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English literature:-

person and the correct chore to be attended. absolutely wooden with no feelings. time.. But the society does’nt change accordingly.  She gets isolated from the world (society) which is least bothered about the feelings. etc. emotions and opinions of the heart and mind behind the veil. i.  Woman has always been given secondary position in this patriarchal society and always been suppressed. etc. with which a man covers himself to come in front of woman to CONQUER her. thinking capability. Man being blessed with brain. at times fails to understand the importance and need of the very moment. dreams. Leo Tolstoy’s “Three Question” has a king as the protagonist of the short story. life would be so easy. hassle-free and nobody will regret any deed done by them in their lives. her existence is questioned. meaningful. etc.  It shuns the individuality of the women as it creates a wall between the woman and the outside world. walk. When a girl attains puberty she is asked to be more careful or rather shame is imposed on her and people (society) try to teach her how to sit. desires. of her own.  Her identity is stolen. who too is busy or rather struggling to get answers of the same three questions:a) How can I learn to do the right thing at the right time? . wishes. Very often we do wish that what if we would have known the correct.e.Q1-Position of women in India with reference to Imtiaz Dharker’s “Purdah”  “Purdah” or veil is a mandatory practice in most of the Muslim or Islamic parts of society. in Indian society which is patriarchal (male-dominated) a woman is not allowed to live but she is moulded at the hands of few people from society and thus becomes a mere puppet and loses her own SELF. false notions. point of view. especially men start looking at women as an object of satisfaction. talk. the society. To conclude. ”Purdah” here doesn’t only refer to the black veil but it also refers to all those lies. Q2-Explain the theme of Leo Tolstoy’s short story “Three Questions” along with some biographical details.

voice out your opinions loud enough so that it could be heard by the male chauvinists of the society. If we start living our present to the fullest then our life will be fulfilling and we will never repent of not paying need to any problem or work. on the contrary we are inviting more problems.  Taslima Nasreen is known for her straight-forwardness in her writings. culture. mock at them and then they themselves will feel guilty.“You Go Girl”. If we don’t live the best of TODAY (PRESENT) we tarnish our YESTERDAY (PAST) {which once was present} and TOMORROW (FUTURE) {which is once again going to be our present}. life won’t be easy for you. pay more attention than to the rest? c) And. Thus.  In one of her short poems “CHARACTER”. Q3. what affairs are the most important and need my first attention? But during all this he forgets that his precious time which he could use in attending the problems of the people of his kingdom. and to whom should I therefore.b) Who are the people I most need. and thus leaving you unconquered. She writes the bitter truth of life and most of the times writes about her first hand experience. etc. She is very blunt in pointing out the loopholes in each and every religion.  She bares the reality of religion. The major theme in “Three Questions” is to live in present.Major themes in Taslima Nasreen’s poetry. etc. girl. men in the society will call you names. in search of correct time. Thus. she talks about how when a woman fights for her rights or answers back an atrocity done on her by the society she is . will call you a woman with a loose character. humanity. culture. She also says that it’s not very easy for a woman to do all this in this male-dominated society as it might heart the male ego. On the contrary. he spoils his PRESENT which was once PAST and will be FUTURE. she encourages the girl (woman) to take up a stand and ask for her rights. society. so stand up with your stiff back and head held high. You will be a threat to their masculinity and dream to other women to become whore like you. without being afraid of the consequences. she is the voice of all the suppressed women in the society. she talks about the naked truth. She is a bold writer as she doesn’t cover her feelings in sober words. Thus. you are a WHORE but don’t fall into the trap as they are trying to demotivate you (they can’t tolerate anybody standing up for their own rights especially a woman) but don’t give in as these are the testing times. person and the deed.  She talks about the male dominancy in the society.  In one of her poems. she bares it all. instead of crying on past and just planning for the future in the very PRESENT won’t solve our problems. in her poems. where there is no space for woman as an individual. Taslima says. laugh at them. If you (girl) stand up. you have no shame.

