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F a r mi n g t o n L u t h e r a n Ch u rch

March 2011

This year Ash Wednesday falls on  Ashes remind us of God's

Ash Wednesday March 9th, the day that marks the condemnation of sin, as God said to
beginning of the Season of Lent. Adam, "Dust you are and to dust
March 9, 2011 Once again we will gather in you shall return" (Genesis 3:19).
worship on that evening and
celebrate Holy Communion as we
 Ashes suggest cleansing and
begin the Season of Lent and the renewal. They were used anciently
journey to the cross with Jesus. in the absence of soap. On Ash
Wednesday ashes are a penitential
Ash Wednesday is named for the substitute for water as a reminder
practice of imposing ashes on of our baptism.
worshippers, a practice which many  Ashes remind us of the
Lutheran congregations have found shortness of human life, for it is
to be a very meaningful part of the said as we are buried: "earth to
Ash Wednesday liturgy. Using earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust."
ashes as a sign of repentance is an
ancient practice, often mentioned in
 Ashes are a symbol of our need
to repent, confess our sins, and
the Bible (e.g., Jonah 3:5-9; Job
return to God.
42:6; Jeremiah 6:26; Matthew
11:21). The early Christians As you enter the sanctuary for
adopted the use of ashes from worship, you will be invited to
Join us for Worship Jewish practice as an external mark come forward to the altar rail for
with Holy Communion of penitence. the imposition of ashes. As you
and the Imposition of Ashes then take your seat, we ask that you
Ashes symbolize several aspects of
then sit in quiet meditation in
11:30 a.m., 5:30 and 7:00 p.m. our human existence:
preparation for worship.

Wednesday Lenten Worship Beginning Wednesday, March 16

5:40 - 6:15 pm Lenten Soup Supper Service
Inside This Issue This service is family friendly and for people of all ages. The service includes familiar
2 FLC Family News
songs, dramatic scripture readings, activity pages for the kids, and a meal of soup and
grilled cheese sandwiches served in the midst of it all.
3 FLC in Action
4 From the Pastor Healing Stories of Jesus
Week 1 – Jesus heals a paralytic
5 Council & Ministry Teams
Week 2 – Jesus heals a bleeding woman
6 Adult Spiritual Growth Week 3 – Jesus raises Jairus’ daughter from the dead
7 FLC Missions Week 4 – Jesus drives a demon from a boy
8 Music News Week 5 – Jesus heals blind Bartimaeus
9 Youth News We’re looking for families who are willing to participate in our Lenten Soup Services.
10 Children’s Ministry News Families can help out by greeting or leading the cross building tradition at the beginning
11 2011 Summer Camps of the service. Please contact Maria to help out, or check out the sign-up sheet on the
information booth in the gathering area.
12 March Service Groups
13 March Calendar
7:00 - 7:45 pm Holden Evening Service Actor’s Needed!
14 The Back Page
A quiet service with singing and reflection. See page 3 for details on how you can join
in Holden Service dramatizations.
FLC Family News
Baptized in February Farmington Lutheran Church
20600 Akin Road Farmington MN 55024
Zoe Marie Emerson, daughter of Mark and Jill Emerson
Jackson James Johnson, son of Christopher and Kathryn Johnson Office Hours
Kinsley Marie Wagner, daughter of Cory and Ashley Wagner 8:00 am—4:30 pm, Monday—Friday
Brayden Cruz Zach, son of Wayne and Amber Zach
Telephone Numbers
Office ………………………………. 651-463-4100
We Mourned the Loss and Celebrated the Life of Fax ……………………………….…. 651-463-4101
Diana Kaye Rasmussen Web Address
Anton “Tony” G. Mechura
Farmington Lutheran Staff
Interim Senior Pastor
Thank You! Phil Walen Ext 203
Thank you for your contributions to the Souper Bowl
Sunday food collection! Three-hundred and twenty
(320) pounds of food were delivered to the Administrative Assistant
Farmington food pantry. Susan Swenson Ext 200

Director of Children’s Ministries

Welcome New Members! Maria Tarpinian Ext 205
On January 30th FLC was blessed with 27 new members. Please stop and
introduce yourself when you see them.
Director of Youth Ministries
Arlan Olson Ext 207

Director of Music Ministries

Karissa Dennis Ext. 206

Brad, Sharon & Tyler Halse Travis & Christine Learing, Communications Coordinator
Kyle & Ryan Roby Diane Schmidtke Ext 201
Pat, Marni & Emma Karker

