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How All Public Sexual Imagery, “Mating Signals,” Hijack Cognition & Subvert Informed Consent and Choice by The Rational Animal (Aristotle: 350 B.C.)

4 Scientific Disciplines Primary Variables Variable Measure Variable Measure Measure of Performance

PROXEMICS DEFINED AS: 4 Categories of Space/Distance Private Space Public Space Erototoxic Media Effects

A “personal zone or "bubble"… Intimates (0” to 6”), close Ones home w/doors, curtains, a At 4 ft plus; theatre, TV, film, Intimate private space sex in
[space, to protect oneself] from friends (6-18”), colleagues (1.5- private yard, safe space under circus, Internet, street, magazine, risky public space; (stripper,
the intrusion of outsiders.” One 4 ft), social distance (4-12 ft), ones control. Private space all “free” space. Predators thrive nude model, prostitute, actresses
whose private space sexuality is public distance (12 ft plus). allows nudity and direct eye in public space. This requires acting-aping sexual lust) floods
seen in public space is at risk of Public space sexual displays contact (eg. lovers, mother-child, clothing, eye contact avoidance, billions of viewers’ brains neuro-
physical harm and insult. always risks harm from lusting, doctor-patient). Nudity, sexual weapons. Sexual display or hint chemically w/fear, shame, hate, angry, viewing publics.
.htm. “The Body Language of Proxemics” contact OK in safe private space. of lust provokes mirrored lust. lust-mislabelled as sex arousal.

ETHOLOGY DEFINED AS: Estrus Nonhuman Female Human Female Erototoxic Media Effects

“The scientific study of animal [F]emale sexual excitement in “Rut:" red, swollen genitalia, Normal "love" signals: smiles, Myth of human female as an
behavior, especially as it occurs “mammals, excluding humans, buttocks-up to mount, estrus eye contact, seeking permanent Estrus primate. Lust displays in
in a natural environment, human that immediately precedes odours, eye pupils dilate, mate, skin flushes, pales, breasts, public space are always toxic,
ethos and its formation.” ovulation” in “heat” or “rut.” frenzied lust, passionate wild genitals viewed in private space, abnormal, risky conduct for the coitus, commonly no “orgasm.” coitus, commonly yields orgasm. performer and the genus female.
ethology. us

NEUROPSYCHOLOGY Two Hemispheres Right Brain Left Brain Erototoxic Media Effects

A study of “the nervous system, The brain obeys a "law of The right half of the cerebral The left half of the cerebral Public sex is sadosexual stimuli
especially the brain…language, strength" processing novel, cortex largely elicits emotional cortex largely elicits rational as the inhuman Estrus myth
memory, and perception,” here: anxiety-provoking images over responses to music, images, and planning, cognition, abstract, floods the right brain, hijacks
focused on how the two brain "good, true, beautiful" images or scenes by “watching,” mirroring mature logic, text and speech, left-brain cognition, text, logic
hemispheres process data. text. Pictures, especially fear/sex anger, fear, lust, shame, etc., and usually subverted by high left- and the “free” speech task of dominate text and imagery. hijacking text, logic, cognition. brain arousal. thoughtful, informed consent.

PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY Mirror Neurons, The Insula "Flight or Fight" "Flight or Fight" Visual Erototoxins Effects

The study of “drugs that affect Visual stimulus limbic system Visual erotic stimuli flood the ....oxytocin (the love hormone), Erotica, Pornography, Visual
the mind,” here esp. excitatory & entry is virtually automatic, brain with dopamine (emotion, phenylethylamine, (the "love Mating Calls, Pseudo Estrus as
inhibitory neurotransmitters, autonomic. Erotic images trigger addiction) serotonin (anxiety, drug" allied w/amphetamines), an endogenous lust-shame-fear
biochemical reactions to sexual mirror neurons, excitatory memory) testosterone, (lust, glucose (learning and memory), drug rush, triggering "sexual
stimuli, via the brain's "100 transmitters, "flight or fight" a aggression) endorphins norepinephrine and epinephrine arousal,” mirroring distrust, sex
million messages a second." stress hormone insula "high" is (morphine like endogenous (adrenalin). Public Eros is a callousness, harassment, assault, mislabelled lust by the brain. opioids), glutamate (excitatory), mirrored, poly-drug, insula hit. rape, incest of children, women.

 Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D., 1979, 1981, 1991, 2008.