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With the Fortress of Redemption, we came across an issue where the opposing units were embarked inside two side-by-side sections of the building. Once again, thanks to GW's failure for giving any idea how to handle the situation, we've decided to come up with one! MOVEMENT Both players must determine before the game if a multi-part building allows for 'dynamic' or 'linear' movement. Dynamic buildings will follow the rules as per the Fortress of Redemption in the Planetstrike Rulebook (p.20). This allows units to move to any part of the structure within a single movement phase. This only applies to units which are embarked in the building. Units on the roof (not embarked) follow the movement rules as per our Extended Rules Buildings And Rooves. Note that this would allow a unit to avoid assaults to get to another section, or even assault a unit from any section in the multipart building. With the above example, if the Tower was occupied by an enemy unit, the unit in Bunker A can freely move to Bunker B with no hindrance, or Assault a unit in Bunker B instantly. Units with Infiltrate and Scout consider all buildings to be 'Dynamic'. Linear buildings only allows movement from adjoining sections of a building. In the case of the Fortress of Redemption, this would mean that units embarked in either Bunker may only move to the Tower section; units in the Tower may move to either Bunker. The unit in one of the Bunkers may not skip the Tower and move to the other Bunker as they are not adjacent to one another. Once again, units on the roof follow the movement rules as per the Extended Rules - Buildings and Rooves. Movement is disallowed if there is an enemy unit in the adjacent section. Units with Fleet may move across 2 sections if unhindered. SHOOTING Units may still shoot out of firepoints as per normal. Units may fire at an enemy unit in an adjacent section. However, this automatically puts them in Assault in the Assault phase. Also, a unit that wishes to Assault may fire all Assault weapons, though would serve them to do so (see below). RULE CHANGE: Due to the complexities within a building, BOTH sides are able to shoot in the player's shooting phase to represent the tight quarters. Once again, only Assault weapons may be used for the assaulting player. The player Assaulting gets to fire first. The defending player may fire all weapons except blast weapons. Flame template weapons may fire and will automatically deal 2d6 hits to the assaulting unit, but doing so will make it the first unit to be allocated a wound. This must be declared before ANY shots are made.

you may choose to ignore the shooting phase and directly Assault the enemy unit. In either case. Once casualties are removed. whereby they may Assault anywhere in the multi-part building. and they assault Space Marine Tactical Squad with attached Force Commander. NOTE: In the case of a Dynamic Building. and the player may choose to allocate wounds elsewhere. Amendment: To promote fair play. or by moving to an adjacent section of the multi-part building. Chaplain and Librarian. the unit is required to take a Dangerous Terrain test. Independant Characters are not forced to take wounds from units due to lack of the baseto-base rule. consider both of these units as a separate assault consisting of just them. may only choose to do so to a target that is in an adjacent section. ICs not selected will join the assault of the unit. ALL units may contribute their attacks to the combat. If there are uneven numbers of ICs. Consolidation allows a unit to either stay in its original section. or chooses to Assault. The Space Marine now may choose either the Chaplain or the Librarian to engage the 2nd Warrior Prime.Amendment: there are no LoS restrictions. ASSAULT A unit that shoots. in which case the player with the extra IC(s) may choose once more. and thus all units capable of firing may indeed fire. The restrictions of base-to-base contact is lifted. the player with the extra may choose which one is pulled into conflict.e. This is to represent them darting in. Both sides must roll for Dangerous Terrain before the actual Assault is handled to represent the sheer danger of fighting within a structure and in such close quarters. they may fire now. a Tyranid Warrior Brood has 2 identical Warrior Primes attached to it. and the Force Commander is determined to be fighting the 1st Warrior Prime. in the case of multiple ICs on each side. out and around the corridors. A unit that falls back may only fall back by disembarking the structure (if possible). Assault results are determined as per normal. For example. if both sides have an IC. HOWEVER. Amendment: After playtesting. Shots against an Assaulting unit with fleet require a 5+ to hit. . we have decided to remove the Initiative change to due balance issues. or to move into section in which it assaulted (assuming it is empty). unless it is a dynamic building. due to entirely melee Assault units). The Space Marine player randomly determines which of his ICs is locked in Assault (D3 maybe). they are randomly chosen until the last choice needs to be made. If the defending player has not shot yet for any reason (i. This is to represent the heroic confrontation of these heroes. combat ensues as follows.

Version 1. The second brood actually died together with the Guardsmen due to the same initiative.NOTE: Some of the recent changes were done due to balance issues.4 is already in the works! We plan to compile the Extended Rules and the Optional Rules together as well. The first group died to mass fire before even closing in for assault. We had a scenario where 2 broods of Genestealers were completely annihilated to a 20strong regiment of Guardsmen. so keep an eye out for it! . and sheer amount of attacks brought to the table.