Business Manager
Shelly Lassahn Ext 208

Treasurer, Greg Lambert

Custodian, Don Curwick

Spiritual Care Ministers

Iris Briesacher Paul Houck Marilyn Emond
Diane Randall Marie Sachs
Matt, Tianna, Kayla, David & Sue Schorr David, Michelle &
Please contact Marie Sachs at 651-399-4244 or
& Riley Price Charlotte Zinke Sue Swenson at 651-463-4100 to schedule a visit
from a Spiritual Care Minister.
Not pictured:
Shawn, Jami & Halle Johnson
Brian, Serena, Ethan, Zachary & Charley Resler

FLC In Action
Helpful Information Strengthening Faith Together Capital Appeal
Sometimes in our day-to-day life we could use a At all worship services on the weekend During February, the Appeal Task
little help. This column and the items in it could of January 29/30, and also by mail that Force and the various committees have
be just what your looking for. same week, official announcement was been hard at work putting together the
made of the three-year Strengthening details of this exciting challenge, de-
Prayer Chain Requests Faith Together Capital Appeal effort veloping materials, making phone
If you have a prayer request for the Prayer Chain, that targets eliminating our assessment calls, and enlisting the help of many of
simply fill in your request on the yellow card debt and significantly reducing the you. Now in early March, all FLC
available at weekly services, send a request via mortgage balance on our property. members will be receiving additional
the link on the FLC website, or contact: Iris Together with that announcement, a important information, so be sure to
Briesacher at 651-463-7043 or viae-mail at
40-day devotional booklet written by watch your mail and read carefully
40 FLC members was distributed to these materials. The week of March
every member household as an oppor- 13-20 is especially critical to this ef-
Address Change? tunity for all of us together to reflect fort, so please continue to use the daily
Please notify the church office if your snail mail each day during the Appeal on God’s devotional and lift up in prayer the
or e-mail address changes — 651-463-4100 or blessings for life and faith here among ministry and mission of Farmington
us. Lutheran.
Community Outreach
If you need assistance for daily needs of living,
please check out the links provided on the FLC Wednesday Lenten Services (7pm) – ACTORS NEEDED!
Beginning March 16, and for the next single week!
Click on Ministry Teams, Outreach and Growth,
and Community Outreach.
five Wednesday nights, the 7pm
Lenten service will once again feature WOULD YOU LIKE TO HELP? We
the contemplative music and liturgy of are in need of “actors” for these drama
Hospitalized? the Holden Evening Prayer Service. presentations. Most of the parts will be
Please call the church office for a pastoral visit - Within that setting, the message each for a single week, and parts will not
651-463-4100. week will be offered in drama form need to be memorized. However,
around the question of who, if anyone, personal preparation and a short
Personal Information Policy is beyond forgiveness? Using a rehearsal for each week will be
It is the policy of Farmington Lutheran Church courtroom scene where Judas is on trial necessary. If you would like to help
(FLC) that all personal information, including but for betraying Jesus, we will explore the out, please contact Pastor Phil (Phone:
not limited to home address, e-mail addresses and mysterious tension between God’s 651-463-4100 Ext 203 / Email:
phone numbers (home, work or cell) be treated judgment and God’s mercy. Each
with care. All personal information received by week, Biblical characters will take the
FLC and entered into our database (Servant stand to testify about their
Keeper) or contained in our Member Directory,
A short meeting to “set the stage” for
understanding of Jesus and what his all interested participants will be held
will not be shared or sold to any outside vendors
life, death and resurrection tells us after the second service (@ 11:45) on
or solicitors. Personal information will not be
used to distribute information not affiliated with about that compelling question. As this Sunday morning, March 6, in the
church business. Any personal information trial unfolds, you won’t want to miss a sanctuary.
obtained will be for FLC use only and all who
are employed or volunteer at FLC will adhere
to this policy.
The Endowment Committee is now what areas of study an applicant is
The deadline for the April 2011 issue of accepting applications for scholarships pursuing. Details on applicant
Farmington Lutheran Church’s The Light is for the 2011-2012 academic year. The eligibility and an application form may
March15. Email comments and/or
submissions to the editor, Diane Schmidtke, at:
deadline for receiving applications is be picked up at the church office or or March 15, 2011. Applicants must be downloaded from the website.
drop off your information in the church office. attending or planning to attend an
accredited Lutheran college or
seminary. There are no restrictions on

