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A Study of Consumer Preference for Motorbike Features among Youths in Bangalore City
7/2/2011 Submitted By Nikhil Fuljan 1 MBA N 1021436

Research Extract

Though preferences, expectations and experiences which build up opinion of customers, vary from individual to individual, a general trend or an average pattern reveals a lot of insight, collectively as well.

To get and understand the grass root level real picture of consumer preference of different motor bike features among the motorcyclists of Bangalore city, the researcher planned to conduct a detailed study on the same. An extensive research titled ³A Study of Consumer Preference for Motorbike Features among Youths in Bangalore City´ was conducted under a statistical frame work. To go about the research work a clear statement of the problem was defined, based on which the objective for the research work were framed.

A set of literatures was reviewed for the purpose of identifying and understanding those contributions already made in the area. These literatures were reviewed from various libraries and by surfing the net. Significant benefits were derived from the literatures reviewed in order to proceeding further with the research work.

A suitable research methodology was adopted in conducting the research work. To select a particular tool for data collection, the researcher had adopted the exploratory research method. A sample size of 100 bike riders from Bangalore city was selected through simple random sampling method.

A detailed questionnaire was developed for the collection of primary data as a part of the instrumentation technique after a lot of pilot studies. The questionnaire was designed on the basis of the objective of the study. The questionnaire so developed was distributed to the respondents who were selected through sample survey to collect the required data. Face to face, in depth interviews were also conducted to collect the required data. Secondary data for this study included information¶s from magazines,

product design. Players will have to compete on various fronts namely pricing. All the three segments. The next step in the research work was the systematic presentation and scientific analysis of the data. General Introduction The two-wheelers market has had a perceptible shift from a buyer¶s market to a seller¶s market with a variety of choices.newspapers and telephonic conversation conducted with respondents wherever necessary. where in it was concluded that though the customers were more or less satisfied with the features provided by the various motorbikes. The researcher also provided some valuable recommendations in order to various improvements opportunities. marketing and distribution. product acceptance. The data collected was classified and tabulated in an analytic fashion in order to get deeper insights. scooters and mopeds have witnessed capacity . some of the riders were not really delighted. productivity. market shares of individual manufacturers are going to be sensitive to capacity. cash-in The researcher has also laid down a road map through suggestions about those relevant areas that have remained untouched or out of scope in this study due to constraints of time and resource. The suggestions for further study will help the future researcher to probe deeper in order to get valuable insights on certain other aspects as well that have remained unanalysed. Conclusions from the analysis were derived after thorough slice and dice of data to arrive at meaningful interpretations. motorcycles. technology. Comprehensive frequency analysis were conducted for each question and represented in the form of illustrative charts as well. after sale service. pricing and competitive pressures from other manufacturers. In the short term.

Before the researcher takes up a specific research project in hand. The salient features are as follows: 1) 2) 3) 4) Global competition in domestic market. Over this period. Fortunately they are probably the only ones next to the employees who are likely to know accurately the actual scenario inside the company and all about the products. The motorcycle segment will continue to lead the demand for two-wheelers in the coming years.additions in the last one year and it will continue in the upcoming period as and when Honda opens a local subsidiary. Increasing market fragmentation New model expectation on a regular basis Demand forecasting being difficult . let us assess the present situation in the motorcycle industry. As incomes grow and people feel the need to own a private means of transport. Penetration is expected to increase approximately to more than 25% by 2012. while the scooters and mopeds supply will outstrip demand. Motorcycle sales are expected to increase by 20% as compared to 1% growth in the scooter market and 3% by moped sales respectively for the next twoyears. only the motorcycle segment is expected witness higher demand vis-à-vis supply. sales of two-wheelers will rise. Unfortunately the customer¶s situation in a huge and diverse country like ours is very dicey and difficult to predict. Background of the Study We come across a very wide spectrum of people related to industry some of whom are fortunate enough to hop around all the motorcycle makers in India.

Objective of the Research The objective of the research flows naturally from the problem statement. providing specific. 12th August 2010 Statement of Problem The problem that the researcher is trying to address is to understand the customer satisfaction and preference of different motorbike features across the different segments of motorbikes available. Hero Honda Kawasaki Yamaha. The research objectives are the basic guidelines to carry out the project. and achievable goals. Volume 26. ultimately. The specific objectives of the researcher are given below: . TVS Yamaha Yamaha. This study will also help us to recognize how important a performance metric like mileage is significant as against power among the motor bikers of the Bangalore city.5) 6) Early birds gets bigger share High quality and low cost expectation The customer segmentation / description / brand are given below: 1 2 3 4 5 Followers Fans Showy Easy Conscious 50% 15% 10% 5% 20% Conservative Faithful to the brand To impress Dad¶s money Value for money Hero Honda. These also help in evaluating the project proposal and. concrete. Kawasaki Source: Overdrive. This study is intended not only to get the ground level real picture of customer preference benchmarks but also to be cognizant about the expectations of potential future customers. the final report.

