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1>Function of SDCCH and SACCH? 2>What are the reason of Handover and Handover Failure?

3> What is the pin-pong handover and it’s solution? Difference between Hard and Soft Handover? 4>What are the Reason of Call Drop? 5> What is congestion? Difference between Congestion and Blocking. 6> Why we use smaller frequency in Uplink? 7> What are the Benchmarking parameters? 8> Why we use minus sign in front of RX Level? 9> If antenna is a passive element, then how we calculate the antenna gain? 10> What is TCH-TCH Interference? And it’s Solution? 11> Difference between Rx Quality and SQI? And dB and dBm? 12> Define the frequency hopping parameters. 13> How many types of Burst we are using in GSM? 14> What is the Watt to dBm conversions? 15> 1 TRU =……TRx? 1TRx=…TS? 16>What are the important parameters of Power Saving in GSM? 17> Why we use TA in GSM? 18> In Between RxLevel(Sub) and RxLevel(Full) in Dedicated Mode, Which measurement value we will accept? and Why? 19> Difference between Edge and GPRS? 20> What is the Unit of Traffic? And Definition. 21>Basic difference between BBH and SFH (SH)? 22>Define the flow chart of MOC. 23> Which modulation technique we are using in GSM? And Why? 24> If we are not using BSIC in GSM, then what will be the main problem? 25>Function of BCCH , FCCH & SCH.

. Give brief discussion on rectification of it. 39>What will be the Forward and Reflected power of a BTS? 40>Define the Frequency Re-use method. 33>what is MSISDN? 34>Why location updating is required in GSM? 35> What is SS7 signaling? 36>Difference between Mechanical Tilt and Electrical Tilt? 37>How much Erlang is generally provider to a subscriber? 38> What is VSWR and the nominal value of it. 27>Difference between GSM-900 and GSM-1800 28>Why CGI is necessary in GSM? 29> What is Missing neighbor? How you find out it?. 41>What are the basic network KPIs to be monitored? 42> What are the Benefit and Limitation of Drive Test? 43> What is comparative drive test? Why it’s required? 44>Why Co-BCCH-Co-BSIC elimination necessary in GSM? 45>What is RL Time out counter? 46>Give the definition of Duplex distance and Carrier Separation in GSM.26>How many types are swap existing in GSM. 47> What is antenna Diversity? 48> What is the main function of TCU? 49> Elaborate Frame and Multi frame. And rectification? 30> What are the Passive elements of BTSs? 31>What are the functions of MSCs? 32>Elaborate different type of GSM Layer.