that you are not able to unlock the
battery from the bike (remove the peg that secures it in the bike) unless you first push
inwards towards the battery on the last unlocking step. This likely means that you need to
push the key upwards, with the bike sitting upright on the ground in order to unlock

Stark Drive Specifications

Stark Drive is built with the latest available
technology including geared hub motors, high
capacity battery pack and much, much more. For a
summary of the specifications of Stark Drives
various models please see the summary chart

These are guidelines and subject to change depending on our

development of Stark Drive. Note that the Fat Tire version of Stark
Drive has a more robust frame to accommodate the larger tire size.

Stark Drive Fat Tire bikes are not compatible with the Standard
Tire bikes that we offer for Stark Drive as the frame is designed
specifically for this tire size.

Stark Drive Standard Tire cannot use Stark Drive Fat tires as the
frame does not accommodate the thickness of these tires.

The maximum power we can add to either Stark Drive or Stark

Drive Fat tire is 750w by special order only. Your range with the
battery pack will vary between the Standard Tire and Fat Tire
Variants due to the heavier frame weight.

Stark Drive Specifications (continued)

The specifications above are subject to change.

Stark Drive Powerpack (Battery) Information

Stark Drive Powerpack is built using the latest 21650
Lithium Ion cells available on the market which have
several advantages compared to batteries one may
typically use in portable electronic equipment such
as energy density, runtime and longevity.

The Stark Drive Powerpack can be thought of as the heart of your bicycle as it’s the main
energy source for assist for powered movement (Be it PAS or Throttle), as well as
powering several safety features on the bike such as the front light, horn, rear light and
bike computer. With the battery removed Stark Drive still functions as a standard bicycle
shedding approximately 3 kg (6.6 lbs.) from the total weight of the bike.

Battery Pack Usage

• Ensure the battery is not stored or exposed to
temperatures below 5™C (40™F) as this will decrease
the battery life due to the increased internal

• The battery pack should always be turned ‘OFF’

with the key when not in use. This stops any power
transmission to the contacts at the battery terminals. This
applies to both when the battery is stored in the bike or
removed from the bike.

• You will know the battery is in the off position when you are
freely able to remove the key from the battery pack. You
can double check that the battery is off by pressing the
Power On button ( ) on the bike computer and it does not
turn on.

• To remove the battery from your bike you need to turn the
key once to turn off system power, then a second time
(while applying a slight upwards á Push) to remove the peg
that securely secures the battery within the frame.

• The bike comes with a convenient pull tab to help remove

the battery as pictured below.

Note: To easily and safely remove the battery, you should fold stark drive resting the
bike on the foot (features item 19) while in the folded position.

• While the bike is resting on its foot, and with the security
peg removed with the key (key should also be removed after
retracting the security peg) the battery will slide out of the
frame for storage in cold weather conditions apart from the
bike or for charging indoors.

To reinsert the battery after storage or charging follow the same

procedure in reverse making sure the long side of the battery is
facing towards the ground. After the battery has been fully
inserted you can fold the bike together, then insert the key to
extend the security peg

IMPORTANT: The security peg that holds the battery in the frame will prevent anyone from
removing your battery while in the folded position. It is also very important to ensure that
the battery does not slide out when folding or unfolding your bike to prevent damage to
the housing.

IMPORTANT: If you do not plan on using Stark Drive for an extended period of time, and
live in an area with extreme temperature conditions (lower than 5™C (40 ™F) or greater than
35™C (90™F)) you should remove the battery pack and store it at room temperature (22 ™C

The battery should not be charged when its temperature is lower than 5™C (40™F) or greater than
35™C (90™F). Optimally bring the temperature of the battery back to room temperature
conditions before recharging your battery.

Battery Charging and Maintenance

We have designed Stark Drive to allow you to
charge the battery in two ways depending on your
usage case and for ultimate convenience no matter
if your taking Stark Drive to commute to work or for
a recreational ride.

1. Battery Inserted in the Bike

2. Battery Removed from the Bike

IMPORTANT: You should only use a Stark Drive charger to charge the battery pack no
matter if it is inserted in the bike or charging apart from the bike. With the variety of
chargers on the market, it is not possible to ensure that a third party charger will function
as intended in conjunction with our BMS located inside the battery pack. Not following
these instructions will void your warranty on the battery pack and could cause a fire
hazard resulting in possible serious damage to both you and the bike.

