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Name Date of Birth Jinil Persis
(First) (Middle) (Last)

Devarajan Place of Birth Neyoor



Present Address 67 Moses street Moses street Iyappa nagar Pammal, Chennai-75 Email: Telephone Resi 044-22485256 Can we call you at office numbers? Permanent Address 67 Moses street Moses street Iyappa nagar Pammal, Chennai-75 Telephone 044-22485256 Marital Status: Married Do you have a valid passport? Yes Cell: 8056135720 Nationality: Indian valid till 5.3.2017 Cell: 8056135720 Off _____________________ t Yes t No

Any history about visa rejections or issues related visas? No Family Details Company Father School Name Occupation Teaching Designation Teacher Teacher Name of the St. Thomas Hr. Sec. Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Business/ Operation Radiant Head Foreign Languages known: Indicate degree of fluency on a scale of 1 (Low) to 4 (High) Language English Hindi Read 4 3 Chennai 3 Write 4 Speak 4 1

A Devarajan

Mother P Irin Dani Bai Teaching Anakaputhur Spouse B H Pradheep Engineer Protective Force Pvt. Ltd.

Location Preference


17% August. 2011 April.6 CGPA Engineeri ng Achievements in Education State fifth/ District second in SSLC Class topper in PG course State reason for gaps.Confidential Educational Data: (Begin with school leaving examination) Qualificati on Duration (Specify Month & Year) From To Month and Year of passing Name of the School/College Institution/ University Specializati on Class/ Percentage / Grade SSLC HSC (12th Standar d) BE June. in educational career________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Professional training: (Include details of projects undertaken during Educational career) Course Duration (Specify Month & Year) From To Name of the Training Institution/ Organization Details of Training PERSONAL DATA FORM 2 .58% Science and Engineeri ng Industrial 9.20 11 Computer 81. 2009 – April. if any.2% Biology 94.Theresa Girls’ Hr.Theresa Girls’ Hr. Sec.2003 – March 2004 March 2001 March 2004 St. School St. School 97. Guindy ME September. Sec.2000 – March 2001 June. 2004 – April 2008 April 2008 B S A Crescent Engineering college College of Engineering.

that you have made/ are making to develop your skills and knowledge Cisco certified. and perquisites Monthly Income Annual Benefits Basic DA HRA Others _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ Total _______________________________________ LTA Bonus Medical Housing _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ PF _______________________________________ Conveyance _______________________________________ Gratuity _______________________________________ Others _______________________________________ Total _______________________________________ Total Annual Gross ______________________________ Expected annual gross salary ____________________ PERSONAL DATA FORM 3 . benefits.Confidential Mention other efforts if any. SCM certification Work experience: (Starting from the current employer) Dates From To Organization Name & address while leaving Designatio n Nature of Duties Annual Gross Salary Startin g While leavi ng Reason for leaving Break-up of the present salary.

College of Engineering. College of Occupation Professor and Head Dr. S Selvam 22200599. 22358989 cuic@annauniv. College of Engineering.) Name Dr. information correct. Guindy Anna university campus CUIC. Paul Robert 22357684 prpaul@hotmail. Indicate positions of responsibility held.Confidential Extra-curricular activities: Actively participated in NSS camps Major leisure interests. No Have you applied to our Company before: No If selected. Guindy Anna university campus Department of Industrial Engineering. notice period required for joining Immediate Do you have any kind of Service Bonds with the current employer? No Declaration by the applicant: I confirm that the provided by me in this application form is accurate and understand that in the event of any information found to be result in termination of my employment without notice. P. T. social and sporting activities. it could Date: 24/12/2010 Signature D Jinil Persis PERSONAL DATA FORM 4 . if any __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Professional affiliation: (Like Member of CSI or IIE or QAI etc.) _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Personal references (Please provide the details of 3 persons (not relatives) of which one should be your Professor/ Director Do you know any one presently working for our Company? No Are you related to any of the present employee/ Director of Geometric Professor and Guide Dr. And I wrong. Shahabudeen Address Department of Industrial Engineering. Guindy Anna university campus Telephone & Email ID 22357681 psdeen@annauniv.

All the information in this form will be kept strictly confidential. PERSONAL DATA FORM 5 .Confidential We thank and appreciate all your efforts put in to complete this application.