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Research Proposal

John I. Pariwono Bogor Institute of Agriculture & An Australian Alumni
Australian Development Scholarship (ADS) “Research Proposal Writing Workshop” Workshop” John Pariwono Jakarta,I.1 July 2009

Writing THE

1 July 2009


1. The THING 2. The MAKING 3. The FINE TUNING 4. The END

1 July 2009

John I. Pariwono



(Research Proposal)

John I. Pariwono 3

1 July 2009

Pariwono 4 .What is a Research Proposal? ”The skeleton of the idea which a researcher wishes to pursue” pursue 1 July 2009 John I.

Pariwono 5 .What is a Research Proposal? ”The skeleton of the idea which a researcher wishes to pursue” pursue 1 July 2009 John I.

Pariwono 6 .What is an IDEA ? “A thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action” action 1 July 2009 John I.

then there is no hope for it Albert Einstein 1 July 2009 John I. Pariwono 7 .Which IDEA is worth pursuing? If at first the idea is not absurd.

Pariwono 8 .Which IDEA is worth pursuing? Body of knowledge 1 July 2009 John I.

To build the Research Skeleton A good research proposal starts with: A GOOD RESEARCH QUESTION Or A GOOD ANALYTICAL QUESTION 1 July 2009 John I. Pariwono 9 .

Pariwono 10 . techniques NOT a routine application of known Should be an important problem. 3. 2. 5. 6. 4. whose solution will have useful effects Should have a good idea on which to base his/her work Should explain clearly what work will be done Should know about the work that others have done on the problem Need to have a good track record. both of doing good research and of publishing it 1 July 2009 John I.Criteria of A Good Research Proposal The major criteria (Jones & Bundy. 7. Should address a well-formulated problem It should be a research problem. 2009): 1.

Pariwono 11 1 July 2009 .The MAKING (Process) John I.

Why is it important to know that topic/issue? 3.In the Making A good RP has to answer 3 BIG QUESTIONS: 1. How will you proceed to make that research? 1 July 2009 John I. What research project will you undertake? 2. Pariwono 12 .

and the details of the process 1 July 2009 John I.Writing A Research Proposal OWLL (2009): • • • Writing a research proposal is a process It takes time to work through all the sections It takes time to think about how to do the research. justify it. Pariwono 13 .

It is totally absurd to write a GOOD Research Proposal in a couple of days 1 July 2009 John I. Pariwono 14 ...Thence ….

Research Proposal is a Composition of Words “Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind” . Pariwono 15 .Rudyard Kipling - 1 July 2009 John I.

Pariwono 16 .ACHTUNG ! Bear in mind the wording you use Avoid using meaningless words Be concise 1 July 2009 John I.

Components of A Good Research Proposal • Statement of questions to be answered • Brief literature review • Statement that shows argument which will be researched • Statement that recites the differences of argument made by others • Brief outline of the paper • Volume of research proposal must be concise: 8001000 words • Time line of research proposal 1 July 2009 John I. Pariwono 17 .

Logical Guideline for writing the RP Leedy (1985): • • • • • • • • The RP and its milieu State the problem State the sub-problem State the hypothesis (postulate) Demarcate the terrain (State the paramenters) Define the terminology Indicate the importance of the study Review related literatures John I. Pariwono 18 1 July 2009 .

6 million IDR for 36 months 1 July 2009 John I. Pariwono 19 .REMEMBER ! • You are applying for an ADS Scholarship ! • If successful. on top of your tuition fee. you will receive a grant of almost 2000 AUD per month for your living allowance. etc. etc • This is equivalent to 2000 x 8300 IDR = 16.4 million IDR for 24 months • OR to 597.6 million IDR per month • It is equal to 398.

The Question • Why should the SPONSOR grant this amount of money to you??? • For what reason??? 1 July 2009 John I. Pariwono 20 .

The Answer • Because you successfully FULFILL all the requirements demanded by the sponsor 1 July 2009 John I. Pariwono 21 .

FULFILL The Sponsor Wish • Follow the format (ADS Research Proforma) • What is the relevance of your study to Indonesia • What will your research contribute to the development priorities of Indonesia 1 July 2009 John I. Pariwono 22 .

and catchy Outline general background. informative.Elements Incorporated in Research Proposal (1) Elements 1 2 3 4 Title Introduction Objectives Hypotheses 1 July 2009 Remarks Concise. theoretical basis. Relate strategy to research question The core of the RP. descriptive. Pariwono . main strategy Specific problems seek to answer. has not already been tested by anyone 23 John I.

It simplify the formulation of hypotheses The practical use. the process of HOW & WHY they are performed To enumerate & critically analyze the list of bibliography. opening new research possibilities. accelerating the development of knowledge. etc The approximate time needed to John I.Elements Incorporated in Research Proposal (2) 5 6 7 8 Elements Methodology Literature Review Outcomes Time line 1 July 2009 Remarks Describes the experiment. 24 completePariwono the research .

Pariwono 25 .FINE TUNING The 1 July 2009 John I.

Industry ought to be doing it instead 6. 2009): 1. 4. 2. Question being addressed is not clear The question being address is woolly or ill-formed It is not clear why the question is worth addressing The RP is just a routine application of known techniques 5. 3. There is no evidence that the proposer will succeed where others have failed 1 July 2009 John I.Common Short-comings of Research Proposal (Jones & Bundy. Pariwono 26 .

Pariwono 27 .Mark Twain 1 July 2009 John I.Choosing the Right Words “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug” .

28 .Some TIPS No 1 2 3 4 5 Subject Revision Clarity Demarcation Details Prostitute 1 July 2009 Remarks Do not be afraid to revise and narrow the topic Keep the aim clear Demarcate the terrain of study (assumption. and delimitations) Provide details especially in the methodology and data analysis Do not prostitute the research just toPariwono the sponsor satisfy John I. limitations.

1 July 2009 John I.Some EXAMPLES • • • • • “Gain insight into…” “Develop the theory of…” “Study…” “Observation of…” “Condition of ...” DIFFICULT to distinguish miserable failure from stunning success. Pariwono 29 .

you’ll write better ones yourself. Jones (2009) 1 July 2009 John I. Pariwono 30 . • Effective: dramatic increases in quality.Ask A Friend To Read • Cheap: what someone thinks after a 10-minute read is really important • Informative: after reading plenty proposals by others.

2009.How to write a research proposal. Massey University. Eastchance. 1985.. East Chance. P. MastersThesisWriting. Practical Research: Planning and Design. Writing a good grant proposal. 2009. & A. Pariwono 31 . Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.. 2009. 2008. OWLL. 2005. Research Proposals. ITS. R. Guidelines for Preparing a Research Proposal for a PhD Thesis. 3rd Ed. Research Proposal. Learning & Media. 2009. 1999. Co. Hongkong Jones. How to write a good research paper. Cambridge. Masters Thesis Writing. University of Essex.References • • • • • • • • • Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies. ITS Tutorial Jones. Centre for Teaching. course work or extended essay by considering the rubric requirements. Bundy.P. McMillan Publ. How to Write a Good Research Proposal. Microsoft Research. GoArticles.D.. R. Guidelines for PhD dissertation proposal. Leedy. Gerber. 1 July 2009 John I.

The END 32 1 July 2009 John I. Pariwono .

Pariwono 33 .enough iS ENOUGH 1 July 2009 John I.