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Vedic astrology has been put to another good use which benefits humanity. Modern day astrologers have been using this science to predict a persons health on basis of placement of planets in his horoscope. So even before a person falls sick you can tell his ailments.thus a person may start taking precautions and maintain good health. Apart from it there are various ancient vedic alternative therepies that can control or cure ailments to much extent before they strike also medical astrology will compliment modern allopathic treatment, for well being of humanity. In medical Astrology, Human Body has been divided in to 12 parts and they have been correlated with 12 houses and each house govern various diseases1. FIRST HOUSE - Head Injury, Mental Disorder, Strokes, Brain Tumour, Baldness, Nose Bleeding, Sinus.

2. SECOND HOUSE - Right Eye Problem, Speech Defects, Sinus, Teeth, Cervical Region. 3. THIRD HOUSE - Thyroid, Throat Problems, Shoulder, Arms Fractures, Asthma, Right Ear, Tuberculosis.

4. FOURTH HOUSE - Asthma, Heart Attacks, Cervical, Spondilitis.

5. FIFTH HOUSE - Liver Problems, Gall Bladder, Jaundice, Typhoid, Acidity, Gastric Problems, Mental Problems, Diabetes, Solar Plexis.

6. SIXTH HOUSE - Kidneys Problem , Intestines, Kidney Stones, Fall From Higher Places, Back Aches Spine, Appendicitis, Hernia, Chicken Pox, Dog Bites, Accidents

7. SEVENTH HOUSE - Venereal Diseases, Impotency, Urinary Problems, Aids.

8. EIGHTH HOUSE - Venereal Diseases, Fall From Heights, Accidents, Impotency, Boils, Urinary Problems, Aids, Unknown Stomach Diseases. 9. NINTH HOUSE - Hip Fractures, Bone Marrow, Low Blood Productions, Thallasemia, Blood Cancer, Paralysis.

10. TENTH HOUSE - KNEE Pains, Arthritis, Joints, Knee Fractures.

11. ELEVENTH HOUSE - Leg Fractures, Left Hand Fractures, Left Ear Problems.

12. TWELTH HOUSE - Left Eye Problems, Insomnia, Leg Fractures.

DISEASES GOVERNED BY DIFFERENT PLANETS IN MEDICAL ASTROLOGY 1. SUN Ruler of the system is sun, the giver of life.Its influence is vitalising, hot, dry and constructive. It governs the heart, vitality, blood and brain, bones, migranes, fever, bile. The right eye in a male and the left eye in a female. Sun causes physical disorders and those arising from Heat.

2. MOON Rules over the natural function of the body. It is cold, moist and assimilative, and governs the breast, stomach, fluidic and lymphatic systems, diabetes, anaemia, nervous, asthma, mensural disorder, left eye in a male and right eye in a female. Moon denotes functional disorders and irregularities of the furor.

3. MARS Is hot, dry and inflammatory. It governs the forehead, bile, nose, gall and muscular system, cuts, wounds, boils, burns blood pressure, tumours, bone fractures. Mars causes inflammatory disorders and accidents.

4. MERCURY Rules over the brain and mind. It's nature is changeable and variable. The Nervous system, lungs, tongue, speech, hands, arms and mouth are under the influence of this. Mercury affects nervous and mental disorders.

5. VENUS Warm and Moist in nature and governs the throat, chin, urine, semen, complexion, cheeks, Various System, Umbilicus and the internal parts of the generative organs. Venus produces complaints caused by excesses and pleasures, genital troubles,veneral diseases.

6. JUPITER Warm and Moist in nature but mild. Governs the blood, seed, lever, arterial system, pleura, right ear and the absorbative system, diabeties, jaundice, stomach troubles, lungs, spleen, abscesses.

7. SATURN Cold, dry, contracting and obstructive. Rules over the joints, bones, spleen, teeth, knees. Saturn denotes chronic complaints through cough, cold and nerve weakness. stomach troubles, gastric problems, loss of limbs, pains, arthiritis, different forms of cancers, tumours, paralysis, deafness, teeth troubles.

8. DRAGON HEAD {rahu} Acts same as saturn. gives diseases of spleen, skin disease, insanity, ulcer, debility, disease difficult to be diagnosed and diseases of feet.