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Carlos Ferrer Jr.

Theory Of Knowled3.23

Mr. Taylor

Religions- do they cause wars?

In order to truely understand this question, one needs to look at the

reasons, or pretexts of war. Why would a group of people believe in a

religion? What gives the right to a certain religion to be better then others? In

order to completely assess the implications of religion and completely answer

the question of, "Do religions start war?" one needs to look at the positive

and negative of religion. The premises of this argument are as follows:

Religion is very important to many groups of people, and religion gets very

personal for said persons. Two, religion creates room for indoctrination, which

can lead to future conflict. And finally religion creates a great divide between

certain groups of another religion.

Religion, a source of long-lasting beliefs. This culutural system brings

groups of people together with a common faith of belief. Since these people

have a common belief these people tend to relate more to people of their

common belief. Religion is commonly used to mean faith or belief in a higher

power, and or a higher meaning. Most religions, have certain organized

behavoirs that the religion partake in. This is almost true for all religions.

Most of the religions meet regularly. The problem with religion is the fact that

yes religion brings a group of people together, but people that are not of the

same religion are shunned and looked down upon. While religion opens the
door to uniformity, it slams the door at the first instance of difference. Since

religion is very personal when somebody counterdicts a religion or finds

invalid arguements people of that religion become very hostile and angry

with not only the person that brought of the falcity, but if that person is part

of a different religion, the offended people will then look down upon that

religion. Simply the spread of religion is contagious and with the spread of

this idea, so is the subideals within, be it good or bad.

Religion creates a sence of order, by indoctrinating the participants

into submission into believeing what the religion says. Religion creates not

only order, but culture. Culture as in it spawns new ideas, and new ways of

living. Music and types of living are spawned from the certain religion. The

bad things is that these culutures can conflict with each other. And example

of this is the Isreali conflict. Two cultures that hate each other, because of

their beliefs. Religion creates conflict be creating conflicting beliefs and

cultures. By Indoctrinating their youth and creating a generation of ignorant


Religion controls people, by once again indoctrinating the youth and

turning people into a slave race under a certain power. This creates instability

and chaos for if a certain person does not agree with your ideals you could

become very hostile, to that person. People act blindly on the faight of the

church to "better themselves" and to get salvation. If your look at history

many of the wars that have been fought have been for Religion.

Religion is a huge part of everything that we do in this world. Not only

does religion "open the door" but religion in part creates frustrations and non-
understanding by indoctrinating the youth. Making the youth corrupt makes

the entire system of equilibrium out of sync.