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For the past 21 years, the Booksin community has
organized itself around a massive fundraiser—The
Walkathon—that directly supports critical programs that
create an enhanced elementary school experience for
your child—and every child--at Booksin School. Last
year, the fundraiser raised over $150,000 for programs
like these:
Computers – technology consultant staff & resources
Science – primary grades support and Science Fair
Music – money towards consultant and performance art
resources & supplies
Art Vistas – our art appreciation and lesson program
Grade Level Funds (field trips and enrichment)
Individual Class Funds - for teachers to spend on their
classrooms, however they see fit.
Spelling and/or Language Arts Books – consumable
School Assemblies and Events
Library Books
Extra Campus Improvements
The Walkathon is organized by a team of about 40 Parent
Volunteers—known as the WAT Committee—who plan
and manage the various segments of the day. On the day
of the Walkathon, roughly 300 additional parent and alumni
volunteers work in shifts to make this amazing event
happen. We are looking for additional help in the following
committees prior to the event:

Family Solicitation—A large portion of donations and items in
the auction come from Booksin families—this is a very
important position and we need your help!
Item Display—Is merchandising your thing? Use your skills to
describe and display auction items.
Grade-level Baskets—Help coordinate donations that come in
from each grade-level and assemble them into baskets.
We’d like one person from each grade.
Day-of Auction Coordinator—Help manage the auction sales
process and paperwork the day of the event.
Logo Coordinator—someone has to help manage all those
logos for the t-shirts. The job is complete in September!
Donor Thank-yous—Help show our appreciation to the
generous families and businesses that support Booksin.

Day-of Set Up Chair—We’re looking for an additional 1-2
people to help manage field set up and details for the day of
the event.
Clean-up Chair—This position is so important and vitally
needed. It’s relatively quick work too!
Top Club—create a special recognition event for for kids who
achieve the highest goals. This event is after the Walkathon.
Newsletter—produce our weekly newsletter keeping families
current on the latest information leading up to the event.
T-Shirts—Our T-shirt chair needs help—coordinate the
production and dissemination of our popular t-shirts!
Puncher Chair—Manage all puncher volunteers the day of
Walkathon—this tracks the mileage of each walker—it’s key!
Spotter/Field Water Chair—Manage volunteers that keep our
walkers cool and within the course guidelines.

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Do you have a vacation home or special getaway you are
able to donate for a weekend or week to the highest
bidder? Trips are extremely popular with our auction
bidders and we would love to include yours in our lineup
this fall. If you have a getaway location or some other
special item you would like to donate, please contact us!
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on oow»riows:

Diane Hayward: dbhayward@hotmail.com 269-1753
Stacey Hoffman: hoffcrew@pacbell.net 978-3463


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