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The following changes come into effect on Friday, Sept. 3, 2021, at 12:01 a.m., unless otherwise

Existing Restrictions New Restrictions

Sector (as of Aug. 28) (as of Sept 3)
Indoor gatherings in Up to 50 people, or 50 per No change.
public spaces cent of capacity,
whichever is greater
Outdoor gatherings Up to 1,500 people or, if Up to 500 people
in public spaces there is a capacity limit, permitted outdoors in
then 50 per cent of public spaces.
capacity or 150 people,
whichever is greater. Effective Sept. 7
Restaurants, Physical distancing when Proof of vaccination is
licensed premises not seated at a table required for those 12
and food courts required. Use of hookah years of age and older.
and water pipes
prohibited. Members of the Food courts have a grace
public are required to be period until Sept. 7 to
seated at their table, with meet requirement to check
some exceptions. Sound proof of vaccination.
levels not to exceed 80
decibels and dance floors Individuals are not
are closed. required to provide proof
of vaccination to enter for
the sole purpose of picking
up takeout or delivery

All other restrictions have

been removed.
Gyms and fitness No capacity limits, masks Proof of vaccination will be
centres are required when not required. Masks remain
actively engaged in required when not actively
physical activity. engaged in physical
Casinos, bingo halls Casinos, bingo halls and Proof of vaccination is
and VLTs VLT lounges open to fully required.
immunized people only.
Businesses where VLTS’s Physical distancing is no
are located must ensure 2 longer required between
metres of physical VLTs.
distancing unless a non-
permeable physical barrier
is in place.
Museums and Open to 50 per cent Museums operate under
galleries capacity. the requirement to show
proof of vaccination
(indoors only) when open
to the public as a

If the museum is used as

a private venue for
another purpose (e.g.
wedding), then the
appropriate orders apply.
Fairs and festivals Limited to 500 unless
protocols and higher
attendance is approved by
public health.
Libraries Open without capacity No change.
Professional sports Open with no capacity No change.
or performing arts limits for patrons with
events proof of vaccination.
Horse and auto Open with no capacity No change.
racing limits for patrons with
proof of vaccination, and a
plan approved by public
Movies theatres and Open to 50 per cent Proof of vaccination will be
concert halls capacity. required. No other
Weddings and Open to 1,500 participants Proof of vaccination will be
funerals for outdoor ceremonies, required for events held in
unless the venue has a licensed facilities.
capacity, then 50 per cent
or 150 people, whichever Outdoor capacity limit of
is greater. 500.

Indoor weddings and Effective Sept. 7

funerals remain limited to
50 people or 50 per cent
of capacity, whichever is
Indoor community, Open to 50 per cent No change.
cultural and religious capacity or 150 persons,
gatherings whichever is greater,
masks must be worn at all
Outdoor community, Open to 1,500 persons or No change.
cultural and religious 50 per cent capacity,
gatherings whichever is greater.
Drive-in services continue
Personal services Open without capacity No change.
Indoor sports and Games, practices and Proof of vaccination will be
recreation, including tournaments permitted, required, excluding youth
dance, theatre and capacity limit of 50 per recreational sport.
music school. cent for spectators.
Parents and coaches will
require proof of
Outdoor sports and Games, practices and No change.
recreation tournaments permitted,
capacity limit of 50% for
Overnight camps Open with limit of up to 15 No change.
staff and campers in a
group, no interaction
between groups and an
approved plan from public
Retail, markets, Physical distancing No change.
garden centres and measures are required.
malls Masks required indoors
Workplaces Open without restrictions No change.
Indoor self-help Indoor gathering limits and No change.
gatherings mask use rules apply.

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