From the Pastor


By the time you get this issue of the newsletter, a Celebrating our many other denominations) are aging and
History Timeline will be front and center in the Gathering Area. declining in numbers; they long for young
For a week or two, along with a FLC History display, this time- people among them to carry on the faith –
line will take up a good share of the Gathering Area; you won’t and we have so many we are literally run- Pastor Phil Walen
be able to miss it! In fact, you should have already received your ning out of space! Right now, we continue
invitation from the Transition Task Force, either by hand-out or to grow, thanks be to God, but will that
through the mail, to participate in making this timeline come to trend continue? And how do we value and recognize all our other
life with your own history contributions. age groups in the midst of that? This needs our best attention.
I personally have adopted the mantra that says, “Every crisis is
The Transition Task Force (“TTF”) has developed this project as
an opportunity for something new!” It’s Biblical, you know:
a fun, thought-provoking, visual way to begin involving members
God is in the business of new life! So how about taking all the
of FLC in their work over the next months – the important work
experiences of the past four or five years and recognizing all that
of looking carefully, honestly, and strategically at who we are as
we can learn from it, from both the joys and the challenges. Are
a congregation and where we are heading in the near future. The
we not in a new place these days? I believe that. Is it perfect?
information they will gather is not primarily geared to calling a
Of course not. But are we better equipped today to honestly look
new senior pastor; rather it is one step ahead of that. It centers on
at who we are as God’s people? Well, you can decide that.
FLC as a community of faith – what God is doing with us, where
God is leading us – and with your input and help along the way, So I hope that helps – and I hope you will always feel free to
its intent is to better understand ourselves so we can call pastoral share your input and insights with the TTF (and with me) as they
leadership that will share that vision and lead us into an exciting do their important work. In fact, how about stopping by the
future. Timeline and adding your own piece of history to the journey.

BUT … but so often when there is mention of the TTF these days Blessings, Pastor Phil
and the work they are doing, I inevitably hear this question:
“Didn’t we already do this? Why do we have to do this again?”

That is a good question, and I think to some extent I understand Annual Meeting Recap
the frustration behind it. FLC has gone through a lot in the last
few years with trying to understand the future and bring in pas-
The 2011 FLC Annual Congregational Meeting was held on
toral leadership. Most of you have now lived through more than
Sunday, January 30, 2011, with 112 voting members in atten-
your fair share of interim and transitional situations (me, in-
dance. Following the 10:30 service, a light lunch was served
cluded!) over the past four years. Back in 2007, lots of members
around tables in the Education Wing, and President Sara Otter-
invested lots of time in all the congregational analysis that was
ness officially called the meeting to order after all attendees
required to call a new senior pastor, and more study was done
had been served and were seated.
thereafter to look at the role of an associate pastor. All of that
was good work; I’ve seen the documents. So, why do we have to Pastor Phil opened the meeting with prayer. The agenda and
do this again? the minutes of the 2010 meeting were approved. Pastor Phil
shared an oral report (in addition to his published report), call-
Well, let me just set three things before you to think about as you ing attention to what he sees as the timeline for his interim pe-
ask or hear that question. riod at FLC. Pastor Phil also shared that at the Annual Meeting
in January of 2012, he expects his time to be winding down as
Think about all that has changed over the last four years – not just the exciting prospect of welcoming a new pastor draws near.
at FLC, but think of all that has changed in your own life, in the
Farmington community, in the world! I certainly don’t have to Treasurer Greg Lambert presented the 2010 Treasurer’s Report.
tell you all the ways the national economic crisis has impacted He noted that although our cash balance was down from
our lives, but many other things are different, too. Four years is a $68,000 at the beginning of 2010 to $42,000 at year end, we
long time. did not have to hold any special appeals during the year, and
that has allowed us to gain a much better understanding of
Think about the explosion we have seen and continue to see in regular income and expense for future planning. He also noted,
young families and children among us. Do you know how however, that in 2010 we were not yet able to bring on a sec-
blessed we are by that? The majority of Lutheran churches (and ond pastor.

Council & Ministry Teams
All published reports were accepted and approved, and the Please Join Us
following persons were elected to the following positions. Farmington Lutheran Church has many opportunities for
For 3-year Church Council terms: Jim Harper, Shelby participation - ministry teams, small groups, and Christian
Lunzer, Kent Porter, Alison Wenck. For terms on the En- education to name a few - and you are welcome to join in at
dowment Committee: Nancy Bjerke (3-yr), Roger Randall any time.
(3-yr), and Brian Wenck (1-yr). As next year’s Nominat-
If you would like more information about the ministry activities
ing Committee: Jake Amundson, Nancy Richter, and Pat
here at FLC or to find out how to get involved, contact the
Sweet. As Council officers (1-yr): President Sara Otter-
church office at 651-463-4100 /
ness and Vice-President Kris Akin. For the Finance Com-
or one of the contacts listed in the Ministry Team Meeting
mittee: Bob Brownawell (2-yr), Shelby Lunzer (1-yr),
Schedule below.
Sandy Christensen (1-yr), Mark Pearson (2-yr), Greg Lam-
ber (2-yr).
March Ministry Team Meeting Schedule
The revised Constitution and Bylaws were discussed and
Adult Spiritual Growth Monday, March 14 6:30 pm
adopted. Final ratification requires a congregational vote
Contact: Shelby Lunzer 651-463-8696 /
at the next Annual Meeting.
Altar Guild Meeting again in May, 2011
The 2011 Proposed Budget was discussed and adopted, Contact: Susan Brinkman 651-463-7397
and the Strengthening Faith Together Capital Appeal was Bread for the World Thursday, March 10 4:00 pm
presented. Outgoing Council member Tim Grundler and Children’s Ministries Monday, March 14 6:30 pm
former President Scott Neurauter were recognized for their Contact: Alison Wenck 651-460-2667 /
faithful service, and the meeting was closed with prayer by
Fellowship & Service Monday, March 14 6:30 pm
Pastor Phil.
Contact: Connie Honrud 651-463-2475 /
Global Missions Tuesday, March 15 6:30 pm
Contact: Chris Patsche 651-463-2078 /
Church Council Notes …
Morning Glory Circle Thursday, March 17 9:30 am
 At the February meeting, the Church Council Outreach & Growth Monday, March 14 6:30 pm
welcomed two new Councilpersons elected at the Contact: Phyllis Blees 952-432-4673 /
Congregational Annual Meeting: Jim Harper and Property Tuesday, March 15 6:30 pm
Shelby Lunzer. Contact: Chris Birch 952-432-2850 /

