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Sec-1 Tell us something about yourself.

After you summarize your resume for the interviewers, brighten up your introduction with some interesting facts about yourself that relates to the job in some way or the other. Speak about the good experiences you had during your previous employment. Although make sure that your introductory speech does not extend for more than 2-3 minutes. What are the key skills for being a sales assistant?Excellence in communication skills, proactive thinking, maintaining good client relationship, strong work ethics, strong sense of responsibility, ability to work independently, efficient work co-ordination, self confidence, self motivation, efficient administration etc. should be included in your response. On an average, how many customers did you handle in a single day?The customer count you have handled in a day reflects your efficiency and speed of working. Do not unnecessarily inflate the number to impress the panelists; it will only make them expect more from you, if you are employed. Similarly, do not underplay your answer, you will be seen as an underperformer. How would you describe your experience as a sales assistant?What do you think about the key areas of the job, what were the challenges that you have had to face, were there any bad experiences and if yes, how it was handled; are the options that you may consider to discuss while answering to this question. Have you had to disagree with a customer? / Have you had to face a situation where you could not comply with the customer's demands? What had happene d?Every sales assistant experience at least one customer with unruly demands. Narrate your experience by first mentioning the problem and then the step you took to resolve it. Finally explain the outcome. Are you fluent with the basic computer applications like Microsoft Office?Tell them about the work you handled and the use of computer and its various applications. If you had to give a presentation about your product or service, mention that too. What was the sales procedure that you handled?Elaborate the sales proceeds that you have worked on. Starting from receiving the sales order to concluding the sales. What are the steps involved, what is the chain of responsibility that is handled and by whom etc. should be neatly explained. Questions asked will be more or less based on the similar lines. Basically the questions will be framed as per the job profile. However, you can prepare yourself to answer these questions during the interview. Sec-2 1. Have your applicants fill out a standard job application (available at most office supply stores)and also submit a resume. The reason for this is that often resumes are written by a professional resume writer that know how to use all the proper buzz words to get your attention. It is sort of like an advertisement and it can be hard to see your way through it because of the variety of layouts that are used. On the other hand, the format of an application is so objective that it will help you to get a better picture of the applicant especially in being able to look at their work history in a chronological order. 2. Please print out a copy of the "List of Basic Skills that Every Successful Sales Person Should Have" so that you can read over it and refer to it as you are interviewing your potential new sales people. You can either make a note of the skills that you notice during the interview or simply use it as a guide to help you become of aware of skills that a qualified salesperson should have.

Hopefully. Have a list of basic questions prepared to ask your applicant. such as a stapler. With that sale in mind. Whether you have decided at this point to hire this person or not. how long you have been in business. What type of experience do you have in sales and for how long? Do you have any experience in _______ industry? (Fill in what your particular industry is) Think of one of your most successful sales you've ever achieved. Ask your applicant to try and sell it to you. they will have already done some research on your company. This can be prevented by planning out a list of questions and then also stating ahead of time that you are going to be going through a list of questions.3. Begin by asking your applicants questions from your prepared list of questions. they are good at presenting products but not actually "selling" them. What are the best things that your co-workers say about you? What are the worst things? Why do you want to work for this company and how will you add to its success? Before you start with the interview. Next. have an office tool within your reach. If the applicant starts to list off benefits and features to you. Your applicant is most likely to be a bit nervous and keeping the atmosphere relaxed will make for a better interview. the more you will learn about them After asking your questions. it is always proper and respectable to follow up with either a phone call or written correspondence as to your decision. etc. Be as relaxed and informal as you can without being unprofessional. it will be their turn. introduce yourself and tell your applicant a little bit about your company such as. most likely. tell me about it and what you did to successfully achieve the sale. One of the hardest parts of an interview is filling in all of that quiet time if the interview is moving slowly. Sample List of Basic Sales Interview Questions to Ask y y y y y y Tell me about a little bit about yourself. This is the way a good salesperson makes a more accurate assessment of a problem before offering a solution. Why? Because a relaxed applicant will talk more and the more they talk. 4. ruler or calculator. how it got started. but if you are a new small business the chances are great that they were unable to find out too much about you. Tips: . Step four has a sample of good basic interview questions to ask when you interview sales people. There should be no need to hurry through your interview. The more your potential new sales person will talk then the better your chances are of finding out who they really are on the inside. then this is a clue that. This introduction also will help you to take control of the interview because you are making a statement of what you are all about. Thank your applicant for coming in to apply. what your growth plans are for the future. They are just enough to get your interviewee to open up to you. A good sign of someone who can sell is someone who will ask you questions about your and your business firstbefore they present to you the benefits and features of a product.

