March 21, 2011 Dear ISA Members and Executives, Welcome to Post Secondary Games 2011: Synergy.

This year, it will be hosted by WLISA, the Waterloo/Laurier Ismaili Students Association over the weekend of May 6-8, 2011. This year’s tournament includes the following sports:            Men’s Basketball Women’s Basketball Men’s Ball Hockey Women’s Ball Hockey Co-ed Outdoor Soccer Co-ed Dodgeball Co-ed Outdoor Beach Volleyball Squash Table Tennis (Singles) Co-ed Cricket Co-ed Soccer-Baseball (Kickball)

Registration fees for this year are $50 for one sport, and $55 for two sports. This package includes information on how to use our website ( registration guidelines, sporting regulations, and accommodation information. Any questions can be forwarded to WLISA and the PSG Exec would like to thank you for your interest in participating in this memorable weekend and we look forward to seeing you in Waterloo very soon. Sincerely, PSG Exec 2011

Registration Information
Registration is now open to all those who are interested in participating in this years Post Secondary Games. Anyone wanting to register is required to register using the PSG 2011 website at The deadline for registration is April 8th, 2011 at 11:59 PM. Submissions after this point will be charged a late fee (an increase of $5). Individual Registration Each individual participant is required to register online at The participant is then required to submit a payment to their ISA Sports Rep by April 8th, 2011. The payment for one sport is $50 and for two sports is $55. Team Registration Each school is guaranteed at least one entry in every sport for the tournament (as long at there is enough interest in that sport). Additional teams for a single sport is only permissible provided the maximum number of players has been exceeded by that school for the sport. These additional teams will only be allowed while space is available, therefore team’s are urged to submit their team rosters as soon as possible. Team Rosters should be submitted by the end of day April 8st, 2011 to Please note any Part-Time Student participants as well as the Coach and/or Captain of the team when submitting the roster. Please also note students that are playing on your team that are from another Post Secondary Institution. Note: This does not apply to Squash or Table Tennis. Spectators If you would like to watch any event as a spectator, you are encouraged to register online. Spectator registration will help us to ensure there are enough resources for the amount of people attending. Sports Reps are encouraged to direct anyone wanting to be a spectator to in order to complete the registration process. The price for spectators is $25. This price includes breakfast and lunc as well as the official PSG Swag Bag. Fee payment can be email money transferred. Please read the Fee Payment section below for more details. Fees As stated, the fee for participation is $50 for one sport, with an additional $5 for the second sport. This fee includes the Swag Bag and food coupons for the Saturday and Sunday. The spectator package is $25 and also includes the package and food coupons for both days.

LATE FEES: If you register after April 8th, 2011, the registration prices will increase to $55 for one sport and $60 for two sports. This change in price is put in place to ensure all participants register before that date. Please email if you have any questions. Final Payments All final payments must be received by April 15th, 2011. Only those who have completed registration and submitted payments will be eligible to play. Fee Payments All fee payments will be accepted through INTERAC E-mail Money Transfer by ISA Sports Reps or individuals to the PSG account at When this is done, the answer to the security question should be emailed to so that the payment can be accessed. All participants may send an INTERAC E-mail Money Transfer or submit a cash payment to their ISA Sports Rep. Eligibility In order to participate in the Post-Secondary Games 2011, participants must be from one of the two categories summarized below: Category 1: Full Time Student A student currently enrolled Full-Time in a Post-Secondary Institution and is pursuing a professional degree or certification. Students currently on co-op, workstudy, or internship as part of their degree requirements are also considered FullTime students. Category 2: Part Time Student A student who has taken a minimum of one course towards a professional degree or certification at a Post-Secondary Institution within the past year (i.e. since May 2010). Those registering as a Part Time student are also subject to the following restrictions:  Part time students MUST show proof of enrolment upon registration at the games  There will be a limit of 2 Part-Time students per school team for each sport  Participants are only eligible to play on the teams (maximum of 2 players) of the Post Secondary institution that they are registered to and must be listed on the team rosters  All participants must have registered online successfully prior to the Post Sec Games

High school students, alumni, and any other Ismailis or non-Ismailis are not eligible to play. Proof of Eligibility Players MUST show valid student identification at time of registration. It is the responsibility of each individual player to provide student identification at the time of registration and to have said identification available for review throughout the tournament. At any time, players may be asked to prove their eligibility by logging into their online institution account, in order to provide a transcript or schedule indicating that they have taken a course within the last calendar year (After April 2010) If a team is found to have an ineligible player based on any of the above criteria, both the player and the team will be subject to removal from the tournament and spirit deposits for all players and coaches will be considered forfeit. Players without a team Players attending an institution that is not putting forward a team for any given sport may play for another school, subject to the following guidelines:

Players must first seek out and join teams being put forward from the municipality in which their school is found (e.g. a student from Ryerson may play with either York or the U of T, assuming there is no team being put forward in the sport of his/her choice at Ryerson) If the player is unable to find a school putting forward a team within his/her own municipality, or if he/she is having problems contacting such a team, the player should contact the PSG Exec at The Exec will then put the student in touch with the appropriate contact person within the student’s municipality, or will give the player leave to join another team outside his/her municipality.

