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ALTERNATIVE LIVING smallest house in the world sustainable connections – transforming a community practical tools to grow an intentional community Global Eco-Village Network eco-village Damanhur ca. 50 km nördlich von turin The Farm’s Ecovillage Tour John Talbott, Findhorn eco housing suburb of London why live in a community (1 of 2) straw bale instructional video single mom building a 50.000 dollar straw bale house community in Hawaii that lives off the grid bamboo houses house off the grid rocket stove serious straw bale solar air conditioning home gray water system urban homestead, dervaes

com/watch?v=3Q-6eDQ8c-A the dervaes where's the tiger BUDDHISM http://www. 2:45 cambodian boy keeps python as pet &playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=22 full documentary about the buddha boy (45 minutes) . log cabin project es/archive/2008/12/18/ castles made of clay directory of intentional communities elephant painting polar bears and dogs playing ninja cat lots of good interviews hippo lives in a house also called the buddha conservation community/co-housing green houses in California ANIMALS spinning hamster ram bahadur eye popping lemur lion hug http://www. Arnaud Desjardins Buddhism 1 karmapa on „what is spiritual power“ http://www. clik on (documentary about Buddha boy 1 of 5) go to click on “Stanley meyer – it runs on water” (15 minutes) tenzin palmo on „delusion“ tenzin palmo on „the greatest threat“ stanley meyer received the patents for his water car and was poisoned when he found serious investors in the UK 300hp electric car Arnaud Desjardins 1 electric drag bike CARS (WATER) powerful japanese electric car type „stanley meyer“.com/watch?v=6hjxHMLP6JM&feature=related Dilgo Khyentse tom hank’s electric car james coburn and animal on muppets show CARS (ELECTRIC) type “Buddha boy”.com/watch?v=Rmu2beR_6xc ruf porsche mit elektromotor http://www.

de/videosearch?q=sweet+remedy&emb=0&aq=f#q=bill+hicks&emb=0 bill hicks – revelations (1993) dynamo jack bill hicks on marketing bill hicks on advertising &playnext=1&index=18 chinese chi master =40 bill hicks – relentless (1991) rt=80 bill hicks – lost hour corporate shills ndex=19 chinese chi master 2 CRYSTAL SKULLS george carlin about the owners dutch woman „tikal“ answers questions about the crystal skulls mayan elder on crystal skulls mitchell hedges skull (crystal skull) bill homann ENTERTAINMENT energy bubble demonstration http://www. yeung (lama dondrup dorje) demonstration of chi power

http://www. tapping into free energy HEALTH the gerson therapy john searl the gerson institute in san type “the beautiful truth” (9:31 minutes john mitchell gibson on healing . complete show FREE ENERGY dex=0 george carlin „religion is bullshit“ george Dw&q=world+without+cancer world without cancer the gerson lecture of the gerson therapy by charlotte gerson USA http://video. 90 minutes 1992 George carlin. I highly recommend to buy the DVD at dying to have known http://video. levitation experiments. also watch trailer) George carlin – stuff free energy technology http://video.

? meteor over edmonton scroll down to the 1:29:21 (89 minutes) version http://www.. click on “vaccine nation” (89 minutes) and click on “Robert kennedy on vaccine autism coverup” (7 minutes) type “other side of aids” (86 minutes version) jet pack man gutes online übersetzungs programm MONEY http://www. recipe for life karen armstrong: charter for compassion type “vaccines” ron paul: what wie funktioniert geld – exzellent!!! .htm some of the best interviews on the web for free!!!.youtube. take a look at russell targ and charlotte gerson in the free interview library (you have to scroll down) http://www. click on “BE3Y0ND TR3S0N” (88 minutes” (about the gulf war syndrome which is caused by vaccination. depleted uranium and chemicals released into the air by blowing up the chemical weapon depots of iraq) type in “the secret”.de type “beyond treason”.google. click on 28 minutes version instruction manual for life muhammad type “fluoride deception”.de type “HIV = AIDS: fact or fraud” (2 hour version) matrix of illusion type “earthlings” (95 minutes) MISCELLANEOUS http://www. car jet pack vs.