 To get a first hand knowledge of customer expectations about certain motor bike features by segments of motorbikes. Majestic. Areas like Jayanagar. To provide a mechanism to suggest an optimal choice of bike to a new bike purchaser after he expresses his needs in the form of answers to certain questions related to motor bike features Scope of the Study The scope indicates the boundaries or areas covered under the study. Mainly 4-stroke bikes were part of this data driven research across all the segments like Premium.  To develop a scientific. To get and understand the grass root level real picture of consumer preference of different motor bike features among the motorcyclists of Bangalore city.  To statistically test whether the average motorcyclist on the roads of Bangalore city is inclined towards mileage or power. The study was conducted in Bangalore city through sample survey. . predictive model through multivariate statistical analysis in order to predict the likelihood of a new buyer to prefer a mileage bike against a power bike. Cruiser. Standard and Economy. Power. Executive. Indira Nagar etc were chosen for an extensive research with motorbike riders.

The population element being the subject on which the measurement has been taken taken. Actual Collection of Data Data means information expressed in measurable or quantifiable form. Descriptive research is appropriate in those areas of study where the data available is limited. presented and documented. the researcher can draw conclusions about the entire population. The process of designing a research study involves many inter related decisions. sample is a representative fraction of the population. The most significant decision is the choice of research approach as it determines how the information will be obtained. Primary Data 2. Sampling Technique The basic idea of sampling is that by selecting some of the elements in a population. Secondary Data Type of Research Research design is a detailed blue print used to guide a research study towards its objectives. In most other studies exploration is the first stage of a project and is used to arrive at the hypothesis .Methodology Methodology here refers to the process that the researcher has followed to review the literature relevant to the research. Therefore. There are two types of data used in this project study and those are: 1. analysed. .

Questionnaire was first checked with few sample respondents to check whether the questions were leading to objective accomplishment. deleting. Though the sampling was done scientifically. GEOGRAPHICAL AREA Majestic Indira Nagar Jayanagar JPNagar SAMPLE SIZE 25 25 25 25 Limitations of the Study y Due to time and resource constraints the study was confined to only100 sample points. yet a sample as small as 100 compromises to some extent with the representativeness of the original population. On the other hand. . Sample Size Considering the large number of young Motorcyclists in Bangalore. Then questionnaire was partially modified by adding.The researcher while carrying out this study adopted the one of the most popular sampling techniques for domestic research. Four areas had been selected and respondents were contacted for information. the researcher has taken one hundred sample points through stratified random sampling schema from Bangalore city. better known as ³Stratified Random Sampling Technique´. The data collection kick started after confirming the objectivity of the results derived from the responses to the altered questionnaire. reforming few questions and again revaluated. Random sampling is a good technique when there are comprehensive lists available of the target population.

which in turn may have incorporated the regional biases regarding motorcycles in comparison to the national scenario. the assumption being that these will represent the true Bangalore bike population. analysis may have their own limitations. y The analytical tools and techniques used for data collection.y Only 4 strategic geographical areas were chosen to carry out the sample survey. . y The study was confined to the city of Bangalore only.

 27.  21.  62.43% belonged to Executive  22.69% belonged to Executive  16.13% had power bikes Out of the respondents who were Executive.  60.87% had mileage bikes  39.06% had mileage bikes  37.Analysis: CROSS TABLE : Bivariate Analysis of Response (Mileage or Power) with Occupation esponses vs elf Occupation Business Executive Employed tudent otal ileage 14 18 11 22 65 Power 9 11 8 7 35 otal 23 29 19 29 100 Analysis: Out of the respondents who had Mileage bikes.1% belonged to Business Occupation  31.92% belonged to self employed and  33.85% belonged to student Out of the respondents who had Power bikes.86% belonged to self employed and  20.94% had power bikes .54% belonged to Business Occupation  27.00% belonged to student Out of the respondents who were in Business.

Out of the respondents who were Self Employed  57.87% had mileage bikes  24. Mileage is not necessarily the only metric to judge a bike¶s performance.11% had power bikes Out of the respondents who were Students  75.89% had mileage bikes  42. .13% had power bikes Table showing Importance of Mileage to the Respondents Imp of Mileage Low Medium igh rand Total Analysis: re ency 6 60 34 00 ercentage 6% 60% 34% 00% Within the respondents 6% gave low importance to mileage 34% gave high importance to mileage and 60% gave medium importance to the mileage Interpretation: The majority of the respondents gave medium importance to mileage which means that the average motorcyclist on the streets of Bangalore not only desired great mileage but also expected an equally good engine performance through enhanced power besides host of other improved features in their motorbikes.

