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SANTRO vs Wagon R .

To catch the young buyers. The brand is still a preferred upgrade for many middleclass car users. Maruti launched Alto and Wagon R.45 to 25 -30. But then came the competition. Santro has managed to keep its market position by regular upgrades. Those who gave bad reviews about the tall boy design soon began to write about the advantages of the design. Santro was initially positioned on the design aspect which turned its biggest disadvantage into an advantage. The brand was targeting those Maruti 800 users who wanted to upgrade to the B segment cars. The brand wanted to appeal to the first time car buyers. Santro along with the new sporty looks also changed its target market from 35. Hyundai came out with product improvements and upgrades. The brand was moving to a "Change your life" positioning. Sunshine was communicating two intangibles: Freshness and youthful attitude. Santro Zip plus was launched focusing more on the zippy nature of the car. re-launches and repositioning. The target market was the 35-45 yrs middleclass Indians. . The car looked more spacious and the looks were contemporary. The entire design was changed and new Santro was launched as Santro Xing. It is also a classic example of successful marketing in Indian context. The brand felt that Santro should be considered as the first car rather than the upgrade. the brand was positioned as "Sunshine car”. The big idea was that Santro will bring sunshine to your life. Santro positioned itself as a complete family car. Hyundai changed Santro completely in 2003.HISTORY HYUNDAI SANTRO Santro is a fine example of successful branding. Within 4 years of launch. A car that can change the life of a young Indian. All through these years. It has been consistent in delivering excellent quality and functional performance throughout its life. product changes. The brand was also facing the issue of looking dated. Santro was launched in India in 1998. Santro roped in Priety Zinta also as the brand ambassador. It was time for Hyundai to reposition the brand. Santro was designed to be a tall boy car and developed a corporate brand image. But later. Santro became the second largest selling car in India displacing Zen.

Initially. has given the vehicle a major re-haul and an all-new attitude and sporty looks. For 2006. The newly introduced Petrol-LPG version has been named DUO and positioned as a car with a totally new technology that delivered beyond just the looks. The manufacturers have added a little oomph and excitement to the WagonR this time around. Its control panel has a sporty look with a metal finish. largely because the Hyundai Santro. However. Maruti Suzuki Udyog Ltd. the Wagon-R's popularity has soared. an aggressive grille and an attractive tail gate. it was not very well received in India. It is now sleek and slick. was targeted directly to Indian nuclear family. and is currently rated among the top-selling cars in the country. in recent times. upgraded lights and a more streamlined bumper.MARUTI WAGON R The WagonR was first introduced in Japan. . a sporty tail lamp. thanks to an intensive marketing blitz as well as better ergonomics and acceptability. The WagonR. with its flat-boxy shape. Some of its exterior features comprise upswept headlamps. It now positioned as a pleasing and slick design with a sassy front grille. which had been launched much before the Wagon-R. It turned out to be responsible car after the launch of the petrol-LPG version contributing to the environment and global warming in its own way. had already become popular in the small car segment.

The BJP-led government held an initial public offering of 25% of the company in June 2003. though the actual production commenced in 1983 with the Maruti 800. With this.the Hindustan Ambassador and Premier Padmini were both around 25 years out of date at that point. Maruti 800.8 billion (2009) Employees MARUTI SUZUKI Maruti Suzuki is India and Nepal's number one leading automobile manufacturer and the market leader in the car segment. Maruti Suzuki has produced over 5 Million vehicles. Models similar to Maruti Suzuki’s (but not manufactured by Maruti Udyog) are sold by Suzuki Motor Corporation and manufactured in Pakistan and other South Asian countries. was the India's largest selling compact car ever since it was launched in 1983.000 cars and has an extremely large domestic market in India selling over 730. its only competitors. till 2004. based on the Suzuki Alto kei car which at the time was the only modern car available in India. Govt. Hanuman). of India no longer has stake in Maruti Udyog.COMPANY PROFILE Type Public (BSE MARUTI. More than a million units of this car have been sold worldwide so far. Through 2004. .2% by Suzuki of Japan. The company annually exports more than 50. Govt. Maruti Suzuki Alto tops the sales charts and Maruti Suzuki Swift is the largest selling in A2 segment. Currently. As of 10 May 2007. Maruti Suzuki’s are sold in India and various several other countries.000 cars annually. depending upon export orders. both in terms of volume of vehicles sold and revenue earned. Shinzo Nakanishi. NSE MARUTI) Founded 1981 (as Maruti Udyog Limited) Headquarters New Delhi. Managing Director and CEO Products Automobiles. Due to the large number of Maruti 800s sold in the Indian market. of India sold its complete share to Indian financial institutions. India Key people Mr. 18.28% of the company was owned by the Indian government.903 Website MarutiSuzuki. and 54. Motorcycles Revenue US$4. the term "Maruti" is commonly used to refer to this compact car model ("Maruti" is another name of the Hindu god. Maruti Udyog Limited (MUL) was established in February 1981. Until recently.

LSE: HYUD) Founded 1967 Headquarters Seoul. 2009) Website Hyundai-Motor. Hyundai Motor India Ltd. Selling cars in the US since 1986. buses. continuing with its tradition of being the fastest growing passenger car manufacturer. and minivans. and vertical machining. with exports accounting for 243.HYUNDAI Type Public (KRX: 005380. and other commercial vehicles. models sold elsewhere include the GRD and Equus. Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company.5 percent. South Korea Key people Chung Mong-koo. registered total sales of 489. turning. SUVs. Through its Hyundai WIA subsidiary.6 percent over CY 2007. such as horizontal South Korea's leading carmaker. South Korea and is the second largest car manufacturer and the largest passenger car exporter from India.4 percent with 245387 units in 2008.328 vehicles in the calendar year (CY) 2008. the Getz Prime. it also manufactures machine tools for metalworking applications.86 trillion (2009) Net income ₩2.931 units in 2008. the Accent and the Verna in the C segment. as well as trucks. The Santro in the B segment. . i10 and the Premium hatchback i20 in the B+ segment. Hyundai's models for the North American market include the Accent and Sonata. Hyundai started selling its heavy trucks stateside in 1998. Hyundai Motor produces compact and luxury cars. In the domestic market it clocked a growth of 22. The company re-established itself as South Korea's leading carmaker in 1998 by acquiring a 51% stake in Kia Motors (since reduced to about 34%). an increase of 49. while overseas sales grew by 92. the Sonata Embera in the E segment and the Tucson in the SUV segment. Chairman and CEO Products Automobiles and commercial vehicles Revenue ₩31.96 trillion (2009) Employees 75. HMIL presently markets 55 variants of passenger cars across segments.000 (as of March 31.

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY This research has been based on secondary data. websites & . • To know about the brand value of Hyundai santro & Maruti wagon-R .worldwide.ADVANTAGES • To make a good comparison between Hyundai santro & Maruti wagon-R. SECONDARY DATA All the data collected from different • To know about the profit & loss of www. Websites.