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Daily Lesson Plan

Micro-teaching purpose
Hidayati binti Ahmad

8 Nov 2010

read.2 Hidayati binti Ahmad Subject Form Time Theme Topic Focussed skill Integrated skills : : : : : : : English 4 40 minutes Literature In The Midst of Hardships by Latiff Mohidin Writing Listening and speaking Curriculum specifications: 3. Learning Objectives: By the end of the lesson. x. . and rhythm. Talking about the theme in a story and writing a simple paragraph on it. intonation. stress. view and respond to literary works by: i. students will be able to: Level 1 ± Read and understand the poem with correct pronunciation and enunciation Level 2 ± Predict and deliver the prediction regarding the poem orally Level 3 ± Deliver their opinion of the poem by writing a simple paragraph on it Educational emphasis: 1) Multiple Intellig ences Reciting poems with feeling and expressions and with correct pronunciation. Making predictions as to what might happen next in the story. vii.1 Listen to.

Dangerous 1. ³red´ and ³white´ and explains that poem plays with variety of emotion brought by selected word use. Teacher provides examples for each words. Vocabulary: Sustainable Stage/Time Set Induction (5 minutes) Content Box of Word contains words such as ³green´. worksheets and pictures. ³black´. ³blue´. Simple Future Tense. ³red´ and ³white´. pure and space can be associated with the word ³white´ Rationale To provide a lead -in into the text Material Box of Word Presentation (10 minutes) Vocabulary: 1. ³green´. words such as clean. Teacher asks students to be in groups of 4 by referring the students to number 1 to 4 2. ³blue´. Activities 1. The students will have to write 3 words that can be associated with the word picked according to their number which describes their feelings . For example. To familiarize the students with the poem. Appendix 1 . Ice 3. Fresh 2. A representative of number 1 to 4 will pick a word from the Box of Words 3. ³black´.3 Hidayati binti Ahmad 2) Values ± Cooperation Teaching aids Language content : : Handout.

To apply knowledge Appendix 2 Closure The importance of the use of Imagery 1. Teacher explains that imagery helps in giving visual image for the poem and To conclude the lesson Pictures of buffalo with two men . students try to explain the word µalbino¶ bolded in the poem given by providing associated words to it. Teacher picks students to read the poem randomly.4 Hidayati binti Ahmad 4. 2. 2. Later. Teacher explains example of word ³red´ provides the emotion of love and reveals that the use of selected words can provide visual image for reader and therefore enhance understanding . To promote cooperation Appendix 2 Production (10 minutes) Students will be required to write a simple paragraph on the poem 1. teacher will pick students randomly and the students will present their opinion verbally in front of class. students will discuss the last line of the poem and try to predict what will happen to the men and the albino buffalo by writing a short paragraph. Cool 2. 3. Teacher will conduct a discussion and explain what the word truly means and its significance. In groups. Practice (10 minutes) Group work 1. Then. Clean 5.

For example. (Appendix 3) .5 Hidayati binti Ahmad (5 minutes) provides better understanding to the reader. in the last line of the poem provides an image of two men who is still smiling despite all the hardships they have been through all day.