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On Certification Procedures for Personal Fitness Trainers As Personal Fitness Trainers Are Turned to by More Americansâ One Leading

Industry Vo ice Looks to the Future. Los Angeles, CA, March 28, 2011 -- At a time of rapid growth for the personal fi tness training industry, Personal Trainers Association "PROPTA" President Joe An touri recently put out this statement regarding the industry's certification of fitness trainers: As noted in recent media articles, personal fitness training is indeed a relativ ely new industry. But it is also one currently served by a large body of skilled professionals, most of which deservedly enjoy the confidence of the public. Our organization "PROPTA", the Personal Trainers Association, exists to ensure t hat personal fitness and physical trainers are properly trained, certified and q ualified. Articles reviewing the industry are therefore of interest both to us a nd to the professional fitness and physical trainers we certify in one hundred a nd eighty countries worldwide. As the industry consolidates certification proced ures it is important to recognize that established national and international ce rtification bodies are already in place. Readers may be left with a different impression by some articles, which would be unfair to the thousands of conscientious trainers who are indeed properly certi fied. Also of concern is the suggestion that the National Commission for Certifying Ag encies (NCCA) is accepted as the sole arbiter of certification standards. In fac t, there are several coexisting sets of certification standards regarded by trai ning experts as soundly formulated and properly balanced between the various aca demic disciplines. In the case of "PROPTA" the Personal Trainers Association, our certification pro cess has evolved with the input of physical training specialists from leading un iversitiesâ and is both recognized by the California State Government Bureau and the Private Post Secondary Education and GI Bill approved for inclusion in veterans ' training programs. Also, the training we provide and certify is practical, han ds-on trainingâ with learning certified by exams we ourselves actually administer and verify. As we in the industry await further consensus on the certification of physical t raining professionals, we hope readers will understand that our profession does indeed have in place training and certification procedures consumers can have co mplete confidence in. For more information on the Personal Trainers Association (PROPTA) visit their w ebsite at or or contact the m at (800) 317-3577. Contact: Joe Antouri PROPTA 5530 Vantage Ave Valley Village, CA 91607 818 766-3317