George W. Bush is a great American hero!

Bush a hero? Barnum was right! I think that history will judge Bush by what he's done: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Used his family's money to avoid prosecution for DUI. Used his family's influence to avoid military service. Used his family's money to buy a barely-passing college degree. Provided a sham of medical (Walter Reed etc.) for serviceman injured in the illegal occupation of Iraq. Put together a financial group for the sole purpose of conning the city of Arlington, Texas. Took the government from a budget surplus in the previous administration and now has the greatest budget deficit in American history; and then talks about “fiscal responsibility” like an alcoholic talking about sobriety (literally, see the point about the DUI.) Allowed energy costs to skyrocket but not releasing any oil from the strategic petroleum reserve. Price gouging and profiteering by oil companies but no windfall profit tax on the mega-billion profits being reported. Mandated a very creative system of reporting progress in the Texas public schools subsequently fooling the general public into thinking that a system that had totally failed its students was a success. Bungled recovery after the damage and death inflicted by hurricanes Rita and Katrina. Managed an oil company into bankruptcy. On 9-11 sat “deer in the headlights” expression in a Florida classroom when leadership was needed in a moment of crisis. Faced with the fact that he couldn't win on his own merit, he mounted vicious smear campaigns against every political opponent. Is re-igniting the Cold War with Russia by proposing a failed missile defense system for Eastern Europe (it didn’t work here either—remember the “missile shield”). Was not elected in the first election, was appointed by the Supreme Court. Manufactured evidence for the sake of drawing the United States into an illegal occupation of a sovereign nation creating a focal point for an otherwise segmented and unorganized terror network. Conspired with a puppet government in Iraq to get up to 80% of the Iraqi oil rights in the hands of US oil companies. Did not capture the leader of Al Qaeda who orchestrated the attacks on September 11--this in spite of evidence an attack was approaching. Set up secret prisons for the purpose of detention and torture unfettered by the Geneva Convention. Denied “due process of law” (even though he speaks of the rule of law, and bringing in terrorists to face justice by holding reclassified “enemy combatants” in an American base overseas. Subverted the concept of 3 separate but equal branches of government conspiring to align the Executive and Judicial branches to diminish the effect of the one branch of government that speaks for the constituency creating a fascist imperial form of government. Used “signing statements” to issue decrees and override the legislation signed into law. Cronyism, he pardoned an accomplice in the illegal outing of a CIA operative. Favoritism by breaching the separation of church and state by giving federal funding to selected politically supportive religious groups. Created a massive bureaucracy in a new government agency for state security (Homeland Security) that lets people carrying contagious diseases (TB carrier Andrew Speaker) into the country. Spends billions no trillions for Iraq but won’t spend anything for children’s health care (SCHP) saying “we can’t afford it.”

Some hero. Joke—“How many people does it take to completely screw up the United States?” Answer-“Only one—George W. Bush.”