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The Problem
Traditional Microsoft® SQL Server backup and recovery management creates dilemmas that can affect service levels and cause unnecessary IT cost and complexity. Backups typically require production SQL Server application resources for extended periods of time and may be disruptive to users. Recovery from tape is time consuming and complex. Disk-based backup and recovery speeds operations but can be expensive with full-disk copy technologies, especially when many or frequent points of recovery are needed. IT is forced to choose between performing fewer backups and spending more for storage.
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The Solution
3PAR Recovery Manager for Microsoft SQL Server intelligently creates and manages SQL-aware snapshots. Administrators can quickly restore SQL databases or non-disruptively back them up to tape. Since 3PAR Recovery Manager for SQL is built on 3PAR Virtual Copy—a copy-on-write utility that supports hundreds of reservation-less, non-duplicative read/write copies of a given volume—scores of snapshots can be kept online economically, allowing for extended or frequent SQL Server recovery points. With 3PAR Recovery Manager for SQL Server, IT Administrators can quickly recover a SQL Server database to a known point-in-time, speeding up a variety of operations including the rapid application recovery of the production SQL Server.

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3PAR Remote Copy Integration
In a world where information must be available at all times, it is critical for IT managers to protect and share corporate information. The ability to replicate data to remote locations in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible is a must, whether for data migration, distribution, or protection. By utilizing the asynchronous 3PAR Remote Copy feature, users can safely perform data replication to a secondary site and ensure the data is consistent for recovery purposes. For example, if there was a fire or earthquake at a particular location, all of the data stored there could be lost unless a backup copy is maintained somewhere where the data can be recovered. 3PAR Remote Copy can prevent this kind of disastrous scenario. When using 3PAR Remote Copy, two InServs are utilized: a primary which is used for production, and a secondary that is used for backup purposes. The primary InServ can be located at one site and the secondary InServ can be located at another location. When disaster strikes in one location, there is always a backup at the secondary site.
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Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Integration
3PAR Recovery Manager for SQL Server works intelligently with Microsoft® Volume Shadow Copy Service, a Microsoft standard interface for creating online, application-consistent point-in-time copies. Administrators enjoy the safety of a standardized interface while gaining the flexibility to perform backups faster and more easily than previously possible for SQL Server databases. The powerful combination of 3PAR Recovery Manager, 3PAR Virtual Copy, and Microsoft VSS delivers an integrated, online and non-disruptive backup and recovery system that simplifies data management for Microsoft SQL Server.

Veritas NetBackup from Symantec Integration
3PAR Recovery Manager for SQL Server delivers fast, reliable backup to tape and recovery staging to disk (from tape) through integration with Veritas NetBackup™ from Symantec™.

The Elements
• Microsoft® SQL Server 2000, 2005 on Windows® Server™ 2003 • 3PAR Recovery Manager for Microsoft SQL Server. Includes 3PAR VSS Provider for Microsoft® Windows® Server™ 2003 • 3PAR InForm® Operating System, version 2.2.2 or greater • 3PAR Virtual Copy • 3PAR InServ® Storage Server

Delivers one-click snapshot-based backup to tape. when users want to sync up the data from a production site to a secondary site. the target server. InServ. reserve.413. 4209 Technology Drive Fremont. Once the snapshot is taken. then ask the VSS provider to a take snapshot of the specified database and log volumes. The Target Server plays a backup server role at the secondary site. InForm. and InSpire are all registered trademarks of 3PAR Inc. consistent PIT copies. granular snapshot space allocation Veritas NetBackup from Symantec Support Automated point and click GUI Remote Copy integration BENEFITS All SQL Server elements automatically discovered and mapped to snapshots. rmsql-ds-08.3PAR. 3PAR Inc. the 3PAR logo. Significantly reduces capacity purchases for copy images.5999 www. Ease of use reduces administration time and minimizes operator error. Recovery Manager for SQL Server will leverage the VSS framework to freeze the I/O on the application level. 3PAR. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Provides disaster recovery solution that guarantees data integrity and time-consistent snapshots to the remote site. Snapshots Not in Sync SQL SERV ER SQL SERV ER TCP/IP LOCAL PRODUCTION SERVER LOCAL BACKUP SERVER TARG ET SERV ER LOCAL P ROD UCT I ON SERV ER TCP/IP LOCAL BACK UP SERV ER TCP/IP TARGET SERVER Off-host Backup TAP E LI BRARY Off-host Backup TAP E LI BRARY Off-host Backup TAPE LIBRARY SNAPSHOT 3 SQL SERVER PRODUCTION VOLUME(S) SNAPSHOT 3 S QL SERVER P R O D U C TI O N VOLU ME ( S ) SNAPSHOT 3 REMOTE COPY SQL SERVER R EMOTE VOLUME(S) SNAPSHOT 2 SNAPSHOT 2 REMOTE COPY S QL SERVER R E MOTE VO LU ME ( S ) SNAPSHOT 2 SNAPSHOT 1 SNAPSHOT 1 SNAPSHOT 1 PRIMARY INSERV ® STORAGE SER VER SEC O NDARY INSERV ® STO RAG E SERV ER P RI MARY I N SERV ® STORAG E SERV ER SECON DARY I N SERV ® STORAGE SERVER FEATURES Microsoft SQL Server-aware Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service Integration Instant. Virtual Copy snapshots created for use by Remote Copy from the primary site will be removed after the synchronization is completed. Specifically. or pre-configure array capacity for copy © 2008 3PAR Inc. The figure below shows how this backup procedure is implemented between the various components. 3PAR RECOVERY MANAGER FOR MICROSOFT SQL SERVER INTEGRATED WITH 3PAR REMOTE COPY Basic Remote Configuration SQL SERVER Basic Remote w/Dual RM Instances. creates a virtual copy on the remote copy target volumes and saves the information in it repository. Speeds backup and recovery. online. connected to the InServ at secondary site.2 . Makes disk-based recoveries economically feasible. After the synchronization. All rights reserved.Recovery Manager for SQL Server integrates 3PAR Remote Copy asynchronous periodic mode to deliver a disaster recovery solution that guarantees data integrity and time-consistent snapshots to the remote site. Standardized interface to enable online. Recovery Manager for SQL Server will invoke Remote Copy to perform synchronization with the target volumes at the secondary site. Serving Information. No need to pre-purchase. CA 94538 510. disk-based point-in-time (PIT) copies of Microsoft SQL Server databases Copy-on-write PIT snapshots of SQL databases with just-in-time.