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Mohsen Taheri


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Personal Information
Full Name : Mohsen Taheri Shahraini Marital Status : Married Age : 27 Address : 25Unit , 2, 2/12 Ave., 2 Ave, Valfajr Town, South Sheikh Bahaiy, Tehran, Iran Tel: (+98)21 88215177 Mobile : (+98)9329157078 Email :

Field of Interest
     Web Programming Ajax Concept Automation Programming System Analysis Content Management Systems

  2003-2005 Shamsipoor University (Tehran, Iran) B.S., Computer Software Buali Sina University
(Malayer City, Hamadan, Iran)


A.S., Computer Software

Persian: native English: Normal

Summary of qualifications

JavaScript. Microsoft SQL Server.     Design and implement Content Management System (CMS) using PHP. Microsoft Access IDE : Microsoft Visual Studio. Implement Admin Panel and Engine of Car IVR system for Morva. Ubuntu. customers system and warehouse using cakePHP. Perl. Adobe Dreamweaver. Microsoft Windows XP. CentOS Professional experience Computer Related Skills: Web Programmer 2008-Present Telephony Communication (TelC)  Implement TelC Automation including ticketing system. Java. Implement TelC PBX Engine using Java and Perl and Asterisk 2006-2008        Project Manager Material and Energy Research Center  Our goal is to make Research Center website. 2004-2006 Programmer Analyst Danesh High School  Member of computer department and teacher of computer courses. Basic. Fax control panel). Implement Admin Panel and Engine of Communication System. Analyze the process of getting the scientific tests. HTML. Pascal. Eclipse Platforms : Microsoft Windows® 2003. Implement Admin Panel of Mobile IVR system for Morva. Familiar with: C#. Implement TelC GUI (PBX. Zend Studio. Design and implement online manuscript submission of International Journal of Engineering (IJE) . Software    Database: MySQL. Microsoft Visual Basic. Implement VoIP admin panel and user panel for Imen System. Implement Call Archive and reports for Poortan and Saipa. Delphi. CSS. . C++. MySQL and Delphi.Mohsen Taheri Resume Computer Related Skills: Languages   Page 2 Of 3 Proficient in: PHP. Design and implement online analysis submission workflow. SMS. Borland Delphi.

2000-2005 Programmer and member of board Aim Information Technology. Implement dynamic pages of shahinstone. Design and implement online account management for Aim Group site using PHP and MySQL.  Design and implement PM-eXport application (for managing invoice. pro invoice and fax) using Borland Delphi. Design and implement Baran application (application that read holy Quran) using Microsoft Visual website using PHP and MySQL. Implement dynamic pages of using PHP and MySQL. Member of team that make International Journal of Engineering (IJE) website using PHP and MySQL. Implement Arithland.Mohsen Taheri Resume   Page 3 Of 3 Developed Danesh website using PHP and MySQL. Generating Content Management System (CMS) for all high schools. Mirzavaziri website using PHP and website using PHP. 2001-2007 Programmer Imen Afzar Co. Implement dynamic pages of pantasecurity.         Implement Khatam school website using PHP and MySQL. Implement argejadid.   Design and implement Mines & Metal Technological Engineering (MMTE) website using PHP.   . Implement Nooreiman school website using PHP and MySQL. MySQL and using PHP and MySQL. Design and implement online project management for Aim Group using PHP and MySQL.