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And this tough off-roader knows how to make its way. But there is a flipside to its personality. The harshest of terrain is its playground. come what may. THE RIGHT OF WAY. either get in and make your way. Imagine a world without boundaries. So.2 ŠKODA YETI. Because on the inside. It’s an SUV that doesn’t take no for an answer. The Škoda Yeti is a culmination of raw power. robust design and uncompromising safety. . To the Škoda Yeti. Or give way. this car pampers you with unbridled comforts and conveniences. That’s exactly how you’ll feel in the new Škoda Yeti.

but also improve the vehicle’s overall rugged appearance. the rear side doors overlap the rear wheel arch rims. it backs it up with its performance as well. An intelligent 4x4. The Yeti’s squared-off wheel wells are dimensioned for the use of 16 inch alloy wheels. When it comes to its appearance. The bonnet also features the characteristic Škoda pressing rising from the logo in the middle of the radiator grille. STATELY AND STRONG The Škoda Yeti’s unique design gives an impression of ruggedness that simply begs for expeditions off the beaten path. which is evident in the exterior as well as the interior of the car.4 THE BUILD The Škoda Yeti has been designed to perform. It integrates some of the best solutions to offer a unique mix of safety. functionality and comfort in a signature design. it still stays true to its roots. The Škoda Yeti also introduces a host of innovations that appear for the first time in a Škoda car. making for a visually clean side profile. ideal for taking on the rough and tumble of the great outdoors. . In order to maintain the pure lateral line. it has been built like a tank. The dynamics of the Yeti’s profile are enhanced by the silver roof rails extending from the front to the back. In the rear. UNIQUELY ŠKODA The Škoda Yeti is the only SUV in the Škoda stable and borrows the best from its illustrious lineage. And being a quintessential Škoda. The wraparound headlamps are complemented by the uniquely high-set large front fog lamps. it doesn’t just look the part of a thoroughbred off-roader. the car features the distinctively Škoda brake lights which light up in the ‘C’ shape. though the Yeti is a definitive off-roader. This neatly compliments the silver brush guards. which not only protect the outer body from scratches. The boldly shaped radiator grille with chrome surround clearly evokes the Škoda brand feel.

The Yeti also comes with a black. with those in the rear featuring the unique VarioFlex system. Toughened cover on the underside of the car protects vital mechanical parts from knocks and abrasions. both of which reinforce its rugged 4x4 feel with the Boreal wood design décor. Not only does this offer a clearer view ahead in foggy conditions. The taillights go all the way to the wings. At its outer edges. commonly known as cat’s eyes. The Yeti may be rugged on the outside. you will find five individual seats. their position protects them from dirt and damage when going off the road. SOFT INSIDE. All in all. At the front of the car. The ample glass surfaces along with aptly shaped A-pillars ensure a near-panoramic view of the terrain outside. irrespective of where you are seated. yet rugged. the traditional ‘C’ lights up. As a result. the Yeti can truly adapt to very different storage needs: it can take the form of a classic five-seater. textured rear bumper with a silver coloured brush guard – which enhances the vehicles off-road look. . The Yeti also sports a dual tone interior design with the lavish use of Gobi sand shade – stylish. The Yeti also comes with a well-designed dashboard and central console. but also provides several protective measures. It offers you space. While the large effective rear view and side mirrors lower the risk of anything missing the driver’s attention. a particularly spacious four-seater. and when activated. the Yeti is an SUV with as many unique functions as it has good looking attributes. or a practical and useful two-seater with maximum cargo space. comfort and conveniences beyond your expectations. the rear bumper is complemented by longitudinal reflective surfaces. but on the inside it is sheer pleasure. The Yeti has been intelligently designed to afford the best possible view from the car. Inside. TOUGH OUTSIDE.6 OFF-ROAD SPECIALIST The Yeti has been designed in a manner which not only improves its sturdy appearance. its functional design is characterised by the higher positioned head lamps and fog lamps.