 The Church Council will attend the St. Paul Area Quilting Circle Thursday, March 10 & 24 9:00 am
Synod Toolkit for Congregational Leaders on Stewardship Not Meeting in March
Saturday, February 26. This day-long event provides Contact: Kent Porter 763-218-7151 / KENT.PORTER@US.ARMY.MIL
important basic information and resources to equip Strategic Planning Not Meeting in March
congregational leaders for their roles and responsibili- Contact: Jim Harper 651-463-2575 /
Violet Circle Tuesday, March 8 1:30 pm
 Pastor Phil was on vacation and absent from the Worship & Music Tuesday, March 15 6:30 pm
meeting. Contact: Julie Michels 651-463-7105 /
Youth Tuesday, March 15 6:30 pm
 The Finance Team reported that January was a good Contact: Rick Fencl 651-460-2699 /
month financially even though expenses were slightly
higher than income. However, this had been
anticipated because of the way some of our bills come Greg Lambert to serve as Treasurer; (7) Lea Guenther to
due, and both income and expenses were right in line
participate as Recording Secretary.
with projections for the month.
 Kris Akin reported from the Transition Task Force regarding
 The Council officially acted to appoint (1) Phyllis
a history “Timeline” event (with member input) to be held
Blees and Chris Birch as Council representatives on beginning Wednesday, Feb 23 with continuing displays for
the 2012 Nominating Committee; (2) Chris Birch as
the next couple of weeks.
liaison to the Cemetery Board; (3) Julie Michels as
liaison to the Endowment Committee; (4) Alison  Phyllis Blees (Outreach & Growth) reported on the
Wenck as liaison to the Memorial Committee; (5) successful Warrior to Citizen dinner for veterans hosted by
Alison Wenck to continue as Council Secretary; (6) FLC on Monday, March 7.
FLC In Action

Fibromyalgia and
Book Club
The 1st Tuesday of Every Month Chronic Pain Support Group
7:00 pm at FLC beginning January 4, 2011 If you have fibromyalgia or chronic pain and would like some
We will join together to discuss a book. support or can give support within your church family please
Childcare will not be available at this time. join us monthly at FLC. Our next gathering will be Friday,
March 4 at 2:00 pm in the Fireside Library.
March 1st - Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom Questions? Contact: June Benson 651-460-6747 (home)
651-491-2333 (cell)

