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a. Read/browse Oral and Written Communication/WEEK 4/LECTURES from your dvd.
b. Read/download Public Speaking. of Mr Edward cuarteros c. Make an Introductory Speech for a person. -

One (1) page, refer to format instructions for word documents Submit the introductory speech including SOI of the person you are introducing Capture/submit thru video your speech delivery using video cameras or video mode of your digital cameras. Ensure that the audio recording is clear Written speech (5 pts) Recorded video speech (5 pts)




a. Read/browse MDMP GHQ/WEEK 3/LECTURES from your dvd
b. Create/submit a detailed FLOWCHART of the process including actions that

should be taken by commanders and his staff in every steps. c. Must be comprehensive


a. Photo Editing (5 pts)

crop the picture focusing on the National Flag .Orient the picture in its original position and natural color -Crop the Class Picture of POOCC 11-2010 in panoramic shot .Install the Photoshop from the dvd provided to your PC/Laptop or ANY of your preferred photo editing software .Edit the following pictures ..Turn the picture to its normal aspect ratio (focus on the car) .turn the picture to black and white .

One (1) page per drawing. “sulat ni tatay” id=EOvvytlSLU8C&printsec=frontcover&dq=basic+drawing&source=bl&ots=H v-9BdeoTX&sig=2gTIsgZw9uqXXQylrFVOZabXrI&hl=tl&ei=NsuqTNucGI_KvQOOg5n4Bg&sa=X&oi=book_re sult&ct=result&resnum=15&ved=0CFMQ6AEwDg#v=onepage&q&f=false b. DRAWING (10 pts) Surf on the following or OTHER internet sites for Drawing Basics rn_To_Draw. Windows movie maker Create/submit one (1) photo-music video of ANY NATURE Samples could be seen at YouTube.htm http://books. search “sundalo”. Scan and submit YOUR e-drawing (no TMA) 5. A4 size Draw/sketch the following (free concept) - A soldier helping the community (5 pts) A soldier offering peace and development (5 pts) c. Ex. Video Editing (5 pts) - Install any video editor software your PC/Laptop of ANY of your preferred video/movie editor software. CMO FUNDAMENTALS (10 pts) .about. - 4.

radio broadcaster. CIVIL AFFAIRS (15 pts) a. Review the CMO Fundamentals lecture c. Read/browse Inter-Agency Coordination/WEEK 3/LECTURES from your dvd c. . etc) d. Submit the following data of the media practitioner Name Address Position Employer/Company/Firm Contact Numbers 7. Review CMO Fundamentals lecture b. Establish a link/relationship with at least two (2) media practitioners (tv reporter. Submit at least two (2) pictures of your encounter with the media e. refer to format instructions for word documents 6.a. PUBLIC AFFAIRS (20 pts) a. Assess and comment on the present CMO effort of your unit c. Submit your reaction paper in one (1) page. Read/browse CMO Fundamental lecture/CMO FUNDAMENTAL/WEEK 1 /LECTURES from your dvd b. broadsheet/tabloid writer. Visit your CMO officer and volunteer to head/join for coordination outside your agency. Read/browse Dynamics of Media Relation/WEEK 3 /LECTURES from your dvd b.

d. c. Visit a Public Affairs Office and interview a PIO and get his/ her insights/experiences on Crisis Communication. purpose and result of the coordination. Submit three (3) pictures with captions. Submit pictures of your interview with captions d. 8. Read/browse Crisis Communication/WEEK 3/LECTURES from your dvd b. CRISIS COMMUNICATION (15 pts ) a. Minimum of 3 pictures .