Majority of the respondents were more or less satisfied with the overall performance of their bikes. the small group of dissatisfied customers indicates that there were a lot of scopes for improvements to deliver complete customer satisfaction or rather customer delight. Interpretation: Satisfaction is a subjective experience and usually varies from person to person. Table showing Average Mileage of the motorbike riders Avg_Mileage 2 0 0 0 rand otal re ency 6 0 100 ercentage 6% 0% % 100% . More customer centric approach and better technological innovations will help to provide real value for money to the highly esteemed customers. Yet.Table showing the Satisfaction level of the Respondents Satisfaction issatisfied Satisfied ery Satisfied rand otal Analysis: re ency ercentage 10 10% 61 61% 29 29% 100 100% Among the respondents of the sample survey. 61% were satisfied 29% were very satisfied 10% were dissatisfied with their respective motorbikes.

30% were not happy about the fuel efficiency of their respective bikes 70% seemed to be quite contended with the fuel efficiency aspect of their respective bikes.Analysis: Among the 100 respondents covered in the sample survey. the power bikes were in lesser proportion than mileage bikes. Interpretation: Fuel efficiency was one of the main features of a bike. As expected by intuition.55 km from their respective bikes And 44% of the respondents got mileage of 55-70 km from their respective bikes Interpretation: More powerful bikes usually gave lesser mileage. majority of bike riders in the city of Bangalore desired fuel-efficient bikes. In general. which an average motorcyclist would look for. . 6% of the respondents got mileage of 25 to 40 km from their respective bikes 50% of the respondents got mileage of 40 . Most of the riders desired a balance and reasonable blend of mileage and power and that¶s why 50% of the respondents liked the mileage of 40-55 km. Table showing Fuel Efficiency of the bikes of the Respondents Fuel Efficient Fre uency ercentage o 30 30% es 70 70% rand otal 100 100% Analysis: Among the respondents on whom the sample survey was conducted.

5 = Bad Analysis: Among the respondents. 2) Mileage bikes were more popular than the Power bikes across all sections of occupation. Conclusion and findings from the Analysis 1) Executives and Students both had equal share in the pie of motorbike market of Bangalore. 3 = Fair. .Table showing Performance of Engine of the Motorbike Engine Performance 1 2 3 Grand Total re uency Percentage 37 37% 52 52% 11 11% 1 1 % 1 = Excellent. Compared to mileage bikes. 37% had voted for excellent engine performance of their respective bikes 52% had voted for good engine performance of their respective bikes 11% had voted for satisfactory engine performance of their respective bikes Interpretation: Majority of the motorcyclists in the city of Bangalore were satisfied with the performance of their respective bike¶s engine. Mileage bikes were the most well-liked by the Students. on whom the sample survey was conducted. The Self-Employed segment seemed to have a bit of lower proportion compared to the other segments. 2 = Good. may be due to the comparatively lower cost where as Self-Employed were relatively fond of Power bikes. 4 = So-So. power bikes had comparatively better engine performance.

the popularity of the power bikes decrease with the higher age groups. a moderate speed was what motorcyclists were comfortable with. which demonstrated the enormous popularity of bikes which in turn signified the huge potential market in this city 6) The majority of the respondents gave medium importance to mileage which means that the average motorcyclist on the streets of Bangalore not only desired great mileage but also expected an equally good engine performance through enhanced power besides host of other improved features in their motorbikes. As expected intuitively. The youngest lot however has a more mileage bike inclination may be because of the relative cost advantage. Mileage is not necessarily the only metric to judge a bike¶s performance. The motorcyclists in the age band of 18 to 25 years are fast catching up trailing only by 4%. Only very few respondents were not bothered about low mileage issue clearly indicating that this group was more interested in power with smooth and delightful riding. Given the traffic scenario within the city limits of Bangalore. thanks to the popularity of motorbikes among the students. 5) Almost two third of the Motor bikers in Bangalore city had a biking experience of at least 3 years. The Age band of 25-30 years is the sweet spot for bike manufacturers be it the Mileage segment for the Power.3) The most common Age Group among the motorcyclists in the Bangalore city was 25 to 30 years. 7) Mileage was one of the most desired aspects for Motor bike riders in the city of Bangalore. Most of the respondents attached medium importance to mileage which indicated that besides mileage there were loads of other features that helped to form an opinion of any motorcyclist about a bike. 4) Motorcycling is mainly a young age phenomenon. . higher the possible speed of riding. 8) Higher the gear.

