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Case Study of Andaman and Nicobar Islands Is an union territory of, India, in the Bay of Bengal. Port Blair , in t he Andamans, is the capital. Comprising the Andaman Islands (2,508 sq mi/6,496 s q km) in the south and the Nicobar Islands (707 sq mi/1,831 sq km) in the north, the territory chiefly exports tropical products and lumber. It is administered by the home minister in the central Indian government. Known to Europeans since the 7th cent. A.Dd., the Andamans, consisting of more than 200 islands, were the site of a British penal colony from 1858 to 1945. The population is made up of indigenous Negritos and settlers from the Indian mainland. Some of the Negritos have preserved a Stone Age culture. The Nicobars, which comprise 19 small island s, are separated from the Andamans by a channel that is 90 mi (145 km) wide. The native population is of Mongolic stock. The Nicobars became a British possessio n in 1869. Japanese forces occupied both archipelagos during World War II. The limited scope for Industrial activity in the Islands coupled with the declin e in the wood based industry pursuant to the Supreme Court judgment dated 7.5.20 02 has led to tourism being identified as a thrust sector for economic developme nt, revenue and employment generation in the islands. Keeping in view the fragil e ecology and limited carrying capacity of the islands, the objective of A and N Administration is to strike for sustainable tourism. The objectives Total revenue generation being Rs.84 crores only (2001-2002) the future has to b e planned with the objective of higher revenue generation. Promoting concepts of eco-tourism. To harmonise ecology & tourism for the benefit of the people of the islands.

which are not harmful to the eco-system. Playing the role of a facilitator and encouraging private sector investment in d evelopment of tourism infrastructure. Gradual privatization of management of existing tourism infrastructure. Undertaking tourism activities. Tourism Policy The policies and guidelines of Government of India form the basis to promote tou rism in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. . Marketing A & N Islands as tourist destination at national and international lev el. To implement the master plan proposed by UNDP/WTO report for sustainable develop ment of tourism in Andamans. The Administration is focusing on the following issues: Promotion of high value low volume eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable tourism. Development of new tourism activities/products.?To address the growing unemployment problem by placing thrust on promotion of t ourism ?To encourage private sector in tourism .