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eliminating rag paper which was in limited supply 1849 .Thomas Edison patents the phonograph 1889 .Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas A.Ships on Ferdinand Magellan's voyage signal to each other by firing cannon and raising flags.Guglielmo Marconi transmits radio signals from Cornwall to Newfoundland 1925 .Claude Chappe establishes the first long-distance semaphore telegraph line 1831 .Associated Press organizes Nova Scotia pony express to carry latest European news for New York newspapers 1876 .The Chinese develop wooden block movable type printing 1450 .Charles Fenerty produces paper from a wood pulp. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.Hedy Lamarr and George Antheil invent frequency hopping spread spectrum communication technique . the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation. 1793 .Samuel Morse builds the first long distance electric telegraph line 1844 .John Logie Baird transmits the first television signal 1942 .Almon Strowger patents the direct dial telephone 1901 .The Phoenicians develop an alphabet AD 26-37 .Hindu-Malayan empires write legal documents on copper plate scrolls.Roman Emperor Tiberius rules the empire from island of Capri by signaling messages with metal mirrors to reflect the sun 105 .Tsai Lun invents paper 7th century . and write other documents on more perishable media 751 .history Timeline of communication technology From Wikipedia.The Sumerians develop cuneiform writing and the Egyptians develop hieroglyphic writing 16th century BC . Watson exhibit an electric telephone in Boston 1877 .Johannes Gutenberg finishes a printing press with metal movable type 1520 .Paper is introduced to the Muslim world after the Battle of Talas 1305 . search This article does not cite any references or sources. 3500s BC .Samuel Morse develops the Morse code 1843 . (December 2009) Timeline of communication technology • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Prior to 3500BC .Communication was carried out through paintings of indigenous tribes.Joseph Henry proposes and builds an electric telegraph 1835 . Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

both in business and in their personal lives.Claude Elwood Shannon. Communication is possible in a large variety of mediums and technologies. the "father of information theory". 17 years after Arthur C. Clarke's article 1966 .Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau built the prototype system which became the World Wide Web at CERN 1991 .Neil Papworth sends the first SMS (or text message). Internet's ancestor. This has made life a lot easier and more efficient for people. Advances in communication technology Communication is one of the most important parts of human life.First geosynchronous communications satellite is launched. Communicating with each other and passing information and understanding each other are of vital importance if you are to survive in society. Ring and W.Douglas H.• • • • • • • • • • • • 1947 .Chester Carlson presents the first photocopier suitable for office use 1963 . email.Erna Schneider Hoover invented a computerized switching system for telephone traffic. mathematically proves the Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem 1958 . are connected.Charles Kao realizes that silica-based optical waveguides offer a practical way to transmit light via total internal reflection 1969 . Methods of communication. 1994 .Internet2 organization created About this article: Advances in Communication Technology Communication technology has boomed in the recent past. 1971 . with the Internet. and video conferencing.The first hosts of ARPANET. Rae Young of Bell Labs proposed a cell-based approach which lead to "cellular phones" 1949 .Anders Olsson transmits solitary waves through an optical fiber with a data rate of 32 billion bits per second 1992 . VOIP.Donald Knuth begins work on TeX 1989 . verbal and non-verbal have . 1977 .

Today satellite communication has become one of most powerful methods of communication. Consider the internet. A couple of centuries ago mankind did not even dream of communicating with the use of the sky. satellite communication and so many other ways that we can communicate. what kind of world would we be living in today. Today we can pick up a telephone and call any one around the world or in some exceptional cases astronauts who are based in space stations. Graham Bell discovered not only the telephone. This actually shows us that mankind was actually waiting for a technological breakthrough that would push us to the next step in communication. Today many households. Since Alexander Graham Bell the methods of communication technology has developed at an alarming rate. At this very moment when you are reading this article which is published on the internet you are using a source of very powerful communication device. but the base for all modern communication methods. schools. organizations. it's one of the largest if not the largest form of passing and gathering information. The latest GPS (General Positioning System) can show an individuals position with . A couple of decades ago we did not dream of what we could do with satellite communication. Imagine if Bell did not invent the telephone.come a long way since the time we communicated for simple needs like hunger and illness. Everything from phones to the internet to the TV and radio can be used through satellite communication. much less dream of something like satellite communication. companies. gathering information. It can be used for many purposes like advertising. and so many other implications that you can practically live on the net. publishing personal information. radio and the newspapers as a source of communication. We have the internet. businesses and many other corporations use the World Wide Web. sending and receiving e-mails. Through satellite communication it is possible for an individual to communicate with any one who has a similar communication device. Almost every thing that concerns communication uses the technology. This can be done from any where in the world. I would dare say that the World Wide Web has surpassed the TV.

