10 Tips on Passing the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET

I completed 18 credits in Education alongside my degree in Mass Communications, majoring in Journalism. In 2008, after a year I graduated, I decided to take LET, the Licensure Exam for Teachers, so I would get licensed to teach. I had two choices to review for the challenging exam. Either enroll in a review class or study on my own. I chose the latter. It was not an easy choice. I guess I was just lucky that my friend already enrolled in a review class that I photocopied her review manuals. I started to review though just a month away before the exam. If my goal was to be one of the top 10 examiners, I guess I would had taken the review seriously and started the review months before. I might also had enrolled in a review center. (And that would be a big challenge since I did not take an Education course, full time.) But that time, I just want to pass the exam and get a license. So, it took a lot of self-discipline to study by myself since I easily get distracted by a lot of things that time. After only a week or two left before the exam, that I seriously went through all the manuals and tried to understand every concept in Education. Define cramming. I’m so glad I passed the exam though, with an overall score above 80%. After what I’d gone through before the exam and passing it, I believe you can do the same! I have listed below ten things you should do if you plan to review on your own to get a license for teaching. 1. Know your weak and strong subjects. Alot time on reviewing the lessons of your strong subjects. And enjoy the review so you could easily remember what you are reading. But alot more time on your weak subjects. Well, at least if you are weak in math for example, make sure you didn’t miss reviewing the concepts of what is covered in the test for General Math. 2. Understand theories and concepts. Review the different methods of teaching. Imagine how these ideas would be applied in a real teaching environment. If you are already teaching then that is great, since you can easily imagine how the theories and concepts are applied in the real world. 3. In my opionion, the exam is more of your analytical skills, so strive hard to improve it. Once you have understood theories and concept, make sure you know how to differentiate them and explain them in your own words. At least by doing these, you can easily recall them when you are taking the exam. 4. Don’t take for granted subjects under General Education. Remember that you have to pass all three sets of tests including General Education. Don’t assume this test is easy since you took this up when you were in Elementary or High School. Remember that a lot of years had passed. So brush up your memory especially the basic mathematical equations and basic science concepts.

So. Prepare everything before the exam. If you need to erase it. To be sure. You are not allowed to go out while taking the exam. Make sure you have read the test guidelines many times. Make sure you don’t feel drowsy while taking the exam so you have enough time to answer them all.5. I was used to answering tests by shading the boxes or circles. or at least it is your final answer. Eat well and use the restroom before the exam. where I had my college years. What will help you answer the exam are your basic understanding of the Education topics and your analytics skills. 10. 7. 8. 6. check the allowed calculators in the PRC’s list. you haven’t reviewed whatever appears on the real exam. If it is not clear. make sure you are shading the right answer. But I still don’t think it is a good idea. Most of the time. Follow instructions. ask the proctor. I knew how erasures could make a bad score. Other test takers define it as common sense . although my friend said she didn’t even check the list and just grab a basic calculator with her. make sure you have a non-programmable calculator. Proctors check each calculator before the exam starts. If you don’t want to buy a new one though. So before you shade it. Don’t overdo it though because you might miss the right answer. we took our exams in Scantron. Check your calculator. Avoid erasures. But don’t take my word on this because I wasn’t sure if other proctors had allowed calculators not in the list. I think that’s the reason one of my friends fail. 9. Take enough sleep before the exam. Listen to what the proctor is telling you during the exam. make sure it is clean. In CEU.