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5 Stocks from 5 different sectors:1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Bharti Airtel (Telecom):ONGC (Oil and Gas) Punjab National Bank (Banking) Dr. Reddy Lab (Pharma) Patni Comp. (IT)

1. Bharti Airtel:P/E = 16.96 (almost equal to industry P/E of 15.99) EPS= 21.09 (good return) Price/Book= 3.72 (low level) Debt/Equity ratio= 0.14 (less dependence on external debt) Advantage over others:- Greatest customer base, No effect of 2G scam which may hit other telcos like RCom, Tata anytime. 2. ONGC:Healthy P/E of 12.13 as compared to industry’s 14.56 Low price/book ratio of 2.77 Paid dividend of 330% (highest among peers) Recent years saw sharp drop in expences, net profit margin at 26.35% Very low debt/equity ratio of 0.19 EPS= 78.39 (highest among peers) Advantage over others:- Biggest Co. in this sector, recently Bid for 28 oil blocks out of 34 under NELP IV. It is going to enter the city gas business.

.Rapid growth in recent years. TCS and Wipro) Price/Book is just 1.24) and Ranbaxy(27. 4.54 (Ranbaxy-4.38 as compared to industry’s 11.52 Low price/book ratio of 2. Reddy Lab:EPS= 57. PNB:Very competitive P/E of 8. Union problems in SBI regarding Merger of its sister banks. Sun Pharma. NASSCOM projected 16-18% growth rate for IT industry. Patni Comp. P/E is just 9.8.37 and SBI’s 17.27)) Pric/Book= 4.37 (higher than HCL.11 (lowest among peers) EPS is healthy at 50.06 (much higher than SBI’s 13.06) In final stage of acquiring US penicillin facility Problem in Ranbaxy.Mylan sues FDA to block Lipitor launch by Ranbaxy 5.91) Advantage:.25 Return on Net Worth is 24.93 (lowest among peers) Positive sentiments by the news of to be acquired by i-Gate.95 (higher than of Sun Pharma(12. Dr.62.3.49 Decent EPS of 138.39 as compared to industry’s 26.

15 1160. Reddy Lab Patni Comp.40 475. .16 473.40 282. 1500 Cr. The premium rates gone up only by 10%. US increases the Crude oil output which lead to a possibility of lower oil prices in future.. 500 Cr. Reddy Lab Patni Comp. Reddy Lab Patni Comp. End of 30th March 2011:Bharti Airtel ONGC PNB Dr.75 Easing of oil prices lead to lower possible inflation numbers and also cools down the interest rate fears. On 28th and Rs. Global markets were also end on positive notes. 359. Banking index gain due to the news of the government to table the banking sector amendment bill in the parliament.00 1600.95 283. On 29th lead to a positive effect on all stocks.75 284.Buying price (on 29th March 2011):Bharti Airtel ONGC PNB Dr.83 1590.40 1217. 357..00 474..90 1170.55 1634. lead the rise in telecom shares as funds were almost blocked after the 2G scam. so a net hike of 35 only. ONGC managed to get the Insurance Deal cheaply despite the Japan disaster.50 End of 29th March 2011:Bharti Airtel ONGC PNB Dr. 358. Kapil sibbal’s meeting with PM to ease the loan process to telecoms cos.90 FII inflows of Rs. while the assets have been increased by 7%.

oil & gas and IT sectors. . Food inflation also came down to 9.40 291. End of 01st April 2011:Bharti Airtel ONGC PNB Dr.95 Profit booking by investors and a correction was expected after a 7 days long rally. 355. Profit booking started in certain sectors mainly in banking and financial.90 474.5%. 357.70 1639.30 1212. End of 31st March 2011:Bharti Airtel ONGC PNB Dr.50 1617. Reddy Lab Patni Comp. High FII inflow lead to upward movement of the market. Losses were in bank.05 1179.05 Favorable inflation data. Reddy Lab Patni Comp.05 477.Global markets also closed on upside trend.30 293.