They want to please people so much that they allow the customer to control the sale.Job Description Before looking at the interview of the sales manager. a stapler or calculator Something to take notes with Prepared list of questions Sec -3 y Sales are an integral part of any organization. In the end they will never be able to ask for the order. y y Sales Manager . This article provides sales manger¶s job description. What You Need: y y y y y Standard job applications A private office or area that is suitable for a confidential discussion A common office tool such as a ruler. List of the most common things to listen for while interviewing a sales person that will alert you that you may want to avoid hiring this sales person.e.1. Logically speaking. sales manager) will go through a lot of tests and scrutiny before he or she actually land the job. here is a brief idea/description about the tasks that a sales manager has to handle in a company: . y y y y Is there a sales quota? What is the minimum that I must sell to meet that quota? How many sales people do you have? I'm a real "people" person. tips and interview questions for sales manager position. It is because sales people who describe themselves in this way have a difficult time in sales. Most common positive things to listen for in an interview that tell you that this may be an great choice to add to your sales team. Therefore. You may be wondering why someone stating that they are a "people person" is a problem. they are ready to start selling and hopefully with no limits to how much they can earn. it goes without saying that the person handling the sales of a company (i. without sales no company can exist. y y y Approximately how much does your most successful salesperson earn a year? How soon can I start? Is there a cap on how much I can sell? These remarks indicate a person who is competitive but not worried about how many others they are competing with and also.

y 1. the sales manager has to manage the sales of the company. Therefore. How do you handle rejections? 13. the sales manager should be experienced and equipped enough to judge a person whether they can be good in sales or not. 4. the sales manager should have a strong sales background and should be able to lead his or team from the front with their sales expertise and talents. What are your selling techniques. who understands any differences that crop in his or her team and work towards solving them in an amicable and quick manner. 3. the sales manager is the single point of contact for all the salesmen when it comes to any questions and queries about the product or the company. 7. What is your best strength at the job? 2. Strong sales background: Other than these internal qualities. Describe some success stories and some difficulties. What are your goals in term of professional development? 9. Single point of contact: In fact. Hiring the new sales personnel: The sales manager is also expected to hire the new sales personnel. y y y y y y Sales Manager Interview Questions Here are some of the interview questions for the manager of sales. How do you arrange your daily work? 5. having a businessadministration does help. Of course. Team leader: The sales manager can generally be termed as the team leader for the sales team and should have all the qualities that a team leader would have. Describe a typical sales process (or sales cycle) for big ticket items and for smaller ones. How did you handle the difficulties? 11. Team person: The sales manager should be a team person. To do this. As a sales manager. but still. These question are generally asked in a sales manager interview: 1. some people just have it in them to sell a product. What are your sources for selling techniques? 10. Describe sales-teamwork and how did you handle your team challenges? y y y y y y y y y y y y y . How many first sales appointments a week are considered as a successful week? 6. The one issue with sales is that ³sales´ is an inborn quality. 5. What do you like the best about being a sales manager? 4. you should know how to recognize that. What are the most important skills in negotiating and succeeding in sales? 12.As the name of the post suggests. he or she has to handle all the salesmen of the company. What were you duties in the previous job? 3. 2. how do you present/launch a new product? What presentation¶s skills require? 8.