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The Future of the Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry
By Dated: Apr 29, 2010

GBI Research, the leading business intelligence provider, has released its latest research "The Future of the Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry-Emerging Economies Poised to Capitalize on Increasing Demand" which provides insights... Summary GBI Research, the leading business intelligence provider, has released its latest research "The Future of the Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry-Emerging Economies Poised to Capitalize on Increasing Demand" which provides insights on the global pharmaceutical packaging market and giving information on market forecasts until 2015. Further, the geographical distribution of pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers across key geographies such as the US, the top five countries in the European region, and Japan are also provided in the report. Key cost and developmental issues are also addressed. The report provides analysis on the competitive landscape including the benchmarking of top companies. Finally, key trends analysis on mergers and acquisitions, and licensing agreements involving pharmaceutical packaging is detailed. This report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by GBI Research's team of industry experts. Scope The scope of this report includes: -Detailed market characterization including market size, technology adoption and forecasts until 2015. -Data and analysis on the global pharmaceutical packaging market in the leading geographies of the world-the US, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Japan, and the emerging geographies-China, India, Brazil and Russia. -Analysis and review of the key events and milestones that will impact the future of the global e-clinical trial solutions market. Each trend is independently researched to provide qualitative analysis of its implications. -Insightful review of key industry drivers, restraints and challenges which are likely to impact the global pharmaceutical packaging market in the long run. -The report also covers information on the leading market players and the competitive landscape. Key companies covered include are Schott AG, Gerresheimer AG, Duran Group, Nypro Inc., Rexam PLC, Corning Incorporated, and Facet. Reasons to buy The report will enhance your decision making capability and will allow you to: -Develop business strategies by understanding the trends shaping and driving the global pharmaceutical packaging market. -Drive revenues by understanding key trends, innovative products and technologies, market segments and companies likely to impact the pharmaceutical packaging market in the future. -Formulate effective sales and marketing strategies by understanding the competitive landscape and by analyzing the performance of various competitors. -Identify emerging players with a potentially strong product portfolio and create effective counter-strategies to gain a competitive advantage. -Organize your sales and marketing efforts by identifying the market categories and segments that present maximum opportunities for consolidations, investments and strategic partnerships. -What's the next big thing in global pharmaceutical packaging market landscape? -Identify, understand and

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2.2.1 Market Forecasts 6 The Future of Pharmaceutical Packaging-Market Drivers.3.2 Industry Segments in Pharmaceutical Packaging 4.1 GBI Research Report Guidance 4 The Future of the Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry-Industry Overview 4.3.2 Plastic Bottles 4.1 Emerging Countries Show Immense Growth Potential for Global Pharmaceutical Industry 6.1 Growth Drivers 6.1 Producing Consistent Quality in the Market is a Challenge for Pharmaceutical Packaging Supplier 6.2 Quality is the Critical Success Factor for Selecting a Packaging Supplier Introduction 4.2.5 Pouches and Strip Packs 4.2 Growth in the Packaging Industry in Emerging Nations Will be Faster than the Developed Nations 7.3.3 Emerging Markets Page 2/5 .3 Key Industry Trends 6.1 Blister Packaging 4.2 Availability and Price Volatility of Raw Materials is a Conundrum for Pharmaceutical Packaging Companies 6.2.3 Spending On Pharmaceutical Packaging Is Expected To Increase over the Next 12 Months 6.7 Secondary Containers 4. Table of Contents 1 Table Of Contents 1 The Future of the Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry-Executive Summary 2 Table Of Contents 2.3 Labels and Accessories 4.1 Changes in Procurement Strategy will Drive Value across the Business Due to the Impact of Recession 6.2 Market Challenges 6.1.Global Press Release Distribution capitalize.2.6 Caps and Closures 4. Challenges and Key Trends 6.1.3 Changes in Health Safety Regulations Are Frequent and Have Serious Effects on Sales of Pharmaceutical Packaging Suppliers Key Aspects of Packaging Review Pricing as an Business Opportunity is the Most Preferred Strategy 7 The Future of the Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry-Geographic Landscape 7.1.1 Geographical Split 7.2 List Of Figures 3 Introduction 3.8 Others 5 The Future of the Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry-Market Characterization 5.PR Log .2 Geographical Trends 7.2.3 Ageing Population Will Drive Demand for Pharmaceutical Products 6.1 List Of Tables 2.1.2 Increasing Usage of Biologics Will Require Innovative Packaging Solutions 6.4 Patent Expiries of Prescription Drugs Will Boost the Usage of Generics 6.4 Drug Delivery Devices 4.1 Pharmaceutical Packaging in APAC Region will Grow Faster than the US and Europe 7.

1 Overview 7.1 International Standards for Pharmaceutical Packaging Nypro Trends 7.2 Financial Performance 9.2 ISO 15378: 2006 Deals and Alliances 9.1.2 US Pharmacopeia 8.2.2 Financial Performance China Overview 7.Global Press Release Distribution 7.3.1 Business Description 9.1.1 PS 9000:2001-Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials 8.2 Porter's Diamond Porter's Diamond 7.3 Deals and Alliances Business Description Financial Performance Page 3/5 .2 Deals and Alliances 9.1 Overview 7.1.2 Porter's Diamond Schott 9.4 European Pharmacopoeia 8.PR Log .5 Consort Medical India 7.3 Trends 7.3 Trends 7.1 Overview 9 The Future of the Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry-Competitive Landscape Financial Performance 9.2 Porter's Diamond Business Description 9.1 Rexam Business Description 9.2 EMEA Quality Guidelines (Volume 3) Regulatory Framework in Europe 8.3 Alcan Packaging Business Description 9.1 Guideline on Container Closure Systems EMEA Regulatory Guidelines (Volume 2B) 8.3.1 EMEA Good Manufacturing Practices 8.3 Guideline on RFID and Changes in Packaging Material 8.3 Regulatory Framework in Asia Pacific 8.1 Regulatory Framework in the US 8.3 Brazil National Guidelines for Pharmaceutical Packaging 8.1 Overview 7.3 Trends 8 The Future of the Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry-Regulatory Framework 8.4 Russia

Research Medical.3 Deals and Alliances Business Description 9.6.PR Log .8 West Pharmaceutical Services 9.2 Financial Performance 9.1 Business Description 10 The Future of the Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry-Strategic Consolidations 10.1 Business Description 9. Research Page 4/5 .9 AMCOR 9.2 Abbreviations 11.10 Ypsomed 9.6 Becton Dickinson 9.2 Financial Performance 9.14 Meadwestvaco 9.1 Coverage 11. ChinaCCM Market Research Centre is a research division focusing on professional market survey and industry research.3.2 Deals and Alliances 9.5 Disclaimer 11.2 Financial Performance 9.2 Financial Performance 9.1 Business Description 9.3.6 Sources .9.6.3 Research Methodology 11.7.. Overview 11 The Future of the Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry-Appendix 11.1 Business Description 9.14..10.3 Primary Research 11.3 Deals and Alliances 9. Category Tags Medical.1 Business Description 9.12 Duran 9.4 Expert Panel Validation 11.1 Business Description 9.3.2 Financial Performance 9.Global Press Release Distribution 9.11.1 Business Description 9.8. ### is China's leading industry consultancy expert offering industry intelligence and research solution.13. reports.13 Catalent 9.4 Contact Us 11.3.7 Gerresheimer 9.8.11 Bormioli Rocco 9. Reports.3 Deals and Alliances 9.1 Business Description 9.1 Market Definitions 11.2 Secondary Research 11.

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