Note: when you have the battery inserted in the bike, and the bike turned on, the bike
computer will show a full charge even though this may not be the case as the BMS is
designed to act as a pass through for power in the event of troubleshooting. The bike
computer should be off when charging Stark Drive.

It makes no difference if you plug your charge first into the electrical outlet and then into
the battery or vice versa.

Charging Time

There are several factors that affect the amount
of time it will take to charge your battery pack
from empty to fully charged. You will know that
your battery pack is fully charged when the light
on the charger changes from RED to GREEN

Stark Drive by default comes with a 2 A charger which charges

the bike more slowly however will extend the life of the battery
as it results in less strain to the cells.

Stark Drive also offers a faster 4 A charger which cuts your

charging time in half however will shorten the total life of your

It should take between 4-6 hours to charge our 9Ah Battery

pack with the 2 A charger depending on discharge level with a
corresponding increase for our larger capacity battery packs.

Stark Drive Powerpack Performance Optimization

In order to get the maximum range and to ensure
optimal longevity of your Stark Drive Powerpack it’s
good to follow some simple tips so that you are not
left without power when riding Stark Drive.

• You will get the longest range when using Stark Drive you
should pedal while riding. Depending primarily on the
throttle (if so equipped) will reduce your range significantly.

• Keeping your PAS level to Level 1 on the bike computer will

increase the range of travel with the battery pack

• When you noticed that your battery level indicator on the

bike computer shows only 1 or 2 bars you should reduce the
level of PAS and stop using the throttle

• Once the BMS detects that the voltage has dropped below
27V, PAS and Throttle will stop working and you will need to
charge the battery pack.

• You should always turn off Stark Drive (with the key) when
not in use to prevent premature discharge of the battery

• The throttle will work instantaneously when activated.

Never use the throttle if not seated comfortably on the bike.

IMPORTANT: Stark Drive comes with a 36V, or 48V battery pack depending on the
configuration ordered. This information will be located on the battery pack housing which
you can see when the battery pack is removed. The cells are rated for approximately 500
full charge / discharge cycles. Your total maximum battery capacity will drop over time
after the rated number of cycles.

WARNING: Never take apart the Stark Drive battery pack, there are no user serviceable
parts located within the battery pack. The Battery pack should not be dropped, exposed to
liquids or subjected to any shocks. The battery should not be stored in direct sunlight and
kept optimally at room temperature however never outside the safe range that is lower
than 5™C (40 ™F) or greater than 35™C (90™F)

IMPORTANT: The battery must be removed from the bike and charged at least 1 time per
month when not in use for extended periods of time as the battery does discharge over
time even when not in use and even when it is installed in the bike and turned off albeit at
a much lower rate. You need to maintain the battery to ensure maximum life.

Optimizing Stark Drive Before Your First Ride

To have the most comfortable ride, you should take
some basic steps to ensure that you optimize leg
extension while pedaling and making sure that all
the mechanical components of the bike are working
optimally, although they are preconfigured and
checked at our factory before boxing.

Saddle Height

WARNING: Never extend the seat past the last numbed marking on the seat post as the
torsional forces on the post while riding can case failure beyond this point.

Once you open the quick release lever and extend the post to a position which is
comfortable for your height and riding style you should close the quick release lever while
ensuring that the front of the seat is in line and centered to the bike. When tightened,
the seat should have no play or movement.

You can adjust the saddle position (both how far forward as well as the tilt) by loosening
the bolt located under the saddle. The tools to do this are included in the box, match
the bolt size with the included tool to adjust the saddle position.

Suspension Adjustment

The Front Suspension on Stark Drive is fully adjustable. You can both lock out the
front suspension and adjust the amount of rebound when the shocks are unlocked by
turning the dials in the photo above as marked.

We recommend for city (pavement) riding that the front suspension is in the locked
position as the front suspension does rob energy from the bike while riding which
results in lower total range when using PAS or in Throttle Mode.

The rear suspension (if equipped) on Stark Drive is not adjustable.

