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 L a c e y   M a s o n        |  402.730.0297  |  

 Experience    
NPR  |  Washington,  D.C.  |  May  2011  to  September  2011    

Intern,   All   Things   Considered   -­   Opinions.   Choose   content   and   photos   each   morning.   Write   headlines,  teasers  and  cut  lines  before  publishing  to  web.  Fact-­‐check  book  reviews  and  opinion   pieces  both  for  online  and  broadcast  publication.  Write  for  publication  as  needed.  
Daily  Nebraskan  |  Lincoln,  Neb.  |  August  2009  to  May  2011  

Assistant  opinion  editor  and  columnist.  Oversaw  a  group  of  24  columnists,  editing  their  stories  for   tone  and  content  in  addition  to  writing  a  weekly  column.  
Strategic  Discussions  for  Nebraska  |  Lincoln,  Neb.  |  January  2011  to  May  2011  

Videographer   and   editor.   Shot   and   edited   video   about   how   food,   fuel   and   water   issues   affect   people  locally  and  around  the  world.  
Star  City  Blog  |  Lincoln,  Neb.  |  December  2010  to  February  2011  

Reporter.   Wrote   restaurant   reviews   and   cover   local   events   and   businesses   at   one   of   Lincoln’s   most  successful  independent  blogs.  
Elkhorn  Post  Gazette  |  Elkhorn,  Neb.  |  May  2010  to  August  2010  

Contributing   Reporter.   Profiled   people   and   covered   local   events   affecting   the   daily   lives   of   Elkhorn  residents.  
Nebraska  Health  and  Human  Services  |  Lincoln,  Neb.  |  July  2010  to  October  2010  

Public   relations   intern.   Worked   on   the   “Healthy   Kids”   campaign,   writing   copy   to   promote   nutritional  options  for  Nebraska’s  day  care  centers.  

 Skills  
Can  edit  video  on  platforms  such  as  Final  Cut  Pro,  Avid  and  Adobe  Premiere.  Experienced  in   Photoshop.  Well-­‐versed  in  content  management  systems  including  Seamus  and  Wordpress.  Can   write  broadcast-­‐style  scripts.  Knows  AP  style  and  has  a  strong  sense  of  media  ethics.  Works  well   alone  or  in  a  group.  Experienced  with  making  deadlines  both  planned  or  unexpected.  

 Education  
University  of  Nebraska-­‐Lincoln  |  College  of  Journalism  and  Mass  Communications   Bachelor  of  Journalism,  May  2011  

 References  
Matt  Waite  |  Senior  News  Technologist  |  St.  Petersburg  Times   727.410.5632  |     Susan  Burzynski-­‐Bullard  |  Associate  journalism  professor  |  University  of  Nebraska-­‐Lincoln   402.472.7110  |     Mary  Gabacz  |  Director  |  Strategic  Discussions  for  Nebraska   402.472.3075  |