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contents Welcome from the AssociAte DeAn the sDsB ADvAntAge A continueD custom of excellence 01 02 05 ProgrAmme feAtures clAss environment Benefits of the progrAmme ADmission criteriA some of our Alumni PArticiPAting orgAnisAtions 06 08 10 11 12 13 .

Anwar Khurshid Associate Dean & professor suleman Dawood school of Business . gives participants the structural tools to further their careers. our participants come from assorted backgrounds. the faculty has proven academic track records of teaching and research. this building of a dependable learning community serves as a valuable support system for the graduates. A diversified participant profile provides excellent networking opportunities across various industries. and admitting remarkable group of people who have gone on to further their careers and their host organisation’s productivity. foreign adjunct faculty and visiting professors from highly reputed universities add to the diversity and richness of the learning experience. both professionally and personally. the sDsB’s executive mBA programme has a lot to offer. these leaders are now well equipped with skills and tools needed to take on exigent roles as global business leaders. and public enterprise management. from this year onwards participants will also have the opportunity of selecting their specialisations from general management. further. dependable network. combining originality with an applied approach to learning. in the following pages you will find more about the sDsB executive mBA. entrepreneurship. family and study. this is in keeping with attempts to provide participants with a rigorous practical approach. managing work. the sDsB has an outstanding faculty that comprises experts in their respective fields. the school has been successful in attracting an impressive applicant pool. We are looking for motivated middle to top managers who are ready to work along our on campus modules and distance learning programmes. they have presence in pakistan as well as in many other countries. a week long international study module is also being offered to increase the global outlook and learning of our executive mBA candidates. these specialisations will further allow candidates to impact their organisations with enhanced efficiency and relevance. the programme’s competitive edge is the case method learning. i am sure the executive mBA programme will suit your aspirations and needs. Dr. it not only imparts functional expertise but also cross-functional learning and application that is requisite for the realistic outlook required by top management. our alumni prove to be particularly useful in providing a strong.Welcome from the Associate Dean Welcome to the executive mBA programme at the suleman Dawood school of Business.

the case method of teaching places a premium on teaching materials and standards. real-world environment and draw on their individual professional experiences to enhance group learning. industrial visits and sessions with foreign faculty. An international outlook. focusing on the pakistani business environment that helps in further building on the local perspective of participants. During the visit the students will be exposed to foreign business practices. over 450 cases have been developed in lums. since 1986. including the incorporation of global linkages and internationally qualified faculty. we are including an international study module in which the students will visit turkey/malaysia for one week. seldom do business managers face problems that are not impeded by external forces. By providing our participants with cutting edge foreign business practices. it emphasises experiential learning through local and international cases. . we present them with opportunities for real growth in their careers. adds greatly to the sophistication and innovation of our executive mBA programme. the case method allows participants to tackle the decision making process in a more dynamic.02 EXECUTIVE MBA { } The SDSB ADvAntAge the sDsB’s competitive edge is its teaching pedagogy. the case method of teaching. collaborative linkages with international institutions add immense value to the programme content and its marketability. in keeping with our aspirations and the essentiality of integrating a worldwide appeal to our programme.

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exceedingly high-tech campus facilities and a stimulating and challenging Through their interaction with one another. boasting a world-class faculty. The key to future business success lies in developing leaders who can effectively respond to the rapidly unfolding challenges of the day. Ours is one of the top tiered business schools in the region. while providing a rigorous and worthwhile business education. Candidates come from a range of organisations and cities around the country. . the task of managing has become more composite and challenging. In this increasingly uncertain international business setting.lums. The programme has been structured to enable busy managers to acquire a superior management education while continuing to fulfill their professional responsibilities. Our practice of individually interviewing applicants instills a continued custom of ensuring that we select only the } EXECUTIVE MBA 05 A ContinueD CuStom of exCeLLenCe LeADing Your orgAniSAtion The global business environment has never been more rigorous and demanding. they add inestimable personal experience and value to the programme. The LUMS Executive MBA offered by the Suleman Dawood School of Business has been designed precisely to cater to this need.{ sdsb.