understand what trees are trying to tell us. The best and worst part about communication is that it evolves. We can communicate with animals. The way we see the world today will be totally different to how we might see the world in another 10 years time. but for the moment talking and body expressions are some of the simplest and best ways to express yourself. Communication methods and ways might change and expand in ways that we never thought possible. understand the movement of the earth it self and try to understand when an earthquake might happen. We can try to understand how the earth has evolved and make an estimated guess on how it will react in time to come. We are now trying to communicate with extra terrestrial beings that might be out there using the latest communication technology. All this might be in the future. Satellite communication is used for telephones and . develops and expands.pinpoint accuracy. movement of your eyes and even by just thinking it. If the road to the destination is under construction or if you cannot go in that path the GPS will choose a different route for you. An individual can ask for directions from the system and it will show you the closest route that you can get there. In the future we might start to communicate by just thinking about it. Types of Communication technology Intrnet Wireless Satellite About this article: Satellite Communication Satellite communication allows us to learn more about our surroundings than ever before. Now it is even possible to move and control other objects by the movement of your hands.

Many things which we thought to be impossible were achieved. This is called a geostationary orbit. . Satellite communication. The first satellite to be equipped with a radio transmitter was launched in 1957 by the soviet government. This technique is very important because ground based antennas which need to be directed toward a satellite to gather information can operate effectively without the use of expensive equipment to track the position of the satellite. This satellite was called Sputnik 1.computers and really does make the world a smaller place. From earth a satellite seems to be stationary. regardless of where they are in the world. After the launch of these communication satellites. because we can communicate with just about anyone. The first American communication satellite was called Project SCORE which was launched in 1958. The first geostationary satellite was launched on the 9th of August 1964. but in reality it revolves around the earth at a constant speed once a day over the equator. communication is one of them. communication reached new heights. Satellites are used around the world for a variety of reasons.

which was called the Syncom 3. Then in 1964 the International Telecommunication Satellite Organization or INTELSAT emerged and COMSAT became a member of the United States of America. They are: Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) and Fixed Service Satellites (FSS). There are two main types of satellites used for North American television and radio. Satellites were deployed for communication purposes on a commercial basis started off with communication Satellite Corporation. In Europe most satellites used for direct-to-home television have the same high power output as DBS class satellites in the United States. but use the same liner polarization as a FSS class satellite. also known as COMSAT began in 1963. This event goes down in history as the first television transmission sent over the Pacific Ocean. The fact that satellites traveled on a geostationary orbit helped and boosted the applications of the service. This satellite was used to relay television coverage of the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo to the United States of America. Satellite television became the main market for communication satellites. INTELSAT was based in Washington and 120 nations joined .

By the 2000's INTELSAT had some 21 satellites orbiting the planet. Intelsat 3 and Intelsat 4. watching satellite television or surfing the net we communicate with satellites. INTELSAT provided the world's largest and most extensive telecom system. Then during the 1970's INTELSAT developed and successfully launched Intelsat 2. Things that look like shooting stars at night help to make our world a better place to live in. In the 1980's INTELSAT launched its next generation of satellites called Intelsat 5 and Intelsat 6.the group of ownership. was launched in 1965. About this article: Wireless Communication (Wi-Fi Technology) . It hosted a two-way TV channel between Europe and the US. Without satellites it would be impossible to do some of the things that are now taken by many of us for granted. Satellite communication has played a major role in the development and advances of communication. listening to radio. The first satellite launched by INTELSAT was called Intelsat 1 which was also known as the Early Bird. With such communication advances it is difficult to state the heights communication will reach within the next decade. When you are making a call.

The term wire-less says it all. What is "Wireless Communication?" you might ask.Wireless communication has enabled people to have access to their communication tools from just about anywhere. people can just almost anything without running wires throughout their homes and offices. From wireless internet connections to wireless keyboards. two way radios. Some of them are. Wireless communication is transferring information through a distance without the use of wires or electrical conductors. the GPS unit in cars. mice and printers. mobile phones. There are so many examples for wireless devices. personal digital assistance (also known as a PDA). computer keyboards. Wireless communication (Wi-Fi technology). wireless networks. satellite television and so many other electrical equipment that work without the . The transfer of information might be of a short distance like the usage of a TV remote or a long distance like the use of radio communication to transfer information.

acoustic energy are some of the sources of energy used in wireless communication. This technology has permitted us to expand our horizons in communication beyond what we thought would be possible. As an example radio frequency.two sources connected by electrical cord. The ranges of these devices are limited because the cordless device can only be taken with in the range of the unit which is connected to the power supply. The term wireless is not the same thing as cordless. This has caused some controversy in the use of the word cordless. Some cordless phones are sometimes referred to as wireless in the sense because the power unit transfers information to the cordless phone without the use of any electrical cord. Wireless communication is used when the use of electrical cord is almost impossible. The term "wireless" is commonly used word in the communication industry. laser light. Cordless is where powered electrical devices are able to operate from a portable power source. Wireless communication uses energy sources to transfer information. infra red light. But in general the two words remain separate but cordless can be .

