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Change Password Policy

The following document illustrates how to properly change your HH Brown


As a security precaution all HH Brown passwords must be changed every 6 months.

Before you begin, please read this helpful guide to strong passwords:

Your password must be at least 6 digits long!

Use an alphanumeric combination, both letters and numbers!
Combine CAPITAL and lower case letters!
Use symbols or numbers to replace letters where appropriate!
Bad password = password
Easy to guess, one word spelled out with no deviations.
Good password = Pa$$W0rd
Same word with a capital P and W, lower case a, r, and d, dollar signs
replacing the letter S and a zero replacing the O.

*Remote Users*
If you are a remote user, you must first login to the VPN (Virtual Private Network)
before you change your password. Failure to do so will cause a failure to properly

If you are physically located in one of HH Browns facilities, you are already on our
network and may begin the password change instructions.

Changing your HH Brown password is a quick, easy, and seamless process. Simply
follow these steps.
Password Change Instructions:

1. Login to your HH Brown account as you normally do.

2. Once logged in, press {Control – Alt – Delete} at the same time.

3. You will see the following window:

4. Click on Change Password in the bottom left corner of this


5. You will now see the following window:

Type in your current password in the Old Password field, the one you just used to
login to your computer.

6. Now type in your new alphanumeric password in both the New Password and
Confirm New Password fields.

7. Then simply click OK !

8. You should now see the following screen:

9. Congratulations, you have successfully changed your HH Brown password!