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I-131 Afghan Humanitarian Parole Checklist

This checklist is prepared for general informational purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice,
nor can the accuracy of the information be guaranteed, because of the fluidity of the Afghan evacuation
situation. You should double-check the procedures before filing any humanitarian parole (HP)
application. If you are an AILA member, it is strongly encouraged that you will subscribe to the Afghan
Evac email list in order to stay abreast to any changes and also to ask the group any legal questions
related to the preparation of your case. Afghan Evac Listserv:

1. Expedite cover sheet on brightly colored paper


2. G-1145 E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance See:

*This form goes right after your brightly colored paper*

3. G-28 Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney – See:

A wet signature scanned is sufficient. Not electronic signatures.
4. $575 filing fee (no biometric fee is required) – (Side Note: some state that the I-131 case receipt
number may be visible on the back of the processed check).
 By way of Credit Card on Form: G-1450 (Please make sure the form is filled out
accurately and the billing address is accurate and that they have money on their card or the
packet will be mailed back!). Wet signature scan of credit card holder is fine as long as not
an electronic signature.
 Check/Money Order payable to “US Department of Homeland Security”
 I-912 Request for Fee Waiver form with supporting documents See:
(Use of I-912 will delay processing of the I-131)

5. Form I-131 Application for Travel Document See:

An I-131 is required for each applicant. If the beneficiary is not in the US and is unable to sign the
form, the I-131 may be filed by someone in the US acting as a sponsor. A wet signature scanned
is sufficient. Not electronic signatures.

6. Copy of a photo identity document for petitioner/sponsor (ex: US birth certificate, US passport, I-
551 US Permanent Resident Card).

7. Copy of beneficiary’s photo I.D. – for example: passport; or Afghan tazkera or other government-
issued proof of citizenship, plus a word-for-word English translation with translation certificate
(See sample translation certificate at end.)

8/22/2021 Version
NOTE: DOS Reciprocity Schedule website proves that the tazkera is an accepted form of birth
record. See:
Documents-by-Country/Afghanistan.html Include a copy of this page with the application if you
submit a copy of the tazkera.

8. Two passport-style photos of beneficiary:

- If necessary, have the beneficiary take a passport photo with their smartphone and send it to
you on WhatsApp. You can screenshot and/or download it and crop it to make it suitable,
then print it out on photo paper at your office.
- You can utilize online services where individuals take photos on their phone and then upload
to a site that sends it to a local US store like Target or Walgreens – for example:

9. A statement describing the urgent humanitarian or significant public benefit reason, including:
- Documentation of a need for expedited handling – Ex: Taliban death threats
- Length of time for which the beneficiary needs parole – Provide info on how individual plans
to regularize status after arrival in the US – for example, request time to file I-485 based on
relative’s I-130, file asylum application, etc.
- Description of humanitarian crisis – Taliban have taken over the entire country, death threats
against those who aided the Americans, etc.
- Why visa cannot be obtained – US Embassy in Kabul is closed
- If applicable, why waiver for inadmissibility cannot be obtained – US Embassy in Kabul is
closed and imminent threat to safety in Afghanistan

10. Any Case Specific Evidence supporting basis for request

11. If applicable, copies of any documents related to nonimmigrant or immigrant visa petitions or
other applications (Ex: I-797 filing receipts or approval notices for I-130 petition, SIV
applications, etc.)
NOTE: Immigrant Visa (IV) applicants who are documentarily qualified should qualify for
evacuation without the need for humanitarian parole (HP), but HP may help applicants who are
stranded in a third country or who are not yet documentarily qualified.

12. Form I-134 Affidavit of Support from petitioner or other US sponsor –

plus support documents from sponsor – for example:
- 2020 tax return or transcript with W2 and/or 1099 or
- Pay statements and/or letter from employer on business letterhead that states the date and
nature of employment, salary paid, and whether the position is temporary or permanent or
- Bank account statement covering the past 3 months and/or a signed statement from an officer
of the bank or other financial institution that states when the account was opened, the total
amount deposited for the past year, and the present balance of such account
NOTE: The person who signs the Affidavit of Support may be different from the person who
signs the I-131 form.

Submit a hard copy of the I-131 to the USCIS lockbox:

8/22/2021 Version
For U.S. Postal Service (USPS):

Attn: HP
P.O. Box 660865
Dallas, TX 75266-0865

For FedEx, UPS, and DHL deliveries (USPS Express Mail may be sent here too):

Attn: HP (Box 660865)
2501 S. State Hwy. 121 Business
Suite 400
Lewisville, TX 75067-8003

Post-submission Process:

As soon as the case number is received from the USCIS lockbox (ex: by e-mail in response to the G-1145
or from the back of the check), call the USCIS Contact Center to justify the expedite request. (USCIS Tel.
No.: 1-800-375-5283)

As of 8/19, the USCIS Contact Center was responsive, although they do require the caller to explain why
an expedite is needed and why the beneficiary did not file for asylum or refugee status – Respond in
detail, by saying things like “They weren’t afraid to live in Kabul until the Taliban recently attacked and
took over the city.” “The USCIS does not allow people to apply for asylum if they are outside the United
States.” It is not possible to apply for refugee status in Afghanistan while the embassy is closed.

A USCIS officer told an AILA member that they are only allowed to approve three expedite requests in
one call, per USCIS rules.

Upon HP approval for a person still in Afghanistan, check the latest updates to find out if the beneficiary
can go straight to the Kabul airport or should shelter in place and wait for further instructions from DOS.
Caution the beneficiary to trust only messages from a verified source.

After HP is approved, file the DS-160 nonimmigrant visa application form with the DOS. The DS-160
filing fee is waived for HP applicants.
See DS-160 link:
See DS-160 exemplar at:
NOTE: It is OK to list Kabul as the designated consular post. DOS can pull up the application at any
consulate. It is OK to switch parole requests to a different consulate later by emailing the USCIS HP

Steps to Protect Online Identity from the Taliban:

Advise beneficiaries to scrub their phones and digital accounts of potentially dangerous info.

8/22/2021 Version
Info from Human Rights First:

How to Delete Your Digital History:

8/22/2021 Version
Sample Dari – English translation certificate.
(This template can be adapted for other languages by substituting the other language for “Dari.”)

Certificate of Translation into English

I, ____________ am competent to translate from Dari to English, and certify that the above translation of
the (describe document) is true and accurate to the best of my abilities.

_________________________________ ______________________________
Signature of Translator Printed Name of Translator

Address of Translator

Translator’s phone number

8/22/2021 Version

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