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tuesday, april 5 2011

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New kava company extracts kava cream
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PM says Indonesia is key to independence for West Papua

Vanuatu i rikodem win ova long Australia Page 16

Cell phone radiation may alter your brain
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Indonesian observer to the MSG summit mingles with MSG dignitaries during opening reception of Vanuatu’s Chancery at the Tanoa Plaza.

By Winston Tarere Prime Minister Sato
Kilman said the inclusion of Indonesia as an observer in the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) sets the stage for direct negotiations with Indonesia on the issue of independence for West Papua. “When we talk about i n d e p e n d e n c e f o r We s t Pa p u a , w e n e e d to talk directly with Indonesia. It’s no use talking about it in the media without going directly to the source. Indonesia will only take our concerns seriously if we engage directly with them through

FLNKS to host next MSG meet
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diplomatic channels.” The government’s foreign policy recognizes that Indonesia holds the key to the question of self-determination for West Papua. “Only through Indonesia will West Papua be granted independence. Therefore we need to do the necessary groundwork now to facilitate independence. We cannot talk about West Papuan independence in isolation of Indonesia. Indonesia is the colonial authority over West Papua therefore it is part and parcel to the negotiations for independence,” he said.

The Prime Minister said the MSG leader’s meeting has given each member country the mandate to address the issue of West Papuan independence as part of their bilateral negotiations with Indonesia. Indonesia has made a commitment to the Melanesian leaders here in Suva that it is ready for dialogue on the issue of independence for West Papua. He said having Indonesia as an observer is a step forward in Vanuatu’s endeavor to see West Papuans achieve their freedom. o To Page 2

Vt40 million claim after delivery goes wrong
By Thompson Marango T he M inistry of H ealth
confirmed a case at the Vila Central Hospital Maternity Ward where a delivery went wrong resulting in the lost of the baby and the mother will not be able to have babies in the future. Health Minister, Don Ken himself made the confirmation during a press conference this week saying the Ministry has been notified by the woman’s lawyer that she will be suing

the hospital for Vt40 million. Private Secretary for the Minister of Health, Daniel Molisa explained the incident to Daily Post yesterday that the mother not only lost her child but she won’t be able to have children again ever in the future. He said it was alleged that the mother was in contraction from 4:00pm till 6:00 am the next daywhen her uterus ruptured. o To Page 2