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Operation Hindsight
Prevent Delivery Unit

Operation Hindsight is a discussion exercise, designed to engage

multi-agency partners alongside statutory, voluntary, transport,
retail and commercial partners. It aims to help identify early
intervention opportunities to safeguard individuals who may be
vulnerable to any form of extremism.

Operation Hindsight is an interactive table Operation Hindsight provides the

top exercise that helps key stakeholders opportunity for participants to address the
such as social workers, NHS staff, youth key events in the central character’s life, that
workers, housing officers, transport, retail lead up to a fictitious terrorist incident. Each
and front line staff to identify and manage scenario highlights the vulnerability of the
the risk to individuals who may be young man in a variety of ways. The purpose
vulnerable to radicalisation. The exercise of the exercise is to enable partners and
provides an opportunity to understand how participating agencies to look at the
timely interventions can help to safeguard frustrations, dilemmas and concerns that are
vulnerable individuals. It has been experienced by everyone in communicating
developed by the Association of Chief Police and sharing information and understanding
Officers (ACPO) Prevent Delivery Unit various intervention approaches when
(PDU) in partnership with the Office for safeguarding vulnerable individuals.
Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT) at
the Home Office. Operation Hindsight has been designed to
support and complement the work of
Operation Hindsight uses a fictitious Prevent. This multimedia exercise can be
scenario centered around an individual, delivered by partners as an in-house
which is based on real life case studies, to training product.
show the radicalisation of a vulnerable
young man. The lessons learned from For further information about
previous case studies provide the Operation Hindsight or the work of
participants in the exercise with options the ACPO Prevent Delivery Unit email
that recognise the potential for early multi-
agency support processes that safeguard
individuals in similar circumstances. Police officers and police staff
can also gain more information