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Sunfest Group

Telecom Infrastructure Renewable Energy Defence & Homeland Security Exploration Infrastructure

A Promise of A Promise of


Unmatched Cost Effectiveness. Exceptional Quality Advantage.

Sunfest Infratech & Power Pvt. Ltd.
Building No. 8, Tower B, 2nd Floor, Dlf Cyber City Phase II, Gurgaon -122002, India Tel: +91 124 4616200, Fax: +91 124 4616222

Corporate Profile

Sunfest is a group of companies with interest in sectors such as Telecom Infrastructure, Renewable Energy, Defence & Homeland Security and Exploratory Infrastructure. The accomplished group is an integrated provider of products and services across these verticals and helps its customers deliver exceptional value to the end users. The group extends a unique dual advantage of highest quality and cost effectiveness to its customers through a portfolio of products and services. The group is proactive in entering into partnerships with International market leaders across the world, thus drawing technological expertise for its stakeholders. Sunfest is promoted by the Liberty Group, a reputed Indian brand with a global foothold.

The group operates with cutting edge technology of the telecom infrastructure industry, with its solutions spread across domains such as
Ÿ 3G and 4G Products & Solutions Ÿ EPC and Managed services Ÿ In Building Solutions Ÿ Passive Infrastructure Ÿ Power Electronics

The Sunfest Group is inspired by its vision of thriving to be an enabler of growth at a global level. Be it customers, suppliers, employees or partners, the group is strongly committed to a promise of ensuring robust and sustained growth for those who interact with it.

The group is an active system integrator in the Renewable Energy domain and offers Stateof-the-Art Vertical Axis Wind Turbines and Solar PV Solutions. The in-house R&D team has developed various hybrid options to power the BTS and other Telecom Network Applications.

Sunfest Group is challenging the frontiers of innovation in the Defence & Homeland Security domain as it extends unmatched Surveillance and Perimeter Security solutions to Government as well as Private bodies. Their Command and Control Software, Fencing Sensors and Controls, Video Gateways, are unique in nature, delivering the best to the end user.

Sunfest Group is helping the world discover newer sources of energy by offering a host of Exploratory Infrastructure Solutions. The exploratory drilling for methane gas found in the coal beds assists the block owner to carry out production drilling in future.

Every solution from Sunfest comes with a unique advantage which remains unmatched by the rest of the industry – the CQ Edge. An advantage which promises quality exceeding all benchmarks, yet delivers cost effectiveness in multiple ways. Backed by stringent quality control procedures, International Infrastructural capabilities and partnerships with industry leaders, solutions from Sunfest result in immediate cost savings due to lower prices. At the same time, the efficiencies induced in the Business result in more sustained cost benefits.


Sunfest extends the commitment of Standout Service and promises a fulfilling interaction thus underlining the group's focus on exceptional services which combine with high quality products to deliver unmatched value to its stakeholders.
Ÿ End to End Solutions & Services Ÿ Complete Installation, Integration and

Maintenance Support for products Ÿ Dedicated Customer Service team Ÿ Strong relationships between Customers and End Users

Sunfest respects the right of choice of its stakeholders. In an environment where customers choose what they want, it is not a virtue but a complete necessity to lay out enough options before them. Hence Sunfest brings an array of solutions which address different requirements of its stakeholders. Thus, it provides the freedom of choice to them, while intelligent and completely informed professionals guide its stakeholders towards the optimum set of solutions.

The Sunfest Group believes in delivering the very best to its customers. That is why it draws the best of technologies and expertise from companies across the world through ongoing and healthy partnerships with some of the leading names across Industries and domains. This way, customers at Sunfest experience solutions which are miles ahead of what the rest are utilizing. At the same time, Sunfest ensures its partners to avail exceptional benefits through well defined processes and advantages.

Ÿ Extensive Range of Solutions Ÿ Expertise across Sectors and Industries Ÿ Solutions guided by Informed Professionals


With the unique advantage of CQ Edge being a focus area, Sunfest adopts measures which allow it offer solutions at a clear cost advantage. One important part of these measures is completely owned and In-house manufacturing capabilities. With a 80000 square feet manufacturing plant at Bawal, Haryana and a 7000 square feet assembly plant at Roorkee, Uttarakhand, Sunfest is set on a very strong footing on this aspect. At the same time, the group is very proactive when it comes to expanding its manufacturing capabilities and is a strong acquirer of relevant facilities.


Sunfest is promoted by the Liberty Group, which is one of the largest brands based in India commanding respect across the world. Liberty group stands as a proud conglomerate of companies with interest in diversified sectors. Liberty Shoes Limited is the flagship company of this group, exceeding a turnover of US $ 100 million. Other group companies include: Liberty Whiteware & Liberty Retail Revolutions, managing more than 15 sub-brands and a pan-India distribution network

The Group believes it is the right of its customers to experience the best technologies and has hence ingrained a DNA of research and innovation in its cultural fabric. With the best minds in its team, the research capabilities at Sunfest have spouted many an innovative solutions across sectors enabling the group to extend quality and affordability at the same time.

Dear Friend, Before anything else, I thank you for expressing interest in the Sunfest Group. At the same time, I take this opportunity to extend a personal promise of Exceptional Quality Standards and Cost Effectiveness. Every product and solution we deliver is born out of the vision of enabling sustained growth for your Business, and I am certain your expectations shall be exceeded during every interaction with us. On behalf of the entire Sunfest team, I look forward to a strong and valued relationship with You.

At Sunfest, every employee is an originator of new ideas. This is so because of the highly encouraging and open atmosphere which prevails. Measures such as Open Door policies, fair treatment of ideas, and decentralization of decision making powers empower each resource to give shape to concepts, thus resulting into a wide and varied range of solutions for the customer.

Every member of the Sunfest team is very meticulous, and sincerely believes in the merit of an organized and systematic approach. This enables the group to deliver the highest levels of services, consistently.

Sincerely Yours, Adesh Gupta
Chairman, Sunfest Group Promoter & Executive Director, Liberty Group CEO, Liberty Shoes Limited Chairman, Confederation of Indian Industry (2006-07)