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Submarine Cable Link

The Baltic Cable HVDC Connection Sweden / Germany



Cable data Project content

Voltage 450 kV DC HVDC cable and accessories
Power 600 MW HVDC converter stations
Length 250 km Cable system design
Conductor 1600 mm2 Cu Project management
Insulation MIND Installation (on land and at sea)
Weight 55 kg/m
Customer Baltic Cable AB
Year 1994
World record holder for
length, voltage and power
Four new world record were set in 1994 Cable Route
by ABB, with the successful completion The Västra Kärrstorp converter station
of the Baltic Cable HVDC transmission in Sweden was built close to an existing
link between Sweden and Germany: transformer station at Arrie, south of
Malmö and about 17 km from the coast.
1) Stretching over 250 km, it was the The link was first routed through a 12
longest submarine HVDC cable km overhead line, then by land for about
ever laid. 5.3 km to the coast. From there it runs
2) At 600 MW, the Baltic Cable is one across the bottom of the Baltic Sea to
of the most powerful HVDC cables the mouth of the River Trave in
in commercial operation. Germany. The cable then follows the
3) With 450 kV DC, the cable has the course of the Trave for a distance of 12
highest voltage rating of all existing km until it reaches the Herrenwyk
submarine HVDC cables. converter station in the outskirts of
4) The 5.3 km land section of the Lübeck in Germany. The total length of
cable in Sweden was laid in one the link is 262 km, of which 250 km are
continuous length in an open-cut HVDC power cables. In addition ABB
trench. supplied almost 100,000 m of XLPE
electrode cables.
ABB was the turnkey contractor for the
project, and was responsible for Installation
supplying the cables as well as the The submarine cable laid across the
converter stations at both ends. Tthe Baltic Sea has a length of 233 km and
wide range of know-how within the weighs some 13,000 metric tons. Since
ABB Group, proved to be vital for the no cable-laying ship currently in
rapid and successful development and existence can cope with such a weight,
the cable is provided by steel tape and two
completion of the project. the cable had to be laid in two sections,
layers of steel-wire armour. The steel wires
joined with a field splice. Both sections
are applied in opposite directions to form a
The Cable of the cable were loaded directly on
counter-helix, which eliminates any
The Baltic Cable is a MIND cable: board the laying ship at our factory’s
torsional stress. An outer serving of
mass-impregnated, non-draining, paper- deep-sea port at Karlskrona. The River
bitumen-bonded polypropylene yearn
insulated HVDC cable. It has a 1600 Trave installation was carried out using
protects the cable from corrosion.
mm2 copper conductor consisting of a barge, and the electrode systems were
concentric layers of keystone-shaped also installed using ordinary vessels.
Electrode System
strands, optimising a smooth surface Since the cable system is a monopole
with very compact construction. Commissioning
installation, the return current is transmitted
The Baltic Cable HVDC link came into
via a sea-electrode system. To guard against
A layer of semi-conducting carbon paper commercial operation on December 1,
the possibility of the electrode current
on the surface of the conductor 1994, launching a new era of power
causing corrosion in the armour of the main
eliminates any possible unevenness, transmission and power exchange within
cable, the electrodes and the main cable are
which would otherwise increase the Europe.
separated. The anode consists of a titanium
field-strength locally. The paper wire-mesh, while the cathode is a large
insulation is 19 mm thick, and consists copper ring.
of over 250 thin layers of sulphate
cellulose paper, which is first vacuum- Production
dried and then impregnated with a high- The complete Baltic Cable was
viscosity insulating oil. manufactured in our Karlskrona factory,
Outside the paper insulation is a which is specially-designed to cater for the
conductive layer of carbon and production of long, powerful, submarine
metallized paper. A hermetically sealed high voltage cables. The cable was
lead sheath with a PE jacket protects the produced in continuous lengths of about
insulation from moisture or water 130,000 metres, and the entire cable was
penetration. The mechanical strength of completed in less than 20 months.

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