As an employer. Monitoring and Control Systems entrepreneurship general management with courses concentrating in New Product Development. UAE “The Executive MBA at LUMS is a unique experience which provides knowledge and a forum to develop capabilities to handle challenging business environments. the organisation also benefits from the perspective brought in by the employee exposed to real life global case studies and discussions with experienced managers from different fields. } ProgrAmme FeATures Our Executive MBA prepares individuals to impact change.lums. Sales Force Management. Corporate Finance n n structure The study weeks are spread as follows: August August term nov/Dec term feb/march term Apr/may term August term nov/Dec term feb/march term Apr/may term Summer Orientation Programme (SOP) Class sessions for 2 weeks Class sessions for 2 weeks Class sessions for 2 weeks Class sessions for 2 weeks Class sessions for 2 weeks Class sessions for 2 weeks Class sessions for 2 weeks Class sessions for 2 weeks ABiD Amin | EMBA 2010 | HEAD OF PrOjECTS SIEMENS ENErgy | TrANSMISSION HV SUBSTATIONS (ETHS) DUBAI .edu. Supply Chain Management.06 EXECUTIVE MBA { sdsb. tutorials and projects l Case Method of Teaching supplemented with computerbased exercises and simulations l Extensive use of distance learning and Virtual University System through e-modules l Field visits and guest speakers sessions for a holistic and integrated perspective l A week long International Study Module to Turkey/Malaysia l 3 Specialisations being offered and the candidates will have the option of choosing the one most suitable to them: n Public enterprise management with courses focusing on Finance.” . The programme consists of: l A 20 month modular programme l 16 modules offered on campus l 16 weeks of full time classroom contact. with additional contact hours through assignments.

it eases the transition to the regular classes by providing the basic framework in the following modules: l Business Mathematics l Introduction to Financial Accounting l Interpersonal Skills l Introduction to Case Method l Computer basics real life test of the candidates’ learning during the programme and his/her ability to apply the relevant skills and techniques. It allows each participant a dedicated academic resource center on the } EXECUTIVE MBA 07 summer orientation Programme (soP) The SOP is an integral part of the Executive MBA Programme. The project requires candidates to explore key facets of the issue and recommend alternative solutions. Ensuing to my Executive MBA. Participants can have access to several e-modules. courses offered in executive mBA l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l executive mBA project The Executive MBA project requires the candidates to address an issue of significant importance to their organisation. Mathematics and Financial Accounting online courses and other tutorials that are offered in affiliation with the Harvard University before the participants actually set foot on campus. The Executive MBA project. Identifying a major issue(/problem) faced by the organisation. A possible topic covers: 1. Carrying out a strategic review of an organisation and its environment. Spread Sheet Modeling. discussion boards and online course evaluations.” . rizWAn AtA | EMBA 2009 | SEVP CIrClE EXECUTIVE CENTrAl | MEEzAN BANk lTD. The approach is that of a management consultancy The Executive MBA participants are required to keep in touch with their academics.lums. The study demonstrates awareness of relevant theoretical concepts. course related activities and resources including assignments. Coming up with alternative solutions for addressing it. through distance learning while off campus. “My Executive MBA at LUMS has significantly enhanced my problem-solving aptitude and imparted me the vision and skill set required to bring about positive change in my life and people around. course material. is a Managerial Economics Modeling Business Decisions Financial Accounting Marketing Management Managerial Communication Operations and Supply Chain Management Managerial Accounting & Control Managing People Finance for Managers Business Applications of IT Business law & Corporate governance Corporate Finance Islamic Ethics leading Organisations Business Strategy Marketing Strategy and Planning Distance learning Consecutive classes for two weeks every quarter is not the only form of learning. It provides background information to the basic subjects needed to prepare participants for the challenges of the course load and Case Method of learning during their Executive MBA Programme. the project is usually identified from within the current employer (client) of the candidate and a faculty advisor is attached for guidance and counseling. The Information System Technology (IST) department centrally supports lMS a learning and Content Management System.{ sdsb. tools and techniques and the candidates’ ability to apply the most appropriate of them to the organisational problem being studied. I have been elevated as Senior Executive Vice President-Circle Executive Central by my organisation. 2. hence. To the advantage of the current employer and candidate. and 3. Successful completion of the SOP is a prerequisite for the regular programme though not graded.