Registration at the Tournament Each player must present a copy of their student I.D. as well as one piece of government issued I.D, such as a driver’s license, health card or passport. Each player will also be responsible to submit $20 in cash for their Spirit Deposit (see following section). Participants will also be required to sign a waiver form at time of registration at the tournament. Spirit deposit The Spirit Deposit has been a component of the tournament in the past with the intention to promote sportsmanship and deter misconduct. As it is named, the concept is to promote the true spirit of the event ‐ unity through teamwork, community, health, and respect. The Spirit Deposit is set at $20 per individual participant. Each participants must provide this deposit and show their student I.D. cards at Registration. In the event that misconduct occurs, the individual participant would lose the deposit. Participants will receive their deposit after at the completion of their final game in Post Sec Games 2011, provided that there is no misconduct

involving that particular player. Please note, in order to retrieve their Spirit Deposit, individuals must have valid photo identification. Team Specifications Sport Men’s Ball Hockey Women’s Ball Hockey Men’s 5 on 5 Basketball Women’s 5 on 5 Basketball Co-ed Beach Volleyball Co-ed Cricket Co-ed Dodgeball Co-ed Outdoor Soccer Co-ed Kickball Squash Table Tennis Minimum # of Players 5 5 6 6 6 8 6 7 6 n/a n/a Maximum # of Players 10 10 12 12 12 11 12 12 12 n/a n/a

If you are unable to put together a full roster for any of the sports, please send an email to with the number of players that you have, and we will do our best to join you with another team in the same situation. NOTE: In the event that not enough teams are submitted for a single sport, that sport will be cancelled, because a competition will not be possible. Those signed up for the cancelled sport will be contacted and their alternate/back-up sport chosen during registration will serve as replacement.

Ron Edyt Villiage (REV) This year, we have reserved accommodations at a discounted rate at Ron Edyt Village (REV), a residence on campus at the University of Waterloo. This residence is a popular choice for first year students and also converts to a hotel during the summer. During the Post-Secondary Games, rooms will be available at the following discounted rates: 2 Single Beds: $45.75 per night plus tax
**It is the same price if you are booking for one person.

Suite: $91.00 per night plus tax
**Includes 2 single beds, a kitchen, and a private bathroom

Please reserve your room as soon as possible at Important Notes:

 
 

In order to get the discounted rates, be sure to put “Post-Secondary Games” as the name of the conference/group at the link below. If you don’t, you will NOT get the special discounted rate. When reserving your room online the discounted rate will NOT appear in the “Room Type” field. This field refers to the deposit amount required for your room type. Each individual is responsible for their accommodations and PSG or AKYSB is not responsible for any damages or injury to person(s) that occurs at the accommodations Upon check out, your deposit will be returned and you will be charged the discounted rate. This is a university residence and the rooms are therefore “dorm style”. There will be gender specified washrooms/showers on each floor.

It is highly recommended to stay at REV for the weekend because of its proximity to campus (6 minute walk). Much like a hotel, all bedding and most toiletries are included. Parking at the residence is also included with your stay. In addition, there are a variety of services provided including: a lounge, a TV room and a weight room.

Comfort Inn and Suites For those who prefer to stay in a hotel, accommodations have been made at the Comfort Inn and Suites which is approximately a 5 minute drive to the tournament. Rooms are limited, so please reserve your room as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. One Queen Bed: $124.99 per night plus tax Two Queen Beds: $129.99 per night plus tax To make a reservation, please call 519.747.9400. Tell them you are booking a room under the group name “PSG” to receive the discounted rate. Hotel Location: 190 Weber Street North, Waterloo, Ontario, N2J 3H4

Best Western International For those who prefer to stay in a hotel, accommodations have been made at the Best Western. Rooms are limited, so please reserve your room as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. One King Bed: $149.00 Queen + Sofa Bed: $149.00 Whirlpool Suite: $199.00 To make a reservation, please call 1.800.972.5371. Tell them you are booking a room under the group name “PSG” to receive the discounted rate. Hotel Location: 50 Benjamin Road East, Waterloo, Ontario, N2V 2J9