in the Yeti. no matter what the conditions. Constant speed is maintained downhill.such as when starting off up a hill or when moving off with another vehicle in tow. This helps the Yeti navigate out of most slippery situations. a breeze. the system stays active to prevent uncontrolled vehicle acceleration. it reduces fuel wastage. This constant speed is maintained by the system. you can take on tough off-roading challenges with a touch of arrogance. Advanced features like the Hill Hold Control and Hill Descent Control. The Off-Road Traction Control automatically detects this wheel spin. Drive-Off Assistant and the Off-Road Traction Control. making the task much easier. Thus. On the slope reducing to 8% for a short period. In addition. Its lighting system has been smartly designed to offer the best possible visibility. Each of which increases the safety and the ease with which you can drive the Yeti when going off the beaten path. while the electronics control the engine speed for an easy getaway. as power is only directed to the wheels which have grip. On 10% of vehicle inclination. the Traction Control System is operated with greater driving wheel slip. . DRIVE-OFF ASSISTANT The Yeti’s Drive-Off Assistant feature assists the driver when pulling away from a stationary position in difficult situations . With this feature. allowing the driver to concentrate on steering the car. while at the same time transferring power to the wheel(s) which do have grip. a constant speed is maintained when driving downhill by means of automatic wheel braking. you can focus only on steering the vehicle down the slope. such safety features as Anti-lock Braking System and Traction Control System. If your Yeti runs into muddy terrain. and applies the brake to the individual wheel(s). who says you can’t be wild and safe too? OFF-ROAD ASSISTANT The Off-Road Assistant package comprises of the Hill Descent Control.8 THE NONCHALANCE Because safety is a major feature in the Yeti. the system locks the speed the Yeti is going down at. OFF-ROAD TRACTION CONTROL When you’re roughing it out in the wild. The Yeti continues downhill in the same controlled speed as before. to enhance pulling away from a stationary position on a soft or slippery surface. automatically assume an altered setting for optimised performance when going off road. Best of all. HILL DESCENT CONTROL Driving downhill was never easier thanks to the Yeti’s Hill Descent Control. Also. it’s possible that one or more of your wheels may lose their grip and start to spin freely. After all. makes going up and down steep slopes. The Drive-Off Assistant lets the driver depress the accelerator pedal to the maximum. which are normally tuned for on-road operation. grip is everything and the Yeti comes equipped with Off-Road Traction Control that manages just that. for the rest of the down slope.

It provides better illumination for curves with a small radius.ELECTRONIC DIFFERENTIAL LOCK (EDL) If one front wheel slips. AUTOMATICALLY DIMMING EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL REAR VIEW MIRRORS You won’t need to squint when watching out for traffic in your mirrors. and reinforced brake fluid distribution system and hand-brake cable. . toughened plastic to protect the rear arms. parking the Škoda Yeti will prove to be a cakewalk.ELECTRONIC BRAKEFORCE DISTRIBUTION (EBD) Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) electronically adjusts the amount of brake pressure to the front and rear wheels. This gives complete protection to all the occupants of the car. transmitting more torque to the rear axle. In this feature. . Whether you’re surrounded by pavement or boulders.10 ANTI-LOCK BRAKING SYSTEM (ABS) Whether you’re out in the wild or driving home through the city. ACTIVE FRONT HEAD RESTRAINTS The Yeti’s front seats are equipped with Active Head Restraints. Allowing you to have a clear rear view. giving you ample time to engage the accelerator and drive up the slope effortlessly. thereby determining the presence of obstacles. which greatly reduce the chances of injury to the neck in the eventuality of a rear-end collision. It redirects the force of a passenger’s body as it presses into the backrest to move the head restraint forward. so that the vehicle doesn’t start to roll back. . ROUGH ROAD PACKAGE The Rough Road Package just emphasises how seriously Yeti takes off-roading. adjacent pedestrian crossings or parking spaces. PARKTRONIC Built-in sensors probe the spaces around the front and rear of the Yeti. but not anymore. in addition to the front airbags. the Electronic Differential Lock (EDL) intervenes by braking the spinning wheel. safety is of the utmost importance. and side airbags at the front. The torque is routed to the other front wheel and the Haldex inter-axle clutch is activated. a cover for the fuel and brake lines. FOG LAMPS WITH CORNER LIGHTS The fog lights with corner function automatically illuminate the space the car is about to turn into. SIX AIRBAGS All that rough and tumble calls for some extra protection. The Škoda Yeti comes with Anti-Lock Braking System which adjusts itself in off-road mode and enhances control and handling of the vehicle on slippery surfaces. The Yeti’s Hill Hold Control feature makes sure you maintain maximum control over your vehicle when climbing uphill. the Yeti sports a cover underneath to safeguard the engine and transmission. include curtain airbags at both the front and the rear. HILL HOLD CONTROL Uphill drives are a difficult part of any journey. The Škoda Yeti comes with internal and external mirrors that automatically adjust themselves depending upon the amount of light falling on them. The Škoda Yeti comes with 6 airbags that. To ensure maximum protection for the car when navigating rough terrain. the vehicle automatically keeps the brake active for a short period just after you release it. resulting in smoother braking and an improved driving experience.