Stark Drive Brake Adjustment

In order to maximize the lifespan of your ceramic
brake pads it’s important to ensure that they are
properly adjusted so that they do not rub against
the metal disc brake and these must be checked
before every ride and replaced when they are worn.

WARNING: Before you start making any adjustments to the brakes, make sure that all the
all the bolts fastening the brakes are tight

The Front and Rear brakes are tuned and adjusted at our factory before being boxed
for shipping. The rear brakes should operate perfectly out of the box however the front
brakes may need adjustment depending on how you have installed the front wheel.

We recommend that final assembly and tuning are done at a qualified bike shop.

The brakes will decrease in effectiveness over time when using them riding Stark Drive.
You can adjust the amount of tension applied with the brake levers on the handlebar by
adjusting the pads closer to the rotor.

Both the front and rear brakes have an circular red tension adjustment located as circled
in the above photo, you can use the included tool set to turn this in increments of ¼
turn and then test the brakes to determine if the adjustment is as desired. Once this
bottoms out and you are no longer able to turn this dial, you will need to replace the
ceramic brakes. We have these available on our website.

WARNING: Only OEM replacements from should be used to replace worn
brake pads to ensure they are compatible with Stark Drive.

Stark Drive Gearing System Adjustments

Stark Drive comes with a 21-gearing system (7 rear
wheel gears, 3 front wheel gears). As our hub
motors only operate at one gear, it’s important to
adjust the gearing system depending on the terrain
to optimize the hub motors efficiency.

The gearing system on Stark Drive is preconfigured and optimized at our factory before
being boxed for shipping. Multiple QC checks are performed to ensure optimal gearing.
There should be no need to adjust the gearing on Stark Drive when you receive it. If
adjustments are deemed to be required we recommend you have this done at a qualified
bike shop in your area.
WARNING: Do not adjust the gearing settings unless you are familiar with their function
and method of adjustment.

To change gears, use the shifters located on the handlebars. The left shifter controls the
front gearing system (located on the pedals), the right shifter controls the rear gearing

Stark Drive Checklist

It’s important to check the following checklist
before ever ride to ensure that everything is
optimally configured and functioning as

þ Check the seat height level and ensure that the quick release lever is tightly

þ Check to ensure that the folding quick release handle located approximately at
the center of the bike is fastened with the additional security lever in the closed

þ Check all bolts located on the bike to ensure that none are loose, these are
located on the disc brake rotors, kickstand, handlebar, along with other

þ Test the brakes and gears before riding

þ Check to ensure that your battery is fully charged by turning on the bike
computer or using a multimeter on the terminals of the battery.

þ Ensure that the battery security peg is extended into the frame of the bike.

þ Ensure your tire pressure is correct with a pressure gauge

þ Ensure that your front and (optional) rear lights are functioning as well as testing
the horn.

þ While lifting the front and rear tires spin them several revolutions to ensure that
they are turning freely without rubbing the ceramic disc brake pads.

Stark Drive Limited Warranty

All Stark Drives are built with quality components
and tested extensively before shipping. We fully
support all our customers both during and after the
warranty period. Our goal is to help make ebike
technology affordable and accessible worldwide.

In all cases, Stark Drive will in its sole discretion determine

whether any failure, malfunction or any other issues with Stark
Drive is covered under our warranty terms after a diagnosis of any
problems brought to our attention with the participation of our
customer providing us details which may or may not include
photos, videos and the like with our support team.

• Stark Drive includes up to a 2 year limited warranty.

• Stark Drive may in some cases require the return of any non-working
components before replacements are provided in order to determine if there has
been a malfunction covered under warranty.

• The warranty only applies to the original purchaser of Stark Drive is non-

• Proof of purchase must be provided at all times as well as information to identify

the person whom we are communicating with.

• Any components that are subjected to regular ware and tare such as the chain,
brakes, and the like are not covered under warranty unless brought to our
attention directly after delivery within 30 days.

• Costs of shipping for warranty approved parts are provided free of charge.

• Labor costs to install any components are not included in our warranty and must
be paid for by the customer.

• If you have made any modifications to Stark Drive without consulting us your
warranty is no longer valid.

• Stark Drive reserves the right to refuse any warranty claim.

• For more information on our warranty policies please visit


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