Soup Needed! Craft Nite Out

Bring friends and chat while you do your craft on Friday,
Want to help send a kid to camp this
March 4th from 6:00 – Midnight. Baked potato bar provided by
summer? Then consider purchasing or
Women’s Ministry!! Hope to see you there! If you have any
cooking soup for one of our Lenten
questions please email Alison at
Soup Services! We’re looking for vol-
unteers who would be willing to pro-
vide a roaster full (50 servings) of
soup for our soup suppers. Soups for New Member Orientation
each week are listed below. Both store If you are interested in learning more about the Lutheran faith
bought or homemade soups are welcome (recipes can be pro- or if you want to become a member of FLC, please plan to
vided if needed!). Contact Arlan or Maria to help out, or check attend the next New Member Orientation on Tuesday, April 26,
out the sign-up sheet on the information booth in the gathering 2011 from 6-8 pm. Please contact the Church office at
area. Thank you! 651-463-4100 to pre-register. Child care available.
Mar 16 – Tomato Apr 6 – Vegetable Beef
Mar 23 – Corn Chowder Apr 13 – Pizza Soup Baptism Class
Mar 30 – Lasagna Soup If you would like to be baptized or if you have a child or chil-
dren to be baptized, please plan on attending the next baptism
class at FLC on Thursday, April 7, 2011 from 7-8 pm. Regis-
Job Connections Group ter at the Information Booth in the |Gathering Area or call the
Prince of Peace, Christian Life Center church office at 651-463-4100. Child care available.
13901 Fairview Drive - Burnsville, MN 55337
Information Hotline: 952-898-9388
While there are job groups all over the metro area, the Job Remember, SCRIP cards are for more than just gifts! Con-
Connections Group goes beyond just mutual support. A dedi- sider purchasing SCRIP cards for your everyday shopping
cated group of volunteers have partnered for years to combine needs. “Shopping cards” are available for the places you shop
knowledge and support into a weekly Job Connections Group every day: grocery stores, gas stations, department and dis-
which meets Tuesday evenings from 6:30 - 8:15 p.m. at the count stores, and restaurants! We have a wide variety of
Prince of Peace Christian Life Center in Burnsville. popular cards on-hand every week, and if you don’t see what
you want, we can probably order it for you! A portion of each
The program is very much “how to” focused and helps those new “shopping” card sold will come back to the church to help
to job hunting polish their skills to effectively navigate the support the ministry of FLC.
frustrating and time consuming job seeking process. Meeting
workshop topics focus on the essential elements of job search Find more information and purchase SCRIP cards at the
such as: personal assessment, devising a marketing plan, refining SCRIP table, which will be set up on Sundays between ser-
resumes, networking to uncover hidden opportunities, preparing vices. An all-inclusive list of participating stores is avail-
for interviews, and making use of all available resources. able. Cards ordered Sunday are available for pick-up the fol-
lowing week.
Meetings are free and open to anyone who is unemployed, under You can help sell cards, too! We are looking for volunteers to
employed or in job transition. For a list of upcoming workshops, help sell SCRIP gift cards on Sunday mornings. Please contact
go to Mara Ceason – 651-463-8660 or – if
you’d be willing to volunteer.

FLC Missions

During the month of March, our

congregation is joining people of You Are Invited
good will from across the state to
help alleviate hunger. Minnesota To Dinner
FoodShare’s March campaign is the Saturday, March 5th - 6:00 p.m.
largest food drive in the state, and
congregations like ours are the heart
The Global Missions Ministry Team invites
of the campaign. you to an evening of food, fellowship and
Last year the campaign raised a record 9.1 million pounds and dollars for entertainment on Saturday March 5th. Please
join us for a soup supper with an international
Minnesota’s food shelves.
flavor and enjoy the music of African drums
This year our congregation will be collection both food and cash and Brazilian guitar. Bring the family for a
contributions throughout the month of March for our local food shelf. free, fun evening beginning at 6 PM.
Watch for details in the weeks to come.

Critical Improvements for Hungry People

There were two legislative for working families. A full-time minimum wage worker with
wins at the end of the year two children, with an annual income of less than $16,000, would
for Americans at risk of receive $1500 less WITHOUT the CTC. These tax credits are
hunger. One was the ensured for two years.
Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act--a five year renewal of child nutri-
tion programs. The second was the bill that protected the Earned We here at Farmington Lutheran joined Bread for the World
Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Child Tax Credit (CTC). and thousands of other churches in writing our legislators urging
the passing of these tax credit bills. Even in the age of e-mail
The reauthorization of child nutrition programs at $4.5 billion and quick communication, handwritten letters are
over l0 years is the largest such increase for these programs. considered by Bread activists and congressional staff to be in-
Some of the improvements will be grants offered to communities credibly effective, second only to face-to-face meetings. Many
to improve access and participation in their school thanks to all of you who participated. Is not this what Jesus asks
breakfast programs, Summer meals and after school supper pro- us to do?
grams. It will automatically enroll children in Medicaid in free
meal programs at their school. Another provision will be encour- Farmington Lutheran’s Bread for The World ministry team is
agements for schools to improve quality of meals. lead by Ruth Jones. Feel free to join their next meeting at FLC
The EITC and CTC will prevent 2.4 million people including on Thursday, March 10th beginning at 4:00 p.m.
1.2 million children from falling into poverty. It's a huge victory

Support FLC’s Youth Group

Get the Farmington Independent
Whether starting a new subscription or renewing your
current one, grab a “Get the Paper and Support Your
Youth Group” form from the Information Kiosk. Mail
the form with payment directly to the Farmington In- Look for a mission
dependent (or drop by the church office) and they’ll
send back $10 to support the FLC Sault Ste. Marie Jamaica trip
youth mission trip! Please sign-up by May 1st. Thank update in the April

Music News Karissa Dennis, Director of Music Ministries

Music Practice Schedule: Lenten Time Changes!

