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1. Companies Ordinance, 1984 a. Areas of the Companies Ordinance, 1984 covered at Module D Examination in Company Law paper. b.

Other specialized areas i. VIII Investigation and related matters ii. VIII A NBFC iii. IX Arbitration, arrangements and reconstruction iv. X Prevention and opperession of mismanagement v. XI Winding up o 305+306 o 309+310 o 311 o 321-331 o 333-334 o 336-337 o 339-341 o 346-350 o 355-357 o Winding up unregistered companies o Winding up companies outside Pakistan 450-462 o Registration offices and fees 468-469 o General Legal 494, 496 Second schedule – salient features of prospectus and statement in lieu of prospectus 2. Various rules under CO a. Companies Rules 1985 b. Capital issue rules 1996 c. Legal advisors 1975 d. Buy back of shares 1999 e. Variation in rights 2000 f. NBFC Rules 2003 Ch 1, Sch 1+4 g. Regulation 25 of NBFC and Notified entities regulations 2008 h. Sch IX – Fit and Proper criteria and Sch X i. Employee stock options 3. Secretarial practices Floatation of shares and securities including prospectus, offer for sale and convertible securities, stock exchange listing rules, underwriting, brokerage, etc.; and discount and premium on shares; application and allotment of shares, issue of share certificates and bonus and right shares and transfer and transmission of shares of companies, investigation and dividend. a. Filing requirements, maintenance of statutory books and registers under the Companies Ordinance, 1984. b. Meetings of shareholders and directors and all proceedings thereto, including notices, agenda, quorum, voting, poll, proxies, resolutions and minutes. c. Functions and responsibilities of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan under the SECP Act (Act No. XLII of 1997). 4. Other laws and regulations a. Foreign exchange regulations i. Chapter XIX Loans, overdrafts and guarantees Part A: Rupee loans

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e. foreign currency loans (repatriable and non-repatriable basis) by Pakistani firms and companies functioning in Pakistan. issue of bonus and right shares and effect on the rights of members. The Central Depositories Act. 1980.Foreign exchange regulations relating to definition of foreign controlled companies. Stock Exchange Listing Rules and Guidelines . registration of transfers.CDS of the Central Depository Company 480502/22 b.especially those relating to secretarial 507matters. procedure for issue of shares to nonresidents.9 and 11 including annexures) o Third Schedule o Fourth Schedule (salient features of matter to be specified in prospectus and reports to be set out therein) 573-589/16 f. 1997 and Central Depository Companies (Establishment and Regulation) Rules 1996 .7 to 13. 1971√ provisions pertaining to issuance of shares and securities to the general public (mainly section 9 ) and Insider Trading. Banking Companies Ordinance. 1984 relating to interalia. 523/16 c. 1962. Modaraba Companies and Modarabas (Floatation and Control) Ordinance.41 and 42) ii. and special instructions regarding shares transferred under the Central Depository System . Broad understanding of the Code of Corporate Governance for listed and unlisted insurance companies.23 and 25 to 28 o First Schedule (Form no. 1962 . Effect of the Central Depository on provisions of the Companies Ordinance. The Insurance Ordinance. repatriable foreign currency loans by foreign controlled companies for meeting working capital requirements.33.16 to 20-B.37.Understanding of provisions relating to: 528-548/19 i. ii. mainly sections 45 to 49. Chapter XX . Competition Ordinance and Regulations The following topics will be covered: i. sending of notices to members. trading of quoted shares by non-residents. 589-592/3 d. public issue of shares. The Securities and Exchange Ordinance 1969 and the Securities and Exchange Rules. h.Modaraba Companies and Modaraba rules. i. general exemption from the restriction on transfer and issue of Pakistani securities to non-residents. Code of Corporate Governance and Transfer Pricing. maintenance of register of members. Competition Ordinance 2007 462-480/18 523-528/5 548-573/25 . Part B: Foreign private loans Private foreign currency loans.Sections pertaining to audit and accounts. local borrowings by foreign controlled companies for capital expenditure. mainly sections 34 to 38 of the Banking Companies Ordinance. 2000 provisions relating to statutory and special audits and maintenance of accounts. and ii. 1981 o Rules 2 to 4. transfer and export of Pakistani securities to non-residents. issue. 592-597/5 g. provisions for general permission for lending to foreign controlled companies for working capital. Central Depository System.1.Scurities Knowledge and application of provisions relating to rules and regulations governing acquisition and holding of foreign securities. payment of dividend. 51 and 52 and the Securities and Exchange Commission (Insurance) Rules 2002 including regulations and Format accounts. Provisions relating to the following: o Definitions (Section 2) o Registration of Modaraba Companies (Section 4 to 6) o Provisions applicable to Modaraba (Section 7 to 23.

V Penalties and Appeals ii. certain agreements. deceptive marketing practices and approval of mergers.I Preliminary Chapter . Competition (Merger Control) Regulations 2007 excluding the Schedule iii.IV Functions and Powers of the Commission Chapter . Chapter .Chapter .II Prohibition of abuse of dominant position. Competition (Leniency) Regulations 2007 20 5 .