com/watch?v=LU_QR_FTt3E rostropovich playing jacques loussier trio playing bach – just great! der traum von einer gerechten the great white shark song vorsicht! nur für intelligente lebensformen geeignet lily allen „fuck you“ helene grimaud playing chaconne by wem gehört deutschland? dinu lipatti playing interview with aaron russo (who died of cancer a few months after this interview) how banks push people into debt MUSIC lisa gerrard „sacrifice“ http://www. bach drive thru order (taco bell) SHADOW GOVERNMENT best drummer ever http://www. Bach hypo real estate erhält 92 milliarden euro vom staat wer übernimmt verantwortung für sein geld? music animation machine Muhammad Yunus creating a world without poverty cello suite by bach http://www.

com/watch?v=vPgwTWg7ORM speech from an american tv film 9/11/2001 WTC7 5:56 WTC7. david frost does not question her on that amazing statement!!! Chemist niels harrit interviewed in Larry Silverstein admitting that they pulled Chemist niels dumbing down of America jack brooks questioning oliver north http://www.wikipedia. /video/ the zapruder film. (part 2). http://www. 6:12 min. 0:38 1:01 WTC 7 http://www.htm world bank – what it really does http://www. last minute of the clip is the best part. (part 1). close up Benazir Bhutto complete interview. 1:22 min. hotel burning in Madrid in 2005 compared to WTC7. 0:09 min. 14 documentary about (a branch) of the secret government idiots guide to the New World Order http://www. Benazir Bhutto telling the world that osama bin laden was murdered by omar sheikh (ahmed omar saeed john perkins – how the political leaders of third world countries are controlled by economic hit man http://www.!!! http://www. Italian TV with English subtitles! 5:56 min.

youtube. scholars for 9/11 truth. 0:40 min. 10:00 min. what hit the pentagon?.com/watch?v=8U4erFzhC-U&NR=1 second tallest building ever brought down by controlled Michael hess and barry jennings were both trapped in WTC7. http://www. http://www. WTC7. 3:40 min. 11:00 min. http://www. 1:42 min. attesting that a bomb went off in WTC7! http://www. official of the new York housing thermal map of WTC on 9/16/01. 7:28 0:28 min. 0:29 min. http://www.http://www. . 2:02 min. Hess served as the Corporation Counsel of the City of New York under Mayor Rudolph Richard gage im ZDF über WTC7. NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) official lying mandarin hotel in Beijing after the barry barry Jennings interview!!!.youtube. http://www. 0:33 min. http://www. Richard gage mandarin oriental hotel burning up but NOT to the ground on February new York fire fighters describing what they saw during the official world record in controlled demolition for the tallest building held by the company “controlled demolition”. http://www. 2:22 molton steel under 0:37 min. WTC7. 1:06 min. http://www. Mr. steven jones. http://www. 6:02 examples of controlled demolition going wrong. Hess is a founding Partner and Vice Chairman of Giuliani Partners cameraman running from the pyroclastic clouds of the collapse of the south tower. 1:05 min.

youtube. very well done documentary about 9/11.http://www. (lecture is synaesthethes pretty amazing experiment very good lecture! expedition ins gehirn http://www. girl producing crystals in her eyes .com/watch?v=hL80DnhPnSQ&feature=related celebrities questioning the official 9/11 conspiracy theory. 80 min. 1:45 1&index=0 lecture by nassim haramein http://www. very similar lecture!. http://www. and david ray griffin’s lecture starts at 16:35 1:42 hours http://www. 3:55 min. annie machon’s lecture starts at 10:15 min. and very good!) oberstleutnant der luftwaffe jochen scholz erklärt wie luftaufklärung technisch ablä former university professor. 8:21 9/11 press for truth. SCIENCE http://theresonanceproject. 6:32 chemist niels harrit lecturing about 9/11. Charlie Sheen’s video message to President 1:07 general stubblebine questions what hit the pentagon on 9/ musical savant rex clark http://www. 80 Kevin http://www. ca. The Resonance Project – Nassim Haramein http://www. synesthesia http://www. 11:00 david ray griffin at boston university (part 1 of 8) lecture by nassim haramein http://www. fastest gun man ever fastest sail boat on the planet wide jump world record motorcycle the disclosure project at the national press club extreme snowboarding descent former Canadian defense minister on UFO reality show table tennis amazing ride ufos in art wing suit jump ufo news conference at national press club evolution of ski base jump top ten long shot goals UFO table tennis at its best edgar mitchell UFO interview in 2008 .com/watch?v=LWLbu1wIIEo&feature=related jean yves jet man http://www. most successful clip on the internet speed ski world record jeb corliss http://www.SPORTS base jumping in wing suits http://www.

youtube. jaime maussan on prophecies and ufos two crop circles 62 children encounter an alien in africa http://www.

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