Opportunities for Everyone! March 9 - April 13
Mondays Choir & Bell Rehearsals:
7:00-8:30pm Praise Team (3rd Monday of the month) Little Lambs 4:30-4:50pm
Wednesdays Wee Sing 1 4:50-5:10pm
4:30-5:00pm Little Lambs (18 months–Age 3, with a parent) Lisa Molitor, Director Wee Sing 2 5:10-5:30pm
4:30-5:00pm SonShine Singers (Grades 2 – 5) Karissa Dennis, Director SonShine Singers 4:30-4:50pm
5:00-5:30pm Wee Sing (Age 4 – 1st Grade) Lisa Molitor, Director Hallelujah Bells 4:50-5:10pm
5:30-6:00pm Hallelujah Bells (Grades 3 – 8) Karissa Dennis, Director Jammin’ for Jesus done March 2
6:00-7:00pm Joyful Ringers (Grades 9 – Adults) Karissa Dennis, Director Lenten Soup Service 5:40-6:15pm
6:00-7:00pm Jammin’ for Jesus (Grades 6 – 12) Ann Mikiska, Director Joyful Ringers 6:15-6:50pm
7:00-8:00pm Sanctuary Choir (Grades 9 – 12 & Adults) Karissa Dennis, Director Lenten Service 7-7:45pm
See Lenten Time Changes for all Rehearsals Sanctuary Choir 7:45-8:45pm

Sunday Music Performance Schedule:

Choirs, Bells, Praise Team
March 6: 9:00 & 10:30am Special Music
March 13: 9:00am Joyful Ringers: rehearse 8:30am
10:30am Women’s Choir & SonShine Singers,
Hallelujah Bells: rehearse 10am
March 20: 9:00am Wee Sing, Sanctuary Choir: rehearse 8:30am
10:30am Sanctuary Choir
March 27: All Services: Praise Team
April 3: 9:00 & 10:30am Joyful Ringers

Wee Sing has divided into 2 groups:

 Wee Sing 1 rehearses Wednesdays, 5-5:30pm
 Wee Sing 2 rehearses Wednesdays, 5:30-6pm. Inviting parents
These two groups will combine to sing at the begin- of young children:
ning of the 9am service the third Sunday of each we have volunteers in the
month. Nursery during Sanctuary Choir
We are blessed to have so many children participat- and Praise Team rehearsals!
ing and appreciate parents’ encouragement and sup-
port: Thank you! This means you can easily
participate and won’t have
to find a babysitter!
Karissa Dennis, I encourage you to join us!
Director of Music Ministries
651-463-4100 ext 206
Arlan Olson, Director of Youth Ministries Youth Ministry

The Youth Team meets at FLC on

Tuesday, March 15th beginning at 6:30 pm.
Please join us if you have an interest in youth ministry!
SPARK is a place that all the 9-12th graders
are welcome! Come check us out!

March 6 NO SPARK
7-8th Grade Game Night
March 13 Sunday Night Worship
7-10pm, Friday , March 25th
March 20 Trinity Care Center thanks to a generous donation, we now have a Wii!
March 27 NO SPARK bring your favorite video game (appropriate for
church) and game console. We will hook it up to
Check out the SPARK website for more one of our TVs for a great night of fun, food and
information at! God!! Don’t forget to invite your friends!!

CONFIRMATION Mission Trip Meeting

STUDENTS & Sunday, March 27th at Noon
For all the youth going on the trip to
PARENTS Sault Ste. Marie, MI, July 8-15, 2011.
Please remember during
Lent there are no
confirmation classes but
6-8th Graders instead all students & par-
This summer we a tagging up with a couple of the area ents are expected to attend a
churches, Light of The World and St. Michaels, for Lenten Worship Service
some days of service and fun at some place new every either the 5:40pm Lenten
time. The tentative dates are all Wednesdays, June 15, Soup Supper Service or the
July 6 & July 20th. It ends with a GREAT day at 7pm Holden Worship Ser-
Valley Fair on Thursday, August 4th. Watch for more vice. There will be sign in
details-cost TBD. These service days can help fulfill sheets for the students at
some of your confirmation expectations!! each of these services. This Arlan Olson,
is one of the expectations of Director of Youth Ministries
the confirmation program. 651-463-4100 ext 207
March Confirmation Sign-ups
Greeter Schedule Acolyte Schedule
Sat, Mar 5 5:00 Jack Briggs, Karen & John Sat, Mar 5 5:00 Ethan Monroe
Sun, Mar 6 9:00 Joseph Cardinal, Lynn Sun, Mar 6 9:00 A.J. Porter, Abbey Kost
10:30 Hunter Siegler, Brenda 10:30 Macy Savisik, Hailey Monroe, Gina Mercurio
Sat, Mar 12 5:00 Caleb Bray, Sue Sat, Mar 12 5:00 Ethan Monroe
Sun, Mar 13 9:00 Rachel & Megan Rebnord, Tony & Mary Sun, Mar 13 9:00 Macy Savisik, Hiedi Lambrecht,
10:30 Isaac Kuehn, Tamme Kassondra Kruckerberg
Sat, Mar 19 5:00 10:30 A.J. Porter, Jessica Schmitz, Kaitlyn Besler
Sun, Mar 20 9:00 Kassondra Kruckerberg, Patty Sat, Mar 19 5:00 Hannah Adams
10:30 Sarah Curtis, Peggy Sun, Mar 20 9:00 Tara Sauber, Courtney Kimmell
Sat, Mar 26 5:00 Hunter Siegler, Brenda 10:30
Sun, Mar 27 9:00 Sat, Mar 26 5:00 Hailey Sauer
10:30 Madison Farran, Chris & Kristie Sun, Mar 27 9:00 Reed Collins, Sam Wilson, Joe Wilson
10:30 Lucas Berg, Luke Johnston, Mitch Grengs

