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Instructions for the preparation and submission of Dissertations/Projects and Thesis for Bachelor's / Master's degree Programmes

. Instructions and notes on format, binding and submission of dissertation / projects and thesis for Bachelor's / Master's degree Programmes. Each candidate submitting a dissertation/project/thesis for examination must do so in accordance with following specifications: 1. NUMBER OF COPIES Two copies must be submitted to the University duly bound and each candidate is required to bring one, further copy to the viva examination paginated in the same order as the copies submitted to the university and at least adequately bound. 2. METHODS OF PRODUCTION a) Theses must be presented in legible and permanent form in typescript or print except that it is permissible for mathematical or other such formulae to be inserted neatly by hand where applicable. Typing should be of an even quality with clear black characters. The top copy must be submitted to and shall thereafter be retained by the University. The other two copies may be produced by use of either carbon paper or xerographic reproduction. b) Candidates intending to produce their work on a computer or word processor which uses dot matrix printer must submit sample paged to the Registrar for approval at least six months prior to submission of the complete dissertation, project or thesis. The decision as to acceptance or otherwise will be notified to the candidate in writing within one week of such submission. 3. PAPER QUALITY Plain paper A4 size (210x297mm) of good quality and of sufficient opacity must be used. 4. LAYOUT Margins at the binding edge must NOT BE LESS than 40 mm (1.5 in) and all other margins NOT LESS than 25 mm (1 in). One and a half or double spacing should be used in typescript except for indented passages of quotation or footnotes, where single spacing is acceptable. 5. PAGINATION All pages must be numbered in continuous sequence in Arabic numerals from 1 onwards. This sequence shall include everything bound into the volume, inclusive of

maps.Sc.(Computer Science) A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE (Computer Science) of IBAIS UNIVERSITY Dhaka. the candidate's full name. M. See specimen title page of the following pages: DESIGN AND SIMULATION OF TRAFFIC IN QUEUEING NETWORK EXPORT MARKETING OF NON TRADITIONAL PRODUCT FROM BANGLADESH MBA Thesis Naymur Rahman B. equations.Sc.). Bangladesh September. Bangladesh April. When separate from the bound volume. 6. etc. . TITLE PAGE The title page shall bear the officially approved title of the thesis. it shall be clearly labeled with the same information as appears on the title page and must be given separate pagination. the designation of the degree for which it is submitted. Thesis Md. Any material which for any reason cannot be bound into the main body of the text must be placed in a pocket inside the back cover or in a rigid container comparable in size and of similar format to the bound thesis. Shahid Hossain B. CERTIFICATE OF THE SUPERVISOR This is to certify that the thesis on "HOUSING: PROJECT OF LOW COST MULTISTORIED BUILDING ON LONG TERM PAYMENT: AN EMPIRICAL STUDY" is done by S G M Yeazdani as a partial fulfillment of requirement of "Master of Business Administration" degree from " IBAIS University". diagrams. 2003 M. A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (Marketing) of IBAIS UNIVERSITY Dhaka. Com.Com(Hons. name of the University and the year. 2003 Specimen thesis title page: Master's degree Thesis (All Faculties and Schools) 7. The thesis has been carried out under my guidance and is a record of the bonafide work carried out successfully.

... Date: ............................... acknowledgments and abstract.. the main sections and/or chapters of the work... 9.. It should summarize the content of the dissertation/ project/thesis and the way in which it was organized.. Signature: ........ this should list with their page numbers.............. The work I have presented does not breach any copyright..................... 10.. Supervisor's full name:«««««« Date:««««««««««««« Faculty/School:««««««««....... certificate of supervisor's declaration......... The acknowledgements shall appear on the page immediately following the Declaration............... there shall appear a full table of contents.......... the principal divisions within the work and the conclusions reached.. research methodology used. friends and colleagues as well as the University.Signature:«««««««««««... ABSTRACT The acknowledgements shall be followed immediately by an abstract (a brief informative summary) consisting of not more than 200 words...... DECLARATION I hereby do solemnly declare that the work presented in this dissertation / project/thesis has been carried out by me and has not been previously submitted to any other University / College / Organization for an academic qualification / certificate / diploma or degree... relatives.... Faculty/ School: ....... describe the scope of the work.. Student's full name: ....... and any appendices with their full titles and/or numbers.. 11.... ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Candidate may wish to acknowledge valuable contributions from their research supervisors....... TABLE OF CONTENTS After the title page. used in the main text..... I further undertake to indemnify the University against any loss or damage arising from breach of the foregoing obligations... 8.................. and the bibliography................... .

15.12. Any later contribution. degree. Application for the submission of such materials shall be made to the Registrar well in advanced and certainly no later than six weeks prior to submission of the completed thesis for examination. 17. The cover shall be in BLACK CLOTH. and indicating clearly the candidate's contributions to the knowledge. the reasons of selecting this particular topic. ALL OTHER ILLUSTRATIVE MATERIALS Illustrative materials in other media (including videotapes) may be acceptable to the University provided that there are reasonable grounds for its inclusion. The candidate will be informed in writing of the decision about the suitability of the material for inclusion. ILLUSTRATIVE MATERIALS Photographic and other illustrative materials shall be bound into the text permanently mounted on A4 size paper. OBJECTIVES The thesis shall include a statement of the candidate's objectives. PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDES Photographic slides may be submitted provided that they are not greater than 50x50 mm (2x2 inches) in size. 14. corrections or other loose materials shall be bound in wherever possible. WATER RESISTANT AND LETTERED ON THE FRONT COVER WITH TITLE. BINDING SPECIFICATIONS The levels of the dissertation/project/thesis are to be overcast with the edges uncut. Any material which cannot be so bound shall be treated in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 5 (pagination) above. University's name and year in gold/silver letters 16 or 18 points (5mm) as shown below: THE COVER EXPORT MARKETING OF NON TRADITIONAL PRODUCT FROM BANGLADESH . 13. AUDIO RECORDING Audio recordings may be submitted provided that they are on low noise (Dolby) C60 or C90 cassette. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES must adhesive tape or any similar non-permanent materials be used for this purpose. 16. students full name.