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As a result. So. your Yeti is secured from electronically aided smart thefts by not allowing the engine to start if the codes don’t match. the most advanced security features have been incorporated into the car such as the engine immobiliser and remote controlled locking and unlocking. your Yeti will stay safe. windows and boot lid is remote controlled. SECURITY CODE FOR CENTRAL INFOTAINMENT SYSTEM The Central Infotainment System of the Yeti comes equipped with a special electronic code which is paired with the instrument panel control unit. The system will only function if the codes are compatible. . That’s why. WINDOWS AND BOOT LID The locking and unlocking of the Yeti’s doors. ENGINE IMMOBILISER WITH FLOATING CODE SYSTEM When the key is removed from the key slot.14 THE FEELING OF SECURITY We understand that you would naturally be very possessive of your Yeti. the Engine Immobiliser stores a new code within the key. REMOTE CONTROL LOCKING AND UNLOCKING OF DOORS. all access points to your car can be secured from a distance. Go your way without a care.

the Yeti also comes with a leather wrapped steering wheel and gearshift knob. whip up a storm. Further. So go ahead. Ensuring your music travels with you every time you hit the road. AUDIO PLAYER WITH 6. In addition. But not tough on you. A nifty convenience is having the audio controls on the steering wheel itself. Groove to the sound that pulses out of the Škoda audio system as you drive in comfort. So you can customise your seats for maximum comfort on the go. . This also allows for easy access to luggage stowed at the back.16 THE COMFORT Tough on the outside.5 INCH LCD TFT COLOUR TOUCH SCREEN A world of entertainment is now at your fingertips when you drive a Škoda Yeti. Making sure that you feel your best as you explore the world around you. The Yeti also has an automatic air circulation system which ensures every corner of the vehicle is well ventilated. Sit back and relax. they come with adjustable lumbar support as well. Adjustable rear air conditioning vents result in more even cooling and a uniformly pleasant ambience. The Yeti’s external mirrors and windows can be electrically operated for hassle-free use. The Yeti may have been built for every type of terrain. LEATHER SEAT UPHOLSTERY The Škoda Yeti comes furnished with plush leather seats that add much needed comfort to your long drives. its steering wheel lets you adjust both the length and height for optimum comfort while driving the vehicle. For an added touch of style. no matter where your explorations may take you. the comfortable leather seats will spoil you. its Air Quality Sensor (AQS) constantly monitors the quality of the air circulating within the vehicle while an odour and pollen filter actively filters out unwanted smells and particles from the air you breathe. The Climatronic system comprises electronically controlled dual zone air conditioning for the left and right sides of the cabin. but it has also been built to ensure you travel in lavish comfort. It also doubles as a display for the Climatronic and Parktronic systems. The Škoda Yeti has been designed with a host of features to make your drive a pleasurable one. the Yeti also comes with an auxiliary audio input system as well as an SD/MMC data card reader. What’s more.5 inch LCD TFT Colour Touch Screen. Coupled with a total of eight speakers and an integrated six-CD changer system. And you may whip up a storm outside. COMFORTABLE SEATING Both front seats of the Yeti are height adjustable to suit your preferred posture. the Škoda Yeti is truly party-ready. DUAL ZONE CLIMATRONIC AIR CONDITIONING Staying away from pollution is easy with the Škoda Yeti. yes. Equipped with a 6. but the Climatronic system will filter out all unwanted pollutants from the air you breathe inside. Another interesting variation in the rear – the centre seat can be dropped to form a comfortable armrest. it has a winning combination of looks and ease-of-use. For additional support.