Children’s Ministry News

Reminder! Kids In Christ (KiC) March Event for

Don’t forget that there will be no
Wednesday classes, choirs, or meals on 5th-6th Grades & Families!
March 9th due to Ash Wednesday.
Help feed a hungry child
by volunteering at
Wednesday Meal Menu Feed My Starving Children!

FYI – Wednesday meals will not be served Date: Friday, March 18th
during Lent. Please join us instead for our Time: 6:00-7:30pm
Lenten Soup Services, held each week (March Where: FMSC in Eagan (990 Lone Oak Road, Suite 160)
16 – April 13) from 5:40-6:15pm. See the
What: 5th-6th graders and their families are invited to join
revised Wednesday night Lenten schedule for
KiC at Feed My Starving Children for a night of service.
times of choirs, classes and services. (A parent is expected to accompany their child to this
event. The minimum age to volunteer at FMSC is 5 years
old.) FMSC packages nutritious meals and distributes
Spring Break Week them to starving children worldwide. Come experience a
Regular classes will not be held Sunday, hands-on mission project for the whole family! Want to
March 27th or Wednesday, March 30th due learn more? Visit
to Farmington’s spring break, but kids are
invited to join us for special activities those Find out more information and sign up for KiC events
days. On Sunday morning, we’ll have large on the Children’s Ministries bulletin board, or contact
group games and activities for the Sunday school students, and Maria. We hope your family can join us!
on Wednesday we’ll have a special movie night for Wednesday
school students. If your kids are stuck at home for spring break,
we’d love to have them join us at church! First Communion
Preparation Schedule
NEW Family Fun Nights! for 5th Graders
Are you looking for something to do as a family? Are you  Wednesday, March 2nd and
looking to meet other families at Farmington Lutheran? Join us Sunday, March 6th – Info meeting
for some Family Fun events at Farmington Lutheran Church! and workbook pick up following Sunday & Wednesday
These events will be geared for children pre-school through fifth classes.
grade and their families (all ages are welcome) and will have
little or no charge. This will be an opportunity for families with
 Thursday, April 14th (6-7:30pm) or Saturday, April 16th
(10-11:30am) – First Communion Instruction Class for
younger children at Farmington Lutheran to have some fun
events together and will also be fun for the parents to get to Students and Parents
know others in the congregation. Hope you can join us at some Maundy Thursday, April 21st at 11:30am, 5:30pm & 7:00pm –
or all of the upcoming events: Celebration of First Communion
Please contact Maria if you cannot pick up your workbooks on
Friday, March 18th, 6:00 – Please join us for singing and the dates offered. Workbooks need to be completed in time for
decorating cookies with the residents at Trinity Care Center our preparation classes.
nursing home.

Saturday, April 30th – Please join us for a bonfire and fun at

Farmington Lutheran following the 5pm service. We plan to
roast hot dogs, make s’mores, and have some fun around the Maria Tarpinian,
Director of Children’s Ministries
Please call or email Kari Stewart at 651-460-4246 / 651-463-4100 ext. 205 with any questions and to RSVP
for any of the events.

