Hos - this Rogo funeral pyre, introduce Ferro - iron Trucidari push shove Porebat - furious Nondum not

yet Vulnero wound, injure, harm Fuisti to exist Laecam - basin Catilina - knowing Distribuisti - divide Partes role, office Statuisti set up, establish Quemque - and Delegisti pick off Relinqueres leave behind Tecum - case Educeres lead out Confirmasti strengthen Te you Exiturum rise Dixisti to call Paulum little small Tibi you Morae delay Viverem be alive, live, survive, reside

those who ought to be put to death by the sword. qui de nostro omnium interitu. the most ancient protector of thus city. and those who ought to be to be butchered with the sword. in hoc orbis terrae sanctissimo gravissimoque consilio. in this the most holy and dignified assembly of the whole world.O ye immortal gods! Where in the world are we? In what city do we live? What kind of republic do we have? Here. In short. When. in the next consular comitia. the world of the earth in this most holy and dignified Council. too. with the voice of them had not yet hurt! Therefore you were at that between citizens and that night. here in our body. whom you were to take with you. before daybreak. As long as you. he set it would have pleased a man is to go. I by myself opposed you. described the parts of the city for arson. who of our own that the destruction of all. without exciting any disturbance publicly. the Fathers of the Senate. he who was of this city and even out of the destruction of the world to think of! Of these I shall I see the consul of the State. and your competitors also. men who meditate my death. and so deadly an enemy to the republic. the consul see them. he distributed to the parts of Italy. ask their opinion. and I do not yet attack. then. O Catiline. you have said to thee to be a little delay. which leave behind at Rome. as often as you attacked me. O Catiline. whom he would lead out with you. even now. you wished to slay me when I was actually consul. and that. you asserted that you will soon be going to leave. in whose temple we are. patres conscripti. I refused admittance. O conscript fathers. at Lecca's that night. that I am alive. you settled where every one was to go. and said that there was then only this to delay you. and of the whole world. Two Roman knights were found to deliver you from this anxiety. Great thanks are due to the immortal gods. But the safety of the commonwealth must not be too often allowed to be risked on one man. and of whom I had foretold to many eminent men that they would come to me at that time. but by my own private diligence. you undertook that you yourself would at once leave the city. qui de huius urbis atque adeo de orbis terrarum exitio cogitent! Hos ego video consul et de re . All this I knew almost before your meeting had broken up. in the Campus Martius. though I saw that my ruin was connected with great disaster to the republic. when they came. you fixed whom you were to leave at Rome. you divided Italy into sections. I ask them their opinion about the republic. to slay me in my bed. o di immortales! ubinam gentium sumus? In qua urbe vivimus? Quam rem publicam habemus? Hic. and the death of all of us. here in our very midst. you portioned out the divisions of the city for conflagration. plotted against me while I was the consul elect. you chose. so horrible. You were. hic sunt in nostro numero. that we have already so often escaped so foul. even by words. and the destruction of this city. O ye immortal gods. I defended myself not with a public guard. I strengthened and fortified my house with a stronger guard. that I was still alive. and to promise that very night. I. and to this very Jupiter Stator. where on earth are we? in what city are we living? what constitution is ours? There are here. I checked your nefarious attempt by the assistance and resources of my own friends. Catiline. to those whom you sent in the morning to salute me.

confirmasti te ipsum iam esse exiturum. statuisti quo quemque proficisci placeret. quos ferro trucidari oportebat. quos tecum educeres. distribuisti partes Italiae. quod ego viverem. . discripsisti urbis partes ad incendia. dixisti paulum tibi esse etiam nunc morae.publica sententiam rogo et. eos nondum voce vulnero! Fuisti igitur apud laecam illa nocte. delegisti. quos Romae relinqueres. Catilina.

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