In fact. This Jumbo Box also has the ability to cool the contents in it. Through Loading AUTOMATIC FRONT WIPER SYSTEM WITH RAIN SENSORS The Yeti is equipped with an intelligent wiper system that activates automatically upon sensing rainfall. MULTI FUNCTION DISPLAY The Yeti’s Multi Function Display lets you view a range of information about your vehicle. you can make the most of all the space provided inside. Very handy for stashing those knickknacks you pick up on your journeys. you can have your way at the touch of a button. sliding storage compartment. With the Škoda Yeti. While the Central Infotainment System lets you easily manage the various subsystems of your vehicle. Equipped with the unique VarioFlex Space Management. your world can now travel with you. Such as travelling time. Making it easier for passengers to enter or exit the vehicle when in the dark. The wipers also adjust their speed according to the intensity of the rain. WITH COOLING The Yeti’s Front Centre Armrest comes with an added surprise – a specially designed storage space beneath it. So you can easily get to your stowed away luggage. immediate & average consumption. average speed. This incredible feature allows you to completely rearrange the inside of your vehicle. all the rear seats are detachable. BOARDING SPOT LAMPS These special lamps light up when opening the doors.18 THE CONVENIENCE Who says a 4x4 vehicle can’t be a practical driving machine as well? The Škoda Yeti is packed with a host of thoughtful features and conveniences that defy that presumption. VARIOFLEX SPACE MANAGEMENT Wherever you roam. BOTTLE HOLDERS IN THE FRONT AND REAR DOORS The front and rear doors of the Yeti come equipped with special bottle holders that allow easy access to them. It allows you to recline the rear seat backrests. Table on rear middle backrest. THROUGH LOADING The centre seat in the rear conveniently folds down to form an armrest. fold them or even detach them completely. distance travelled. travel distance before refueling and the service interval. STORAGE COMPARTMENT UNDER FRONT SEAT Under the front passenger seat is an easily accessible. or when the Yeti is unlocked by remote control. Allowing you to customise the size of the storage space according to your specific needs. Captain seats One seat detached Two seats detached Three seats detached . All within easy reach of the vehicle’s occupants. The Škoda Yeti comes with a unique VarioFlex Space Management System. LUGGAGE RESTRAINT NETS AND HOOKS The Yeti comes with several multi-purpose features specially designed keeping you in mind. depending on your needs. Or the nets which can be used to store different types of luggage that can be individually split up and restrained. Default seat position JUMBO BOX STORAGE COMPARTMENT UNDER FRONT CENTRE ARMREST. Such as the sliding hooks which can be used to hang utility bags. the wild or the concrete jungle. opening up an access way to the storage compartment in the rear.

This motor delivers the raw power you need to take on any 4x4 challenge. . It significantly improves the responsiveness of the vehicle. 6-speed manual engine. the Yeti relies on the powerhouse under its hood: its 2.0 TDI CR/103 kW. as well as the torque deliverability to the rear wheels.20 THE BEAST To command its way across tough terrain. The Yeti sports the advanced fourth generation Haldex clutch system for 4-wheel drive vehicles.

it knows best how to use it. This allows the Yeti to direct as much as 90% of the engine’s power to the rear wheels. it makes the Yeti much quicker to respond to the changing terrain under its wheels. with the ABS. This also makes the Yeti a very environment friendly vehicle. It’s exactly this which makes it such a formidable 4X4 thoroughbred. features and cutting-edge engineering. same for all wheels Worse traction conditions under front wheels and left rear wheel (EDL intervention) Technical Drawing . The advanced Haldex clutch has been smartly integrated to work actively. All these advanced systems. A good example of this is the synergy between the Haldex and the braking systems of the Yeti to provide distributed torque to individual wheels to tackle all driving situations when off-roading. But even in this area. rev up.22 IT’S INTELLIGENCE The Yeti doesn’t just have the brawn. Get in. and automatically. hence there is minimum wastage of fuel. ASR. As the Yeti is engineered to activate its 4X4 mode automatically. AND IT’S EFFICIENCY It’s a known fact that driving in the 4X4 mode increases fuel consumption. And as this system operates automatically. so your escapades into the wild won’t be at nature’s expense. the Yeti scores high through the smart use of its advanced technology. EDL and ESP systems. make the Yeti a truly formidable machine on any terrain. and only when required. and make your way. 2% 48% 45% 5% 2% 48% 45% 5% Good traction conditions (dry road) Worse traction conditions under front wheels 25% 25% 5% 5% 25% 25% 85% 5% Worse traction conditions.

24 Corrida Red Gobi Sand Leather in both Ambiente and Elegance variants. .

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