2011 Summer Camping

Camp Wapo 2011

June 26th – July 1st
For kids currently in
4th – 9th grades
Camp Emmaus Find out more information at and pick up a registration
June 17th – 18th form on the Children’s Ministry bulletin
For kids currently in board.
2nd & 3rd grade Turn in your registration and $100
This new overnight camp will take place right deposit by March 10th to receive $50
here at FLC! Find out more information and off your camp cost!!
pick up a registration form at the Children’s
Ministries bulletin board!
Camp Wapo Camperships
Want to earn money for camp? Then mark your calendars for our
Lenten Soup Services! We will need parent/child teams to help set
up, serve soup and sandwiches, and clean up each Wednesday
from 5-7pm during Lent (March 16th – April 13th). Campers who
volunteer will earn money towards their camp week. Sign up on
At FLC we believe all kids the Youth bulletin board in the education wing hallway. (Please
should have the opportunity sign up for only one week as we have many campers and limited
to go to summer camp. If you volunteer slots!)
are in financial need, full or
partial “camperships” are
available for you and your 9-12th Grade T.I.M. Team
family. All requests are held Teens in Mission is a chance for those that have completed 9-12th grade to
spend a week at Camp Wapo. This is an awesome student leadership
in strictest confidence. program that is offered by Camp Wapo. You will spend June 24-July1st at
Please contact Maria or Ox Lake, experience the High/Low Ropes Course, and participate in
Arlan for assistance. leadership training, Bible Studies and worship. During the week they will
spend time at Wapo interacting and participating with the younger youth
from FLC. Only FOUR openings are available if you are interested please
contact Arlan for details.

Vacation Bible School 2011

Mark your calendars for VBS!
July 25th – 29th
For kids entering Kindergarten through 6th grade
in 2011 (a 3’s & 4’s class will be offered for
volunteers’ children)
NEW this year – a “week of service” for kids
entering 5th & 6th grade
Registrations and more information will be
available the first week in April!

March Service Groups

Every member is assigned to one of 12 monthly serving groups. Please prayerfully consider what you can
do to help out at FLC this month when you are contacted by your March chairperson. Thank you!

Albertson, Thomas & Linda Enyart, John McMorrow, John & Tracy
Anderson, Rob & Deanna Gonet, Greg & Theresa Mumm, David & Colette
Ashton, Darold & Anita Halse, Brad & Sharon Patrin, Al & Cindy
Baumgard, Gary & Kris Haugland, Douglas & DeAnn Peetsch, Brian & Patricia
Beissel, Craig & Michelle Haverland, Herb & Cindy Pelach, Marion
Berge, Michael & Suzanne Hunter, Donald & Brenda Peterson, Mat & Kim
Bonar, Douglas & Laura Johnson, Shawn & Jami Pettis, Ken & Char
Braun, Tim & Ellen Josephson, Lynn Resler, Brian & Serena
Burger, Ken & Kimberly Kimmell, Robert & Kristen Simon, Jon & Donna
Burns, Ryan & Lisa Krech, Daniel Sorenson, Linda
Culler, Richard & Kelly Kukowski, Aron & Amanda Steffer, Pat & Monica
Cumiskey, Michael & Trisha LaVan, Russell & Cynthia Tange, Dwight & Mary Jo
DuBay, Jared & Brittany Learing, Travis & Chris Trygstad, Jeanne
Elliott, Peter & Marlene Lucht, Orren & Margaret Walsh, Paul
Wood, Trent

Usher Schedule Mar 12 - Apr 3 Prayer Teams

Saturday, 5:00 Pat, Lisa, Sam & Tommy Carey Week of:
Mar 6 Team 6 Jeanne Trygstad, Della Parker, Darlene Hagen,
Sunday, 9:00 Roger Larson
Elaine McGonigle, Marion Pelach
Shannon Walsh & Ila
Mar 13 Team 1 Jennifer Tonsager, Marilyn Emond,
Sunday, 10:30 Chad Weed (Cap)
Lisa Carey, Tricia Murphy
Jim Harper
Taylor Kendall Mar 20 Team 2 Teri Cordes, Alison Wenck, Sara Pechauer,
Dan Pahl Alleen Wicktor, Pat Sweet
Mar 27 Team 3 Autumn Enright, Michell Beauvais, Lea Guenther,
Shelby Lunzer, Amy Bache

Worship Coordinators Altar Guild

Thank you for Mar 6 Karen Brownawell, Teri Cordes Susan Brinkman

serving at FLC! Mar 13 Connie Honrud, Pat Orndorff Connie Honrud

Mar 20 Open
Mar 27 Herb & Cindy Haverland

Please see the Youth News on Page 9 for the schedule of

Confirmation Student Acolytes and Greeters.

Non-Profit Org.
Permit No. 3
Farmington Lutheran Church Farmington, MN
20600 Akin Road 55024
Farmington, MN 55024

Change Service Requested

Daylight Savings Time Begins

Sunday, March 13th!

Summer Camp
Opportunities Men’s Softball
on Page 11. Soup Dinner
Saturday, march 12
at 6:00 pm and
You are Invited to Dinner Sunday, March 13
Saturday, March 5th - 6:00 pm At 11:30 am.
The Global Missions Ministry Team invites you to Interested in playing?
an evening of food, fellowship and entertainment
Contact Ryan at
on Saturday March 5th. Please join us for a soup
supper with an international flavor and enjoy the
music of African drums and Brazilian guitar.
Bring the family for a free, fun evening!