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The power of dreams

CORPORATE VISION A company that society wants to exists. 
Commitment to the future-improving safety for everyone as well as minimizing the burden on the environment and utilization of the earth¶s resources.  Creating new value- applying modern ideas to create new value that fulfills changing needs and gives shape to dreams.  Expanding values-helping people realize their dreams by contributing to local communities.

Honda is striving to be a company that society wants to exist by pursuing CSR initiatives based on the Honda philosophy and sharing joy with people worldwide.



The joy of creating occurs when quality products exceed expectations. Trust is created by recognizing each other as individuals.  Respecting the individual by taking initiatives not to be bound by defined ideas. Through this relationship.  The Joy of Creating occurs when Honda associates and suppliers involved in the design. dealers and distributors experience the joy in satisfying the customer and in representing Honda to the customer.P age |2 HONDA VALUES  Maintaining a global viewpoint. social or economic status have no bearing on the individual's opportunities.  Equality means to recognize and respect individual differences in one another and treat each other fairly. and making a sincere effort to fulfill the responsibilities. The company is committed to this principle and to creating equal opportunities for each individual. An individual's race.  The Joy of Selling occurs when those who are engaged in selling and servicing Honda products develop relationships with a customer based on mutual trust. . sharing the knowledge. religion. national origin. development. engineering and manufacturing of Honda products recognize a sense of joy in the customers and dealers.  The relationship among associates at Honda should be based on mutual trust. but think creatively and act on one¶s own initiative and judgment. the company is dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction. helping out where others are deficient. THE THREE JOYS  The Joy of Buying is achieved through providing products and services that exceed the needs and expectations of each customer. age. sex. educational background. Honda associates. while understanding that one must take responsibility for the results of those actions. accepting help where we are lacking.

.  Strive constantly for a pleasant flow of work.  Be always mindful of the value of research and endeavor.  Respect sound theory. develop fresh ideas and make the most effective use of time.  Enjoy the work.P age |3 MANAGEMENT POLICIES  Proceed always with ambition and youthfulness. and encourage open communications.

and will do his or her part to ensure that the company as a whole acts responsibly. to services and disposal.P age |4 HONDA ENVIRONMENTAL STATEMENT In June 1992. and in every stage of the lifecycle of these products. 3 As both a member of the company and of society. design. . As a responsible member of society whose task lies in the preservation of the global environment. 2 We will make every effort to minimize and find appropriate methods to dispose of waste and contaminants that are produced through the use of our products. each associate will focus on the importance of making efforts to preserve human health and the global environment. Only in this way will we be able to promote a successful future not only for our company. the company will make every effort to contribute to human health and the preservation of the global environment in each phase of its corporate activity. defining its commitment and guiding its efforts to address environmental issues. but for the entire world THE ENVIRONMENT PRINCIPLES 1 We will make efforts to recycle materials and conserve resources and energy at every stage of our products¶ life cycle from research. Honda announced the Honda Environmental Statement. production and sales.

We became aware that Honda manufactures solar panels while we were considering various manufacturers¶ products and decided to consider a Honda Soltec system based on the strength and reliability of the Honda brand as Ms.  Honda launched its solar power business in 2002. it will reuse rainwater and installed an energy-saving climate control system and worked to restore the ivy for which the stadium is famous. It has covered the huge roof known as ³Ginsan´ at Hanshin Koshien Stadium. Mr. The non-silicon solar panels feature low CO2 emissions during production. in March 2010. Mori In our renovations of the aging stadium facilities.We also looked at how we could reuse energy by taking advantage of the large Ginsan roof to install solar panels.. and it has also served to make the facility more environmentally friendly by ³greenifying´ its walls. improving safety. Now we¶vereduced our use of well water by capturing runoff from the stadium¶s Ginsan roof in an enormous tank for later reuse.  Ms. making them a natural fit for the Life Cycle Assessment approach that forms the basis of the environmental activities. is in particular maintaining the stadium¶s history and traditions.  Mr. . Honda¶s environmentally friendly solar panels are helping to build a foundation for sustainable local communities. which is more than 80 years old. a hallmark of Hanshin Koshien Stadium). Ltd. Okada Until now..P age |5 4 We will consider the influence that our corporate activities have on the local environment and society. and attempt to improve the social standing of the company. we pursued the three concepts of improving comfort.  Hanshin Koshien Baseball Stadium installed solar panels manufactured by Honda Soltec Co. Okada In renovating the Ginsan (the large roof covering the stands. Mori Restoring the ivy. the facility had been using well water for cleaning purposes and to water the grass on the field.

all under an over arching theme of creating an environmentally friendly stadium.P age |6 and maintaining the site¶s history and traditions. .

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