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3M Company (NYSE: MMM), formerly known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, is an American multinational conglomerate corporation based in Maplewood, Minnesota, a suburb of St. Paul. 3M was founded by Henry S. Bryan, Herman W. Cable, John Dwan, William A. McGonagle, and Dr. J. Danley Budd.

3M grows by acquiring smaller growing companies. 3M’s 3-year compound annual growth rate was 7.7%.

With over 79,000 employees, they produce over 55,000 products

Ø 3M products are available for purchase through distributors and retailers in more than 200 countries.Ø With over 79.000 employees. and 35 with laboratories. they produce over 55. Ø .000 products 3M has operations in more than 60 countries – 29 international companies with manufacturing operations. and many 3M products are available online directly from the company.

Frame of Reference: Diversified Technology Company. communicate and reinforce the 3M brand strategy. The 3M brand identity standards serve to continually reinforce their frame of reference and the 3M brand promise”. Ø 3M Brand Promise : Ø .VISION “To earn customer loyalty and respect by effectively being able to differentiate from their competition.

Ø . Ø Conduct our business with the uncompromising honesty and integrity. flexible work environment. MISION "To solve unsolved problems innovatively. Ø Providing a supportive. Ø Provide an attractive return for our investors. Ø Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace." OBJECTIVE Develop solutions that address environmental and social challenges for our customers and society. Ø Satisfying customers with superior quality and value.

PLANS AND TARGETs 3M provides investors with a .

Responsibility.Ø Economic Success. STRATEGY Ø Environmental Ø Social Protection. .

STRATEGY FORMULATION “Researchers should spend 15 % of their time working on something other rather than their primary projects”—product development strategy .

and implement strategies on their own. champion. Ø . Everyone has input into the formulation and implementation of strategies.STRATEGY IMPlEMENTATION Crescive Approach Ø Subordinates develop.

Ø Feedback Ø corrective action Ø learning .EVALUATION AND CONTROL Ø Performance is the end result of activities.

.SWOT ANLYSIS Strengths ØDiversified businesses.

Opport unities ØAcquis itions in .

• .CORE COMPITENCY • 3M's core competence in sticky tapes led to “post-it” notes.

. Dennison Corporation & Johnson I. mistakes and failures are accepted as inevitable. du Pont de Nemours and Company Ø Johnson 3M is new product and technology driven company:Ø Ø Innovation and new product development.DISTINCTIVE COMPETENCY Competitors of 3M Ø Avery Ø E.

believes . appreciate the fragility of innovation but also reinforces shareholder value.enables butterfly wings to beat beautifully without constraints . allows freedom for ideation 100% unencumbered from stifling.CONCLUSION Ø Innovation is a core competency at 3M and is at the heart of the company's culture.creating a potential to change the winds forever in the services innovation Ø They Ø 3M Ø 3M .