More customer centric approach and better technological innovations will help to provide real value for money to the highly esteemed customers. iking sensible pick up meant assigning significance to power features of the bike but the catch being the mileage lovers want a logical balance between the two.9) Among the 100 sampled motor bikers. more than 70% rode with an average speed of more than 35 km/hour. 10) Majority of the motor bike riders thought pick up is reasonably important to them. On an average. Power bikes has comparatively better pick up than the mileage bikes. the motorcyclists in Bangalore city travelled at least 25 km everyday. Pick Up is inversely proportional to Mileage. The Motorcyclists of Bangalore wanted a logical combination of both power and mileage to get the optimum returns. which was a descent distance as far as city travelling is concerned. 12) Most of the respondents used the bike mainly for commuting between their residence and workplace. Yet. Majority of the respondents were more or less satisfied with the overall performance of their bikes. . 13) Satisfaction is a subjective experience and usually varies from person to person. a descent speed within city limits given the traffic situation of the Bangalore city. the small group of dissatisfied customers indicates that there were a lot of scopes for improvements to deliver complete customer satisfaction or rather customer delight. 11) In general.

Designing easy to handle. Focussed target marketing initiatives can provide great results. comfortable to ride and cheap bikes may help to cut a bit into the low end car segment. the customers should be made aware of the good driving practices and fuel saving tricks as add-on. The self employed segment for example constitutes only 19% of the motor biker population of the city which illustrates immense untapped potential. distribution as well as sales initiatives besides after sales services. Every player in the motor bike industry is fighting out for its share of the pie through improved and unique product features and quality of service.  Since the demand in the market is for a high mileage bike with excellent pick up and powerful engine.  Different champion and challenger strategies should be constantly tried out in order to constantly improve the marketing. Based on the detailed data driven research and analysis the following recommendations have been made by the researcher. The technological advancement should be the only constant to provide value to the customers.  Special focus of marketing should be provided to occupation based different segments to push up the market share. .  Since good driving practices can lead to a consistent performance of the bike besides an excellent mileage. a lot of thrust should be put into research and development to innovate that technology.  The popularity of bikes diminishes drastically as the age of customer increases especially after the age of forty years.Recommendations Consumer satisfaction is viewed as an integral part of the total quality of value delivered.

com/ http://www.com/ http://www.automobileindia.com http://www.autocarindia.booknews.com/consumer-guide/auto-news.wheelsunplugged.html http://corp.in/ http://www.com/index2.html http://www.References: y y y y y y y y y All the primary data were collected through questionnaires through detailed interaction with each respondent.php http://www.credoreference.com/instant.overdrive. http://www.html .refdesk.com/reference_and_research.bsmotoring.

.B. What is your favourite riding gear in Bangalore City? 2 3 4 5 . Occupation Student Executive Self Employed Businessman Others specify««««««.A from Christ University of Management. conducting market a survey on ³Consumer Preference for Motor Bike features among Youths in Bangalore City. 2.Questionnaire Dear Sir/Madam.´ I would be grateful to you if you could spare a few minutes in filling up this questionnaire. How important is your bike-mileage to you? ow Medium High 5. How long is your biking experience? (In months): «««««««« 4. Age Group 18-25 25-30 30-40 40-45 3. I am a student of first year M. +++++++++++ Personal Details-Optional ++++++++++++++ Name: Address: E-Mail: Phone: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Please tick (˜) in appropriate boxes: 1.

Rank the riding comfort of your bike.] «««««««««««««««««««««««. TVS-Victor etc. Are you satisfied with the performance of your bike? Very satisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied 10. How do you best describe your motorbike? Power Bike Mileage Bike .6. 13. What is your average riding speed in Bangalore City? (In km/hour) 25-35 35-45 More than 45 7. Your motorbike brand (Company & Model)? [E. Your average Travel Kilometres per day? (In Kilometres): «««««««««. 12. How often you carry any other person on your back seat (Pillion Rider)? Rarely Sometimes Most of the time 15. Excellent Good Satisfactory Poor 11. 9.g. Bajaj Pulsar. How important is pick-up to you? ow Medium High 8. What is your bike¶s average mileage? 25-40 40-55 55-70 14. Average Riding Hours per day? (In Hours): «««««««.

. Do you think your motorbike is fuel-efficient? Yes No If No.50.000 40. Rank the following features of your bike in a scale of 1 to 5.000 50.000. Which bike will be fuel efficient in your opinion? ««««««««««««««««««««. 18.000 19.16.000 More than 60.60. What is your opinion about your bike¶s maintenance cost? High Moderate Cheap 17. 1 being excellent and 5 being bad Engine Clutch/ Gearbox Handling Braking Rider Comfort Pillion comfort Value for Money 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 .000 . Your bike¶s on road price? ess than 40.

which bike is the best safety bike according to you? «««««««««««««««««««««. which types of bike you want? ««««««««««««««««««««««. 21. Are you satisfied with the safety measures of the bike? Yes No If No.. +++++++++++++++++++++++++ Thank You +++++++++++++++++++++++++ . Do you feel bored / irritated in shifting gears of your bike? Yes No If yes. why? No «««««««««««««««««««««. 22. Do you wish to switch over to any other Brand? Yes If Yes.20.

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