). Where their entry is unavoidable or even desirable. UK.. Commas should not be used in numerical quantities.. the first appearance should be spelt out in full and in parenthesis as thus:. It is the candidate's responsibility to seek the advice of a binder and subsequently arrange for the satisfactory inclusion of ALL corrigenda before the thesis may be re-submitted for the award for the award of degree. CORRIGENDA Candidates are responsible for any errors in their thesis.' such recommendations having been suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO)' Commonly used abbreviations such as 'e. Single rather than double quotation marks should be used. including typing errors and every effort must be made to correct all such errors prior to submission. COPIES Each copy of the thesis submitted must be accompanied by a copy of any materials mentioned above and any such material must be clearly labeled with the same information as appears on the title page. 21. The decimal point should always be indicated by a stop rather than comma. Abbreviations should be avoided except where their usage is common (e. .g. PUNCTUATIONS AND ABBREVIATIONS Punctuation should be used according to conventional orthography and strictly according to sense.g. SPELLINGS Spellings in accordance with either the Oxford English Dictionary or American usage can be used as long as use of one or other source is consistent throughout the thesis.. Bangladesh.b' should always appear in the lower case.. MBA Thesis 2003 19.. 2003 THE SPINE The spine shall be lettered as shown below the same type size : Naymur Rahman 18.. Any corrigenda identified by the examiners may be 'tipped in' after the table of contents or between the pages of the text itself if specifically permitted.. and 'n. 20. In all other cases it might be necessary for the volume to be rebound in order to insert permitted corrections.MBA Thesis Naymur Rahman IBAIS UNIVERSITY Dhaka. USA. etc.

3 000 000 not 3. 3000 not 3. They should not be designated as figures and they should be numbered quite separately from other illustrative material.000. Tab 1. typed flush with the right-hand margin. 23. If there are four digits. 24. otherwise they should be written by hand using black ink.000. Tab 2.g. Letters used as mathematical symbols may be typed in italic facilities are available.22. matched as closely as possible to the usual printed version. They may be numbered for reference by figures in parenthesis. Greek letters may also be typed if facilities are available. particularly in the correct positioning of subscripts and superscripts and in the alignment of the various parts of an expression. TABLES Tables should appear as soon as possible after they are first mentioned in the text and should be numbered consecutively. Great care must be taken in the typing or writing of mathematical equations.000. They should also be used when referring to figures and tables in the text. e. Unless accompanied by a unit. STYLE GUIDLINES (a) Mathematics Mathematical expressions should be clearly separated from each other and from the preceding and following text. Only horizontal rules will normally be necessary and these should be either typed or neatly drawn by hand in black ink.e.. (b) Quantities The commas should not be used in numerical quantities. numbers from one to ten are usually spelt out in full. Fig 1. and not a comma.. . Show the decimal point as a full point. restricted to identification of proper nouns and trade names or in use of common abbreviations. (c) Use of Capital Letters The use of capital letters in the text should be kept to the absolute minimum. The title of the table should be typed with initial capitals and lower case lettering ABOVE the tables. like so:Table 6: Sensitivity of costs of variation in discount rate. space should be left between each set of three i. UNITS The international System of Units (SI units) of measurements must be used at all times although imperial measures may be given in parenthesis. they should be typed close up: where there are more than four.

experimental results. e. should be indicated. Quinlan (pp34-38). e. e. Parkes (p58). . of Educ.g.g Downey. and Kelly.g. D. Thereafter. Social and Education Variables Relating to Teachers' Assessment of Primary School Children' Br.2. The footnotes shall consist of the name of principal. exhibits etc. Leavis. Morrison. e.g. M. e. 0: The Sociology of Education. Volume number and page references should also be applied. A and Sutherland.1.1. References to articles.g Leavis. Subheadings should follow the same order. Stevens (3)(pp91 -104).g Mcntyre.. Batsford. (g) Appendices Lengthy derivations. should be placed in appendices identified in serial order by Roman numerals. Appendix I. e. should be fully identified. computer Programmes. L. the work shall be identified by title. Footnotes may either be appeared to chapters or may appear on the same page as the text but the method adopted must be uniform through out the dissertation/project/ thesis. Harper and Row. FR(2) (p19).g Quarles (1) (p25). If works cited in the bibliography are by separate authors coincidentally share the same surname. or first named author of the work followed by a page reference in parenthesis. Psych. e. 1979. In cases where more than one work by the same author in question has been cited in the bibliography. London. 1966. Appendix X. Appendix II. Roberts (2) (pp37-56). papers and other contributions to academic journals. (f) Bibliography The bibliography should list all works consulted by the student in alphabetical order by name of principal or first name author. London.g Banks. etc. 1. the name shall be followed by an Arabic numeral in parenthesis corresponding to its position in the bibliography followed by the page reference in parenthesis. J. AV: Theory and Practice of Education (An Introduction) (2nd Ed). initials shall be used for the sake of clarification. e. (e) References References to published work and quotations there from should be indicated by Arabic numeral and keyed to footnote entries bearing the same number.(d) Headings Main chapters should be numbered from 1 onwards. place of publication and year of publication. publisher. QD (2) (pp1214).