A rich and diversified Executive MBA class and faculty experience helped me reach my goal. They get the opportunity to interact with each other and discuss solutions to complex case situations in the presence of instructors that have international exposure. videos and computer exercises complement the classroom experience. moetesum KhurshiD | EMBA 2009 | PrOjECT DIrECTOr | ISUzU gHANDArA UrBAN TrANSPOrT SySTEM “I needed a transformation platform during my mid career change that could equip me with entrepreneurial insight.” . The enlightened case discussion made us focus on what I call the “Why Factor”. Once a participant gets to familiarise with the entire class and the professors in the SOP. lively peer interaction is an integral part of the learning process and the lUMS SDSB classroom provides a rich climate for discussion. forcing you to make a holistic approach and not focusing on a single issue. the 20 month programme translates into an enjoyable } ClAss environmenT As a student the Executive MBA participant experiences different perspectives from the entire Executive MBA class comprising of individuals from diverse backgrounds. The experience derived from an Executive MBA class gives you confidence and the leadership qualities to tackle even the worst case scenarios amicably. lectures.08 EXECUTIVE MBA { sdsb. Strong personal ties and associations are developed across different industries that serve as a dependable mentor base for lifetime.lums.

the corporate world. while you are enrolled in the Executive MBA Programme you are constantly networking with the MBA students. Marketing Club 5. cafeterias and medical emergencies are all present in house. leadership Society 8. lUMS Business review 6.” . i will always feel very proud to have been associated with this esteemed institution.{ sdsb.executive mBA has really added substantial value to my personal and professional development. lUMS Investment Management Association FACiliTies The Executive MBA participants have the option to avail accommodation facilities at the rausing Executive Development Center (rEDC) if they deem necessary. alumni. senior faculty members and also called upon to stage seminars/deliver lectures in collaboration with the MBA clubs and societies. muhAmmAD tAufiq cheemA | EMBA 2010 | TECHNICAl MANAgEr | ICI SODA ASH kHEwrA.lums. Human resource Club 4. Entrepreneurship club 3.Dramaline Society 11. Finance Club 2. Supply Chain Management Club 7. Toastmasters Club } EXECUTIVE MBA 09 neTworking oPPorTuniTy lUMS is like a networking hub. global Management Club 12. DISTrICT jHElUM “lums enhanced my confidence to meet future business challenges by improving my leadership abilities to think strategically for effective resource management and make right decisions at the right time. Sports Society 10. So. residence at rEDC is a single room accommodation equipped with STD/ISD services along with computing facilities at the discussion rooms. where i spent quality time. Some of them are as follows: 1.

” .000 750 650 750 650 10. gain critical skills and secure a competitive advantage l learn by sharing perspectives with a diverse group of seasoned professionals l Develop an effective network of peers and mentors l gain exposure to an extremely rigorous.672 30.000 30.800 9. reshaping their work attitude and ethics for sPonsoring orgAnisAtions Sponsoring organisations will be able to: l Improve their organisation’s productivity.292 9.072 11. They are required to indicate on their admission application that they want to stay on campus.800 138. It provides the perfect platform to expose our high potential people to complex business decision making at higher management. Participants are responsible for meal-related and other expenses.800 547.000 10.000 1. The fee structure for the first year is as follows: PKr fee Admission (one-time expense) Security ( } beneFiTs oF The ProgrAmme The lUMS Executive MBA provides a number of benefits both to the participants and the sponsoring organisations. lUMS provides on-campus accommodation to Executive MBA participants.375 686.072 1.620 13.000 1.000 30.000 *Dollar amount subject to change. HUMAN rESOUrCE & QUAlITy ASSUrANCE | BANk AlFAlAH lTD. muDAssAr Aqil | SPONSOr | gM.lums.000 35. m. and must commit for the entire 16 weeks of the on-campus stay (spread over 20 months).000 200 200 us $* resident non-resident resident non-resident 35. **Accommodation charges are subject to change.10 EXECUTIVE MBA { sdsb. performance and profitability by increasing the effectiveness of key managers l retain and motivate high achievers in their organisation l Develop a pool of sophisticated leaders who will enable their organisation to take on global challenges l reduce their human development costs l keep abreast of the global best practices and the skill set required to combat the challenges of an expanding business ProgrAmme fee Participants are encouraged to discuss sponsoring options with their respective 442. stressful and demanding work routine. one-time expense ) reading Material registration & Computing Tuition Accommodation** total 442. “The LUMS Executive MBA is our programme of choice to develop senior leadership talent for Bank Alfalah. Note: The University reserves the right to change its policies.000 30. These benefits include: for PArticiPAnts Participants will be able to: l get ready to assume a leadership role l Accelerate their career growth l Acquire advanced management skills without disrupting their career l Expand opportunities.