goes back home and beats his wife because of some small issu. Simon. This . he was coming down from the mountain. With joy. He went on the mountain and found that so called beast to be a parachutist who crashed on the mountain. So.e. But have we ever thought that there can be cruelty and brutality in young innocent kids too? This is what is the major theme of the novel “LORD OF THE FLIES”. In “AT THE BACK OF PROGRESS”. danced. a very quiet boy decided to look out for the “BEAST”. If a woman comes out and tells everybody what she has borne inside. tribal behavior and how they enjoy after killing someone. belonging to Ralph’s camp. still we have a kid in our heart. they are happy that they will have fun. Ralph stands for logic. then comes a divorce and then a series of marriages alongwith chain of divorces. Unknowingly. we see even here the woman suffers. they slaughtered his head. In this novel. put it on an arrow. there is a bunch of kids stranded on a deserted island do not have elder with them. i.  We all say that even if we grow older. but Jack stands for irrationality. Thus. Death of Simon:. we should silently witness the wrong deeds around us if we really want to SURVIVE in the society. nobody believes her but it is she who is pointed out as a culprit. But little did they know that they will extract fun from other kids’ miseries. but has mistaken for the beast in the darkness and was killed by Jack’s group.. How normally or casually the man lives. Jack’s group begins the hunt and they get a sow (mother pig).the rumour that there is a beast on the mountain made all the boys to be scared. This also stands as a reality for all human beings. still they didn’t repent. ”SO LET THEM RULE THE WORLD” – a poem. the very first stage of animalistic attitude. Then they eat it and fix the sow-head on the spear and start dancing around that displaying the primitiveness. Taslima talks about bosses (males) who enjoy the topmost position in the institution but behind the locked locked doors molest women for pleasure and satisfaction by loving them for money or a job offer. as they usually look out for food and for that they hunt animals.termed as a woman with no character but if she silently suffers then she is an ideal woman who is never worshipped. Q4-Themes in William Golding’s “LORD OF THE FLIES”. When they came to know about what they have done. rationality. ”LIVE” – a poem. impulsive nature and Jack’s group is known as Hunters’ group. the childish innocence who would loved to be pampered.

It is more of author-centric. . and modes of preparing food. Structuralism says a text has a “center” which controls the meaning of the text and restricts the signs to play to conclude various meanings… it says the text has the fixed “center” and it is usually its form or structure which binds the text and conveys a single particular to readers. kinship relations. these kids have plotted against each other. on the contrary he was planning for Ralph’s murder. but consists most prominently of a group of writers. When not in the control of the society.e.shows the depletion of humanity from the kids. Sign and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences”. The class includes a number of Russian formalists. especially Roman Jakobson. In order to cook. One of the members of Jack’s group went to steal Piggy’s spectacles and somehow in the thick curtains of darkness (…on their minds) he pushed piggy from the cliff and he died and along with it the conch gone broken into pieces which ended the utmost wisdom (Piggy) and the civilization (conch). Derrida attacked the systematic. Evil had conquered them or rather the evil side of theirs was dominating. Even after this the kids in the Jack’s group especially Jack himself was not feeling bad about Piggy’s death. delivered in 1966. i. French structuralism. conceived in diverse ways. This movement is a part of a larger movement. who analyzed on the model of Saussure’s linguistics. fire was required and for that Piggy’s spectacles. such as cultural phenomena as mythology. Post-structuralism:It designates a broad variety of critical perspectives and procedures that in the 1970s displaced structuralism from its prominence as the radically innovative way of dealing with language and other signifying systems. inaugurated in the 1950s by the cultural anthropologist Claude Levi Strauss. A conspicuous announcement to American scholars of the post-structural point of view was Jacques Derrida’s paper on “Structure. which the author wants to convey. in analyzing a work of literature. with their headquarters in Paris. 2 of them have Structuralism:Almost all literary theorists beginning with Aristotle have emphasized the importance of structure. Fearlessly.. It designates the practice of critics who analyze literature on the explicit model of structuralist linguistics. quasi-scientific pretensions of the strict form of structuralism.

Unlike structuralism.Post-structuralism says that there is no center in the text as the structuralism says and so the words. post structuralism dismisses the existence of fixed “center”. It is more of readercentric. Thus. post-structuralism gives liberty to the readers to have as many as meanings they want to have from the text. . signs are free to play among themselves to conclude various meanings to different readers.

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