Wireless technology is used for security purposes. These devices transfer both voice and date through radio waves. The technology is used in ear pieces and in long range guidance systems. They can be used any where there is telephone reception provided by the service provider. Wireless technology is now been used in a wide range of fields. Wireless technology is also used for house hold work. It is also used in cellular phones and modems. Take for an example the TV remote. The technology has reached such heights that now it is possible for us to communicate with astronauts in space.incorporated with the word wireless. It's also used for high speed internet connections. Wi-Fi is used as wireless technology between personal computers and similar devices. which uses infra red technology to transfer information from the remote to the TV. Wireless communication has helped us reach new levels of communication heights. It would be impossible to communicate using satellites if this technology was not available. These devices use radio waves to establish connections to make long range phone calls. We can communicate with submarines which .

Wireless has truly become the window in future communication. We can contact some one who is around the world within a couple of second.are hundreds of meters below sea level. .


About this article: Internet Communication The world wide web has introduced a whole new area of communication to the world. since discovered as a powerful communication tool has grown. expanded and spread through out the world like wild fire. Many people in the world have access to the internet and almost . Internet communication is used by people in different parts of the world to stay in touch. It has since become arguably the most powerful source of communication and resource. work and connect with each other. Internet Communication The internet.

every company has full access to surf the net. Take for an example some of the things that we can do on the net. When e-mail first came into the scene it was not possible for you to just walk into any remote computer lab and view your e-mails. All these methods are used for communication. Take for an example e-mail. It takes a matter of minutes if not seconds for the message to be delivered. The internet has broadened our horizons in ways we never dreamt to be possible. Companies like Microsoft. the internet was developed for the United States army as a source of communication but it soon became public. You can send them an instant message. chat or make a video call. Let's look at some of these methods in detail. instant chat. It was not too long ago that we started using this facility. e-mail. You can log in and instantly see which of your friends are online. As most of us know. Advertising on web pages. The message is delivered electronically. If you are working online then you can see which of your colleagues are online and work with them. e-mail them. E-mail was one of the first ways we started to use the internet. Yahoo and G-mail provide free . video conferencing and many other ways of communicating has evolved through out the years. But now this is possible with web based e-mail. You type what you want and send the mail to the relevant mail address.

pictures and any other sort of file you can think of provided that the size and format is compatible on both ends. This depends according to the level of inscription that you place. say romance. Some chat services provide the facility where you can have a private chat with any of your friends. A 512 or 1024 bit encryption is brick solid and would take a super computer about five years to decode. Most of the providers now separate these chat rooms by names. There are many chat services available on the net. Chatting is also used within companies and organization for official use. You can attach files. Once the file is encrypted it is almost impossible to be viewed by any third party. If you don't mind seeing some advertising on your web page then any one can sign up and use these services free of charge. technology. cars. The next best thing to e-mail is chatting. wave files. It is not only as online text that you can send emails. Now there is the facility where you can attach files and mail them to who ever you want. In chat rooms all your conversations can be seen by other people. folders. .web based e-mail. Now it is possible to chat online through the web browser it self. We also find chat services with chat rooms. Chat services allow you to actually have a live conversation with another person or a group of people. This kind of chat is common to all. medicine or any other topic you can imagine. Now it's also possible to encrypt your e-mail messages.

The internet has shown us new ways of communication and has actually taken communication to a whole new level. advertisement . If you have a high speed internet connection the quality of the video will be high. It is actually better than the telephone because you actually get to see the person you're talking too.The next step was video conferencing. You can see and talk to another person or a group of people provided you have a web cam and a head set with a mike. All these technological advances exploded during the last few years. Now it is almost impossible to imagine life or communication with out the internet. Some providers give this facility totally free of charge.

search Internet security protocols Key management Kerberos · PKIX · X.Private Communications Technology From Wikipedia.509 · XKMS Application layer S/MIME · PGP · Sender ID . the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation.

it is arguably a security risk. In particular.0 of Netscape's Secure Sockets Layer protocol and to force Netscape to hand control of the then-proprietary SSL protocol to an open standards body[citation needed].0 was a protocol developed by Microsoft in the mid-1990s. Due to its near disuse. it has received less attention in testing than commonly used protocols. For a while it was still supported by Internet Explorer.DKIM · SPF · PEM1 · MOSS1 Transport layer SSL · TLS · PCT1 Signalling layer DNSSEC Network layer IPsec v·d·e Private Communications Technology (PCT) 1. It is still found in IIS and in the Windows operating system libraries. but the latest versions have removed it. although in Windows Server 2003 it is disabled by default. PCT was designed to address security flaws in version 2. in particular because. . one security vulnerability is PCT failing to properly validate message inputs[1]. and there is little incentive for Microsoft to expend effort on maintaining its implementation of it. being rarely used. PCT has since been superseded by SSLv3 and Transport Layer Security.