class of 2012 Average gMAT/lMAT Score 500 Average Age 36 Average Experience (in years) 12 * candidates holding only a Bachelors degree of less than four years duration will be required to produce an hec equivalence certificate of completion of 16 years of education. The aim is to select those individuals whose intellectual capacity and proven record of accomplishment in their respective jobs best qualify them to lead at a senior management level. applicants will be assessed on the following criteria: A minimum of sixteen years of education resulting in a Masters or Bachelors degree from an HEC recognised University * l graduate Management Admission Test (gMAT) or lUMS Management Admission Test (lMAT) l At least eight years of full-time work experience with five years of experience at a managerial position l Interview performance l there are no age restrictions. Participant Profile The Executive MBA Programme is designed for mid-career managers and entrepreneurs who are devoted to taking on greater challenges and making a better impact on the productivity of their organisation. These individuals can leverage their rich work experience through a world class management education. To be considered for an Executive MBA place at lUMS.{ sdsb.lums. Academic Background regional Distribution .pk/emba } EXECUTIVE MBA 11 Admission CriTeriA Admission to the programme is based entirely on executive mBA Admitted Applicant Profile .

resource Development & Alumni Affairs } some oF our Alumni rizwan Aziez EMBA 2009 ICI Pakistan limited Electrical & Instrumentation Manager muhammad tahir Aziz EMBA 2009 Shaukat khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & research Centre Senior Manager Amir mahmood islam EMBA 2005 The resource group Pakistan Director Human resource & Organisation Development shahid hussain gardezi EMBA 2008 Eni Pakistan limited Maintenance & Facilities Optimisation Superintendent samina rizwan EMBA 2007 Oracle Corporation Senior Director.12 EXECUTIVE MBA { Transportation muhammad iqbal EMBA 2008 Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation limited Senior Manager Abaidullah Khan EMBA 2005 Saudi Consulting Services Project Engineer raja Waheed ullah Khan EMBA 2008 lotte Pakistan PTA limited Corporate Hr Manager zaheer Ahmed ghanghro EMBA 2007 OMS Private limited Managing Director sheikh Ali hussain EMBA 2007 lahore University of Management Sciences Director. Industry Strategy and Insight muhammad Asad noor EMBA 2005 general Electric Inc Country Manager.

intellectual property organisation of pakistan Js investment ltd. Atlas Battery ltd. World call telecom ltd. ltd. Boc pakistan ltd. international power global Development international union for conservation of nature (iucn) itim Associates (pvt.(pArco) pakistan Army pakistan telecommunication company ltd prime commercial Bank pakistan navy pakistan Air force reckitt Benckiser schering Asia service sales corporation (pvt. chartered Accountants Agha Khan housing Allied Bank of pakistan Askari commercial Bank Askari leasing company ltd.lums. electronic govt. shaukat Khanum memorial hospital shell pakistan ltd. telenor pakistan teradata corporation unilever pakistan Water and power Development Authority (WApDA) Warid telecom (pvt. (mcB) meezan Bank matrix sourcing network solutions national Bank of pakistan oracle pak Arab refinery } EXECUTIVE MBA 13 PArTiCiPATing orgAnisATions Here is a broad range of organisations that have sponsored their high flyers for the lUMS Executive MBA: Aes lal pir thermal power station Atlas honda ltd. siemens pakistan state Bank of pakistan sunrise packages t-channels tcs (pvt. ferguson & co. ltd. WAK group hmA pumps grundfos haroon textiles ici pakistan ltd. shakarganj mills ltd. Aztech marketing Bank Alfalah ltd. federal Board of revenue ferozsons laboratories fauji fertilizer co.f. .) ltd. central Board of revenue civil Aviation Authority cybersoft technologies cosmopolitan enterprises caltex oil pakistan ltd. Directorate ministry of it ericsson pakistan faysal Bank ltd.. habib Bank ltd.) ltd. Descon engineering Department of Auditor general of pakistan efu emirates Airlines engro chemicals pakistan ltd. Atlas investment Bank Aventis ltd. Karachi international container KsB pumps lahore electrical supply company (lesco) muslim commercial Bank ltd. hadayat sons hana financial group (south Korea) horizon construction pvt. ilm society income tax Department inov8 ltd.) ltd. Army Welfare trust A. ittehad chemicals{ sdsb.) ltd. Bata pakistan ltd. . 54792 pakistan telephone: +92-42-111-11-lums (5867) (ext. lahore cantt. 2387) fax: +92-42-35896559 email: by: office of corporate communications suleman Dawood school of Business lahore university of management sciences opposite sector ‘u’ Website sdsb.